Thursday: Tigers vs. Jays

At this point, the weather forecast suggests there’s a chance of getting this in. It’s mainly a question of when the rain starts up again, and when it becomes torrential. The forecast suggests that won’t happen until mid-afternoon. We’ll see.

It’s the Opening Day lineup today. As you can tell below, only a few Tigers have faced Josh Johnson, so there aren’t matchups to judge. All three Tigers who have faced him, though, have tripled off of him.

Victor Martinez is back in the starting lineup, which should be a good sign of his ability to bat left-handed with the bad right thumb. He didn’t have the thumb bandaged up as of Thursday morning.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (2-for-2, double, triple against Johnson)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (4-for-11, double, triple, 2 RBIs against Johnson)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B (2-for-8, triple, 2 RBIs against Johnson)

P: Doug Fister


  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Melky Cabrera, LF (3-for-10, 3 K’s off Fister)
  3. Jose Bautista, RF (3-for-8, 2 doubles off Fister)
  4. Edwin Encarnacion, 1B (2-for-12 off Fister)
  5. J.P. Arencibia, C (0-for-1, walk off Fister)
  6. Rajai Davis, RF (11-for-26, 2 doubles off Fister)
  7. Colby Rasmus, CF (1-for-4, RBI off Fister)
  8. Mark DeRosa, 3B
  9. Maicer Izturis, 2B (2-for-10, 2 doubles off Fister)

P: Josh Johnson


I just realized that Blue Jays line-up is stacked as well. I mean I knew they were good but they have a lot of talent. I was hoping to see Dickey against us, but will have to wait until Toronto. I wanted to see this Jay’s team live as well, but this is the last game in Detroit. May have to drive over the border🙂 Go Tigers and rain stay away!

They just look miserable. I would have to imagine thy woul rather sacrafice a day off than play in this crap.

Good for Miggy, great for Victor.

Did I just read that Miggy stole third? Way to go VMart – that is a confidence booster

Ya nobody was paying attention to him.

Davis was out…..and wind or no wind Dirks shoulda caught that….not acceptable. Should be out of this inning with no damage. Unacceptable.

Well between a bad call at second by the ump and a play Dirks shoulda made they cost Fister a run.

Good to see our guys running the bases like professionals.

austin mvp jackson!

Lord have mercy, keep going Tigers.

man i love when this club hits!

It’s fun… we just need to get he pitching in order. Its probably going to be a fun summer.

OK, can we hold the lead?

bats on fire!

Umps make me testy…….

Umps make me testy……
nice play andy

andy dirks plays the game the right way – Dirks throws it at the cutoff man’s chest,
he (cabby) let it go through and it his alex dead on and he’s thrown out at home. I’d say it made up for him not catching the ball earlier.

Fister first starter to have a first inning pitch count less than 20? Fister 2 games and 2 BBP? Now a 5-run lead like yesterday but earlier in the game?

BBP meant to be HBP

We scored five. Then put a zero on the board. Go Tigers!!!

amen – that’s huge! a zero after runs scored => golden

Boy yesterday when the Jays scored they kept on shooting them over Miggys head….today they are shooting them between short and third.

whats wrong with Dirks? just doesn’t look himself this year yet.

can you be more specific? at the plate, not seeing the ball well, can’t find his stroke, not looking comfortable tracking down flies, etc.?

All the above I think he will get it together though but looks aweful now.

ah, fair enough I’ve mostly been listening to the games instead of walking. I think his EYE at the plate has been good. he’s got like 6 walks and 3 strikeouts, I believe.

i agree with Gk (but dont tell him, he doesnt like me) 😉 i think you named them all evan. he was so hot coming out of spring training last year then had that hamstring and just never really the same since… i really like him, hope he gets out of funk soon cuz with this bench, someone is ready to take his spot.

guys got the neck of guston from beauty and the beast

3 on, 1 out. Let’s take advantage.

Excellent bunt by Omar…..equally bad AB by Austin but Torii picked him up.

ooooooooo weeeeeeeee! way to take advantage of the RF’ers arm!

How nice is it having Omar at the bottom of the order incontinence of Jackson and Hunter? Sooooo nice.

How can in front of be spell checked to incontinence? I couldn’t live without my iPad but the spellcheck feature does some crazy things and if you don’t pay attention you can look real foolish.

I thought you might be referring to the never-ending stream of hits.😉

Looks like the Tigers batters are still a little upset over what happened yesterday🙂

i’ll go out on a limb here and say that this years offense is better than last year.

Ah ya………! Boy I thought Victor was going to have a hit there….

I love watching our guys running down that 1st base line. No slowing down. You never know what could happen attitude. This is the first year in a long time since we’ve seen our Tigers not slowing down when it looked like a ball would be caught or a play would be made.

Yep – I can’t help but think of Fielder hustling & beating some throws yesterday, nevermind a Cabby steal and triple today.

Interesting note by the announcers for the Jays. The Tigers are on the cusp of setting a defensive MLB record for most errorless games to begin the season.

Don’t jinx it man? Jk. What’s the record?

I did not catch the details, but I beleive the Tigers tie the record held by 2(?) other teams with another errorless game. Maybe someone can confirm this. Frankly, the announcers were hammering the defense of the Jays in the context of their remarks as well as their poor starting pitching and the ineffective play of Bonifacio.

“Tigers, Royals and Red Sox are only MLB teams that haven’t committed an error this year, as Jerry Howarth just said on Jays broadcast”
April 9

ElTigre, Thank you for the confirmation report.

Your welcome

Sorry. Correction: streak refers to this year. MLB record held by the ’88 Orioles at 21 games(?).

This is wrong info. 21 refers to team losing streak at the start. I am sorry. My original statement may be correct as the Red Sox hold the AL errorless season record at 16. I am such a caveman it is embarassing. Anyway, I tried GK.

very cool, Richard!

And this is why the pitcher Fister is second only to Verlander.
Bad numbers in ST? It was ST

Omg a starting pitcher going more than 5 innings?

Third QS for the Tigers

Fister’s delivery and release point looked more in sync. Much different guy than the one we saw in his first start this season.

Marte on DL

I’m kind of shocked they got in all three games this week. It’s been weird; I’ve had upper 80s and sunny all week and watching the Tigers is like they’re playing on another planet.
Won’t be totally warm on the west coast but at least there should be no rain to deal with. 5-4 heading out, so I expect them to return home about .500 for the season.
I thought the play of the game was Dirks’ perfect execution on the throw to the plate. Mr. Wonderful Bryce Harper could take a lesson from that.

So right Rich the weather is miserable here and more rain in the forecast. I woulda bet a lot of money they wouldn’t get any of these games in.

Tigers win! Tigers win! What a send off through some of the most miserable baseball weather on record. Off to the coast to get things rolling big time. This offensive juggernaut can be downright frightening for opposing pitchers. When Andy and V-mart get going, look out everybody. So much to like about today’s game; here are my three:

1. Ad on runs. We never let up. Takes the pressure off of your pitchers.
2. The Dirks assist. Perfect execution. Good solid Defense.
3. The Infante bunt. Probably the bet nine hitter in MLB. And again, the defense has been solid.

Kudos to everybody. What can you say about 1-4. Great days ahead. Good evening all.

If someone told you that a player in the Detroit-Toronto game hit a triple and stole thirdbase, wouldn’t you assume that it had been Jose Reyes?

Tigers have not committed an error yet this season? I think it was Miguel the first game had one but it was iffy, did they wipe it away after replay?

I recall the play in question . It was ultimately determined to be a hit. I verified the Tigers errorless streak thus far this season on the MLB scoreboard site.

I’m pretty sure GK’s recollection is accurate.

I’m actually of the belief it was an error……but what do I know the Twins protested it to the MLB and had it reversed to Mauer (I believe) could get the hit. But yes technically the errorless streak is intact.

Vmart might not be getting the hits he wants, but he is getting plenty of pitches. I believe he is leading the team in pitches per plate appearance with 4.54.

Putkonem ready to be a closer for the Tigers:
“Putkonen loads bases, then gets force at home and double play to escape trouble in 5th. Still Louisville 1. MudHens 0”

Putkonen is training for a long reliever job.

Just watched the end of the Mud Hens games, they had their home opener today in equally horrible weather, it was pouring the part I saw. They were down 0-4 going into the 9th inning, and after 2 outs loaded the bases with a hit and a few walks, had a run walked in, and Danny Worth had the chance to be a hero and struck out – too bad – I think there were 10 people in the stands but sounded like folks might have been watching from the concourse area – bummer for opening day.

So far the bright spots at Toledo have been with the relief pitchers and two starters (Hill and Below).

good to have won that series before going out west. Oakland’s offense is on fire leading the league in RBIs and HRs.

Guess those hot hitters will get to deal with Scherzer, Verlander, and Sanchez!!!

On the flip side, we face Colon, Anderson, and Parker. Ole Ramon Santiago has some gaudy numbers against Colon, the strike throwing machine.

anyone else noticed we’ve done a good job stealing bases this season? 6 SBs on the season (which is tied for 5th in the league) and no caught stealing. Maybe that baserunning coach is going to make an impact this year!

so far the tigers are 10th in the league for attendence per game with 37189 per game. Not bad with all the crappy weather huh?

We’ve just completed our first homestand of the year by winning two series from the Yanks and Blue Jays. How sweet it is. Our overall record is 5-4 as we now head out to the West coast for the only time this season. Up first will be the torridly hot Oakland As who have won seven straight. My personal favorite Leylandism is ” It’s not who you play but when you play them.” So the old schedule may have bit us again. So far how do we look??. Not bad. Quite a few positives. Our starting pitchers have a 5-2 record and actually walked off the mound seven times holding the lead. How good is that?? Well, last year at the end of April our five starters were a combined 5-9. Then our hitters have been really hot on the homestand well over .300 as a team. We actually have six players batting over .300 right now. We have scored first in eight of nine games, which of course, has led to the starters being able to get those victories. Nine games for the defense and so far it’s been zero errors. So far the highlight in the bullpen was a four inning save. No Tiger had done that in eight or nine years, I believe. Are we a competitive team in our division and league? Absolutely!!


were under league average (21%) so far at line drive percentage too (19%). We just gotta work on those walks…we’re 3rd worst in the league in percentage of plate appearances that end in a walk (10.4%, league average 8.3%), and pick up the strikeouts (21.7% of the time, league average 20% and BOS leading it at 28.4% of the plate appearances)

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