Valverde tosses two hitless innings in scrimmage

Jose Valverde tossed two hitless innings Monday afternoon in his second outing at Tigers extended Spring Training, striking out four with no walks in a scrimmage against a Canadian junior national team of 16, 17 and 18 year olds at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex.

This was the second of two scheduled outings for Valverde, who reported to extended Spring Training last week after signing a minor-league contract with his old team a week and a half ago. What happens from here hasn’t been announced, but team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said the day they announced the signing that Valverde would most likely get his test against Triple-A hitters at Toledo before the Tigers made a decision. Whether that would happen now or he might get another spring outing isn’t clear, but statistically, he has had little trouble against hitters in Florida, though the latest group of hitters consisted of teenagers — some of them likely headed for the MLB draft, some of them committed to college programs in the U.S. — who were probably surprised to see a veteran Major League closer on the mound. Among those in the other dugout were 18-year-old right-hander Nathan Borges.

Valverde has an opt-out clause in his contract that he could exercise if he’s not in the Majors by May 5.


any word on what pitches were thrown? what about balls/strikes ratio?

Well pitching against Canadian National team don’t impress me much. All the hitters should be back in pro ball.

hence the “what pitches” and “how accurate” questions.

Big deal! He has a decent outing against a bunch of High Schoolers! Question is, can he still do it against a team like the Angels or Royals? That’s still the question on the table, isn’t it?

“against the Canadian junior national team made up of 18-, 17- and 16-year-olds”
Free Press

i looked around: nobody has mentioned anything about a) the splitter or b) his command. I did however find that a) one of the canadien national team players was quoted as saying facing valverde was the ‘oddest thing he’s ever been apart of’ and b) he bought a bunch of extended ST guys dominos the other day.

“Faced Jose valverde today haha #TeamCanada” @DemiOrimoloye54
“jose valverde pitched against us today. it was the most odd thing I’ve ever been a part of” @_naynayB

And what does this mean?

Any of it?

makes sense that he was doing his dance after each 16.y.o. went down

BlSave for Rondon :1 1/3 4 SO 2 hits . Allowed 3 IR to score. ERA :0.00

1 2/3

According to Gameday, a fielding E caused the 2 first runs. He allowed a single and then SO the last two hitters.A lead of single and thena FB and 2 more SO
BTW: Inge SO twice in the last two innings

Reed should have pitched to one more batter minimum. He had only thrown 14 pitches. Rondon ended up throwing 32 pitches. Not good.

Hope he isn’t injured. Pulling him did not make much sense.

Wagner Blade also has this: “Rondon threw 12 pitches, seven for strikes. He also threw one pitch at 101 mph, two at 100, one at 99, one at 98 and three at 97”

Was he talking about his ninth inning??

No, eight.

Thanks, El Tigre. Good articles. Not sure I agree with Mr. Wagner completely but he is giving an eyewitness account. Inge sounds like he is close to mid-season form: double, rbi, walk, three Ks. Wonder why the Pirates have not called him up? Their third baseman is hitting .073. BI has played 1B, 2B, 3B, LF.

Your welcome.He has a live blog every game

First, the Tiger relievers need to reduce the walks. 35 innings. 24 walks. At least 12 walks too many. Four for Villarreal. Benoit will admit he has three more than he wants. Al Al two. Smyly two. Downs one. All five need to improve. Meanwhile, Villarreal, Coke and Dotel need to reduce the hits. Good news. They have only allowed two homers in 35 innings. That;s not bad. When we play Seattle tomorrow they will have had two days off. Back to work. Let’s improve. Go Tigers!!!

5 outs. 4 by K. No walks. Those are poitives.
The 3 hits are most certainly negative.
Still has way to go yet IMO

Just my vision for Rondon. I don’t want him getting any more than three outs right now. Evan Reed is a man. He stands 6′ 4″ Weighs around 250. That was his mess to clean up. Unless he was injured. You are so right that Rondon needs more time in Toledo. Five outs and 32 pitches brings back memories of Zumaya in 06. Never again..

For all of my blog friends, hope none of you were near or had friends and family near Boston yesterday. I have a niece that goes to school there, it is a big party day for them as they sit out and cheer on runners as they go by campus. She had a roommate running but they are all fine but pretty rattled.

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championship teams win the series they are supposed to win. With the injuries and recent offensive numbers in Seattle – this is one of those series. We can do it if we play the right way and with energy, swing the bats and decent performances from JV and DF.

Let’s focus on the Mariners. They give us fits. we had a 1-5 record against them last year. Two good things going for us this year. Jason Vargas no longer pitches for Seattle. He beat us twice. Torii Hunter hits over .300 against King Felix. As you know he is hard on us, too. Let’s see how this Fister, Scherzer, and Verlander combo works in the Northwest!! Go Tigers!!!!

From STAS:”They’ve scored 41 runs with a .232 average while losing 10 of 13 against the Mariners.”


Theoretically,, facing THAT low-level of competittion, he should have ‘K’d everyone, in all honesty.

When the Yankees played in Fenway shortly after 9/11, the fans sang “New York New York.” It’s six weeks away, but the Yankee fans will have a chance to return the favor by singing “Dirty Water” for the Red Sox.

As sit in my living room in Palm Springs CA watching my Tigers losing to the Angels and flipping between channels to the Boston situation….wouldn’t it nice if everyone in every ballpark stood up before the tomorrow’s game and chanted “Boston…Boston…Boston! I thought it would show the country we are behind them and the USA! It’s just a thought.

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