Valverde faces hitters in extended spring

Jose Valverde had his first chance at live hitters Friday in an extended spring training game against the Braves in Lakeland. He tossed a scoreless inning with a walk and a strikeout.

Valverde has at least one more outing scheduled in Florida, a one- or two-inning performance against Tigers minor league hitters in a scrimmage game Monday. The Tigers haven’t announced what happens from there, but at some point he’s expected to report to Triple-A Toledo for some appearances against advanced hitters.

Valverde, who rejoined the Tigers on a minor-league contract eight days ago, has no guarantee of a return to Detroit, where he spent three years as closer. He has an opt-out date of May 5 that allows him to request his release if he’s not in the big leagues by then.


The pollyannan consolation:
“2 more 9th-inning blown saves today at Wrigley (Fujikawa, Romo). That’s 12 already this year in MLB (9th inn only), plus 1 in extra innings.”
Or as we say here: Evil for many, consolation for all( for fools in other version)

did valverde throw and splitters?

Hunter is not in the lineup

Dirks in the second spot
Kelly RF and Santiago at 2B again

Santiago 521/1307 vs Colon

Two of the hotter hitters on the team out… but not both.

First, LHB do well against Colon. Then our manager always looks for a situation where the bench player may hit the SP better than the starter. Ramon 11 for 21 while Omar has not seen Colon in the last five years. Hunter hits .176 against Colon so he gives Torii a night off after a long flight to the left coast?? Last year Andy Dirks took off when he was placed in front of Miguel. It is only for one night but maybe it can help him. He will have three .400 hitters on the bench when those lefty relievers enter the game!!

Rondon had a save in a 2-1 game tonight.

It’s gonna be tough tonight.

Max hd a stressful inning…..followed up by an extremly easy inning for Colon…gotta have better at bats than than tigers.

Going, going, gone.

I had the going, going part already typed in. Just had a feeling.

Is that three three run homers now???

idk, but sounds about right. We can’t stay happy for long, though. Oakland is a tough team.

First error of the season..

Oakland announcers want Max out to get at the pen of the Tigers.

Is Oakland even capable of grinding?

Max has thrown 61 pitches.

Max is throwing a ton of pitches….pen will be in there soon enough. What gets on my nerves is our hitters after lengthy innings for Max go in there and have horrible quick at bats.

Do the Oakland fans boo all the visiting players? Kind of childish, it would seem.

There are only two players I will boo….A-rod and Jered Weaver.

Reyes out one month to 3

I saw it. It was ugly. It looked like an Achilles. He slid too late.
— Bob

Middle of the 6th, 3-1, and this one is starting to look iffy.

Another pitcher unable to throw 7 innings

I guess I’m missing something here….why are both of Max’s runs listed as earned? Shouldn’t the first one be unearned? I know there was a fly ball but you can’t assume it would be a sac fly right.

From third , he scored with the FB

He scored I thought when he was stealing the base…Max threw it away and he was able to come home. I thought he came in on a throwing error.?

Yes, and the sac fly was assumed

Good job Max. Let’s see what the pen has tonight.

Smyly in

Again an incredibly unreliable pen. Ya Smyly was good, a couple outings but now not good two? So what do ya do? Nobody to count on.

Alex gets hit on the head.

Anybody sleepy yet? I liked the way Jim used Smyly here.
Alex gets beat up yet again. Damndest thing.

A little offense would help

Geez, Dan Dickerson makes it sound like it’s a HR and then the guy catches it.

KC has already lost. We can’t lose ground to them. He will send Smyly out to face the lefty in the ninth.

I get the feeling this will be over here in a minute.

If Dotel ends up in the game (or Coke), we’ll lose.
What happened to our offense today?

I’m hoping it ends in the next couple minutes.

Just what you want at 1:15 in the morning; extra innings! My wife went to bed when the game began, thus proving she’s the intelligent one in the family.

PH Omar here???

OK, let’s end it here. Go Tigers!!!!!

Victor is bound to get one to drop soon.

Pinch runner anyone?

V-Mart. 4 for 34.

I’d be surprised if they can pull this one off. They seem to be playing like they know they are going to lose. No juice out there at all.

This is it. I can’t watch.

B-Real is warming up. Now, I’m going to bed,

Kudos to you folks for staying up. Downs got lucky in the 11th. Getting behind in the count but getting away with it.
Bottom of the lineup coming up for us. Yuck. Then Villarael. Oh my.

Ramon almost hit a HR.

That’s a HR.

A game of inches … Jeez … a half a foot to the left.
— Bob

It looked like it hit the yellow line to me. I think he got robbed.

It was close. I thought the impact happened just below the yellow on the black. Tough luck.
— Bob

Tough break for Ramon. And for Tiger fans. If 2E had had a better at bat we would have a run on the board! He swang at ball 4 twice.

Thats it … Get BV out of here. How much more do we have to endure?
— Bob

Good night all.
— Bob

17 blown saves by the Angels last year. Led to failure to make the postseason. Tigers are 10 games in and are looking at how many blown saves this year?

The announcers for Oakland were right. Grind and get into the pen.

Can’t win ball games depending on 1 swing of the bat. Deserved to lose it since they couldn’t do squat other than Prince.

Gonna be a long season.

Well we won’t have Smyly or Downs tomorrow now. BV didn’t throw too many pitches so maybe Jim will use him in back-to-back games!!!!!!

Incredible as it may seem, Villarael actually lowered his ERA tonight.

The magic of getting one out and allowing only one run!!! You can do that if you start with a 54.00.

Another brutal loss, as the offense continues to stutter, as well as the bullpen. I agree, it will be a long season if this trend continues.

Didn’t stay up to watch…went to bed after the eighth have to work today so I figured ifi stayed up nd watched and they lost I would be mad.. Good think I went to bed.

4 QS. 2 W-2 L

VMart Babip is 129.

I went to bed just before the walk-off – I kept dozing and mising half innings so I gave up when we couldn’t score after the triple. B-Real needs to get it together.

I knocked off at 2 AM, correctly assuming B-Real was coming in and the game would be over. Also knew that, through the magic of MLB.TV, I could resume watching the game this morning. So I’ve got what, about five minutes left to watch?
Santiago nearly won it. How close can you get?
Here’s the problem with the single closer system: Benoit doesn’t pitch at all in a 12 inning game.
Anybody see Al Alburquerque?

M-Live has Leyland saying that AlAl was not pitching last night because he threw 22 pitches to finish Fister’s gem. And that was the right thing to do for AlAl. When I return to Michigan I will hopefully see the final one hundred games.

I still had the TV on in the living room and turned the one on imy bedroom when I heard it Shut them both off immediately.. My God, here we go again.

Al2 was unavilable. Coke, illness. Dotel, sore elbow.
DD needs to pull a Minaya and send Villareal to Toledo and call up Putkonem. Verlander can give him 8 but if the offense does not show up…

I make a motion that we call this guy that stands 6’6″ weighs 220 and throws easy 95 gas “Cool Hand Luke”. By the way, he also is a number 3 draft pick nearing the end.

Okay, I just watched the end. Took even less time than I thought. Even on his strikeout, B-Real missed his location by two feet. Walk off slam by Santana, walk off wild pitch in Yankee Stadium, too many bad things. Some players are just surrounded by negative events.

Santana’s walkoff was off Benoit. But yes Villarreal is out of sync. Best to let him have time in Toledo to figure it out. He did last year and came back up blazing hot in mid-May. He won back to back games in relief last year!!! No young pitcher should be allowed to do that but it happened twice last season for the Detroit Tigers. Below the other guy.

Maybe not Santana, but there was one in Cleveland.

april 30 2011
Two IBB in the 12 after an E trying to pickoff the runner

The night after the Santana slam.

2011. Three game series in Cleveland. Santana slammed Benoit. Then the next night we lost in 12 or 13 by the score 3-2. Yes, that least favorite of all scores. Did not realize it was BV but that sure makes last night a deja vu. Good point Rich. We ended that series in 2011 with a six game losing streak. JV was next up against the Yanks and we lost our seventh in a row. Next game we finally found our stopper. One Brad Penny. He may have saved that season that day and was one of DD’s better late free agent season signings along with Valverde.

Yes. And 5 days after that Monday JV start against the Yanks, he threw the no hitter in Toronto and his run to the Cy Young and MVP was on.
— Bob

Here’s my complaint for the game that I didn’t mention: not starting Torii. Maybe if the Tigers have a lead, then put in DK. That kinda irked me.

No, it more than irked me.

Did not watch the game, just too tired after what seemed like a long week. Why didn’t Torri play? A 3 run homer and that’s it? Not bashing Leyland, I just do not like the moves he makes (or doesn’t make). How did Weaver break his elbow? Looking forward to watching today’s game. Oh yeah, snowing in GR. Go Tigers! –Dave

So he used up Alburquerque in the 9th inning of an 11-1 ballgame with Scherzer pitching the following night. Oookay………

11-1 game and it was between AlAl and Coke. AlAl threw 22 pitches and Coke would have had it over or the bases loaded in under ten pitches almost guaranteed.

Verlander vs Anderson. Great pitching match up. We really need JV to go seven today. We do not want another bullpen battle with these As. They have six solid guys out there. Backing up JV today, we will have our ABC combo provided they are all healthy to go. They can do it. You all know that I can stay positive with this team. I really like it. But if the A’s do knockout Verlander early you might see Don Kelly on the mound!!!!!!

At this point I may rather see Don Kelly take the mound than Villareal!!!

He wants a closer,one way or another.

Anyone have the Cubs-Giants??

Mc Carver is now explaining how the Cubs are trying to get Marmol straightened out. DD avoided one there.

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