Wednesday: Tigers vs. Blue Jays

Looks like Victor Martinez is a go for this game. Jim Leyland said this morning that the thumb injury doesn’t bother Martinez at all when he’s swinging right-handed, as he would be against Mark Buehrle. Matt Tuiasosopo gets the start, as he did when the Tigers faced Yankees lefty CC Sabathia on Sunday. However, Alex Avila will be behind the plate for Rick Porcello.

You can follow online this afternoon on Gameday, watch on FS Detroit or MLB.TV (it’s the free game of the day), and listen on 97.1 in Detroit or Gameday Audio online.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF (8-for-18 off Buehrle)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (21-for-88, 3 HR, 15 RBIs, 16 K’s off Buehrle)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (6-for-26, 4 walks off Buehrle)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (1-for-3 off Buehrle)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (27-for-74, 4 HR, 15 RBIs off Buehrle)
  6. Matt Tuiasosopo, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (24-for-82, six doubles, 2 HR, 10 RBIs off Buehrle)
  8. Alex Avila, C (4-for-11 off Buehrle)
  9. Omar Infante, 2B (0-for-15 off Buehrle)

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jose Reyes, SS (3-for-3, triple against Porcello)
  2. Melky Cabrera, LF (7-for-14, RBI against Porcello)
  3. Jose Bautista, RF (5-for-10 against Porcello)
  4. Edwin Encarnacion, DH (3-for-9, 2 doubles against Porcello)
  5. Adam Lind, 1B (2-for-10 against Porcello)
  6. J.P. Arencibia, C
  7. Colby Rasmus, CF (2-for-6 against Porcello)
  8. Maicer Izturis, 3B (8-for-13, double, triple, HR against Porcello)
  9. Emilio Bonifacio, 2B

P: Mark Buehrle


Nice to see VMart back.

it’s not his thumb i care about – he hasn’t contributed like a DH is supposed to yet this season. .143/.240/.143/.383 in 21 abs! …heck I thought we got ride of delmon?

21 ABs, that is quite a sample size! Time to panic.

omar, it’s time. time to hit left handed pitching and apparently, buehrle.

ps. Vmart is a LIFETIME .303 hitter in 4300 at bats.

4300 abs before his injury last year…. i’m not saying anything but it’s time time to start hitting for vmart – he’s looked delmonesq so far.

the radar isn’t looking like this game is getting in. will tomorrow be a double header maybe?

That lineup is used to having their way with Ricky P. Let’s hope the new and imporved RP can shut them down.
Tigers have 5 homers this year. Yankees hit 5 homers yesterday!

Evan, I see it’s listed as a delayed start due to rain. What more sayest you ole meteorologist???

So I think that after the rain passes that is happening right now…that next wave which is about southern wisconsin, northern Illinois right now….i think that’s coming. It might peter out but the models suggest other stuff could pop up and take it’s place. I’d say after the rain that is there clears up (maybe 30 minutes from now) there’ll be 2 hours of no rain then light rain again. I can never tell what they will decide tho – so i won’t guess.

Rain in Indy and Ingey batting clean up for them. Oh, the Pirates have five starters hitting at or below .105. Brandon probably went with Pirates because he knew he would have a chance to play against the Tigers in Detroit. Of course, he has to make the team first.

That Blue Jay lineup is hitting a combined .462 off Porcello. The brain trust did a great job setting up the rotation.

oh that’s the old porcello! This one can pitch to lefties!

Why not schedule this series in Toronto in April and then Detroit in July? Maybe the Argos are having spring practice?

It has stopped raining where I am and it looks like Detroit should be OK within an hour or so. Weather is supposed to be much worse tomorrow. I’d rather start at 3 or 4 than play a DH later in the season.

They should try to play the game this evening. Toronto doesn’t come back here this season, and tomorrow looks just as iffy.

also, interesting to note that Seattle has shifted 3b prospect Martinez who was included in Fister deal to CF.

I see they are warming up now. Stupid schedule. Toronto doesn’t come back to Detroit the rest of this year? Sheesh.

Interleague play……………….

We have gone to warmup.

El Tigre, did you see that Omir Santos was called up by the Indians??

Buehrle’s ERA is 10. Who bombed him already this year? Porcello ERA is 5. I know. All that means nothing in this game.

tribe bombed him lol

what are there like 6-7 guys batting lefty today in the BJs lineup? This is going to be a good test for him today. Can he throw the sinker/breaking ball inside on the lefties!?!?

good location and movement on the breaking ball so far today

Three up. Three down. Let’s go hit!!!!

another day, another leadoff hit by austin jackson. allstar!

So far so good but a lot of pitches for the first inning. Seems like every Tiger starter has done that.

today may very well be closer by rain. lol.

odd to see Buerhle in blue

Prince wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day…looking very hitterish

prince lost 30 pounds —– and i think he’s running faster lol. he might be faster than alex now.

buehrle has most of these runners at 1b leaning the wrong way

c’mon OMAR you are DUE we need ya here to get this guy home


importance of defensive positioning…if 3b sets one step to his left, he makes the play on Infante’s hit

Did Jhonny just turn two on a ball that wold have been a single up the middle last year??

if they hadn’t been in double play depth/positioning, it would have gotten thru

watching cabrera when he’s swinging it well…great balance, smooth stroke. martinez seems to be fighting it a bit…several off balance swings that time

Wells claimed off waivers by Jays

I dont see Martinez as LF.


Headline: Tigers Feast at the Delabar.

Gotta be freaking kidding…… many hits over the head of cabrera. Can’t be happy for a minute

Oh, for cripes sake. Light a candle for the BP.

Porcello: twice thru the lineup before being hit hard

Let’s line up our righties and see who can get outs. Save Coke for Rasmus.

As Kathy says light a candle and pray…..the pen for 3 more innings. Doesn’t feel good.

Twice now our starters have been ambushed after sitting through a long rally by our team. Will our manager do differently next time??

Villareal and those wild pitches……….

And a walk…… we go.

I can’t watch

They have to yank him.

You’d think but……..

And another walk…..guess what its great u can throw hard but if you trow the ball everywhere except for strikes and walk the world…throw a billion wild pitches. Who cares

Who will be called up?

Is Marte pitching good?

1-2 ERA:9

Can it be worse than this?

Lord have mercy. Please, a DP!


Second time Villareal is left there for too long

I know one thing. Greg, if you are watching…..the #1 good thing would be we won the game.

Is JL drawing a line in the sand by going with his dodgiest relievers?

Villaraell shows everyb ody (hopefully) why he Cannot be trusted.
It will take a bit of miracle to end up in the W column today and the weird thing is Ricky pitched pretty well.

Dotel makes even VV look good right now.

After the second walk, the hook

They might have to send “zorro” to Toledo and work out the kinks.

Oh my. Dotel (who I also have no confidence in along with Coke) puts one on a T for Arencibia. This has become very ugly and there will absolute paranoia in Tiger Town regarding this bullpen.
Villarael is probably headed to Toledo.

This is ridiculous……to have this good of a team and a crappy pen like this….its ridiculous. They stink. There is nobody good in he pen to bringin that’s the problem and in true pen form the inherited runners are the problem they let. The other guys runs in. I’m disgusted

8 inherited runners thus far all score today???

5 for the Tigers . Villareal 1-0
Delabar, three

Yep – Villareal wasn’t in long enough to give up the run efficiently made up for by Dotel.

Dotel is done too.

Freaking joke……of a pitching staff and it starts out with Porcello only making it through 5…. Ya I know he sat, but ya gotta do better than that. And the pen is atrocious and its going to have to get a whole lot better if these guys expect to contend. The walks the walks the walks

Have I missed anything with Smyly?
The situation was crying out for him to go at least two innings.

Time for a walk , Alex

So far, Prince has worn a different pair of sunglasses for the past 3 days, I believe. Pink tinted today. You need those on to watch our bullpenn.

Or wear blinders like Skipper does.
(That’s when he’s not buryng his head in the sand)
First he pretends Coke is the guy, then Villarael, Benoit. I’m sure the rhetoric will be all about Papa Grande very soonn.

I will say at least we are hitting the ball hard. Not much to show for after the starch got taken right out of us —again when we had them down and demoralized we failed to stomp on their collective throats. We let ’em up. And you can’t get away with that too often in the bigs.

500 ball sure is frustrating.
With a west road trip around the corner, DD is forced to make an early bullpen change though singling out one guy is going to be unfair.

I will be interested to see how they play once the weather warms up. A lot of these guys that are struggling (Martinez, Villarreal, Dotel) are not cold-weather guys. It may sound like an excuse, but I wonder if it has any effect?

I hope we haven’t kept anyone unable to perform in the cold given how October plays out.

Before today’s game SP 3.40ERA for 4/15 in AL; RP 6.23ERA for 13/15.

Meanwhile, down on the ranch, they saw fit to throw Rondon in a very high pressure situation (down 7-2 in the 8th). He did well K’ing a couple but how much of a sense of his readiness can you get when they don’t throw him in appropriate situations?

Yep – they haven’t hit him in 3IP with 3 SO but 2BB’s.
Have to wonder where he would right now be if they hadn’t built him up over the winter which I felt was largely just DD trying to stay ahead of Boras in the media battle. DD should of just said Soriano is overpriced and also not worth a multi-season contract for what he is able to deliver.

Posted too quickly – DD should have just told Mr I that about Soriano and tell the media we have a number of existing options including Benoit and Coke with some emerging talent in the wings including Rondon, Downs and Q.

Another one gets away from us; this really stung. A five run lead going into the 6th. inning, and we lose the game. We got enough hits, but they were not clutch hits.Toronto gets the win, but they didn’t earn it. We rolled over and said, “Want a W?” And the Jays obliged. Villareal is running on zero confidence right now. And Dotel still needs to come through. This Bull Pen stuff is realy getting old. My three things are obvious today; there just wasn’t much there:

1. Peralta joins the hit parade. Now, it’s time for Dirks and V-Mart.
2. Another solid game fro Omar. He’s going to have a really solid year.
2. Coke has a solid clean inning. A confidence booster, I hope.

We weren’t hungry in this game. The rain delay sucked the life out of the Tigers.
Good night all!

Victor is struggling a bit. You could tell he was real disappointed when he couldn’t get a hit with guys on base.

He is going to the warning track once and again. He better go back for his swing of 2011. No HR but plenty RBI

What is the definition of insanity……Tigers bullpen

They need their starters to go deeper. 2 QS and a L for one for lack of RS.
There was no reason to leave Villareal so long there.
The closer is the not the problem but the whole bullpen but for Smyly and Downs

“Who ‘ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” They have disappeared.

Downs has just been okay not great he to allowed his wo inherited runners to score and Villareal let Downs runner score. Smyly was good twice bad once. I can go on and on…..they’re ok one outing bad the next..unreliable all around. You might all get mad at Leyland but in my opinion he has nobody he an count on its pathetic.

Look what a strike thrower can do. Janssen ate us up. I’ve never liked BV but will say he has a remarkable arm. The problem is that it dies not seem to be in any way connected to his brain. He doesn’t strike me as being a “ball player”. I’ll never forget him throwing one of his infernal wild pitches last year with the base loaded and when he covered home he forgot he had to tag the runner!!!!? Thought it was a force?
Anyway- he thinks with his arm. He seems to be out of touch somehow.
They need Rondon to become fearsome. Right now the baseball world is saying, “work the count get the starters out and you got a good chance of beating the Tigers”.

So far, the Tigers look best suited to play 6 innings like a Little League team to accomodate their pen or to play SloPitch softball so their hitters can slug it out.

I know for sure one thing about the bullpen. Using anyone anytime is never going to work.
People thrive on certainty and structure. JL has to assign tasks and then make changes based on results.
I have tried to stop second guessing JL as it is a recipe for madness. I wonder though what happened to Smyly given the Jays stacked lineup.

“I have tried to stop second guessing JL as it is a recipe for madness”
I LIKE that!

I’m not mad at Leyland. Not yet. I do know how he can glue a chip to his shoulder and respond to these issues. He often pounds that square peg into that round hole and then insults the media for wondering why .

The turning point was in the 4th when Avila missed the 3-1 cookie with the bags drunk then went out of the zone for strike 3. That game was over if he even hits a sac fly.
The bullpen…..crazy. Nobody can pitch when the game is on the line. You notice how Coke blew them away when it was too late. Nobody can get on Jim much because they all suck out there, except Smyly so far. They’ll need Valverde just for depth and may as well bring up Rondon. There’s no way the kid is worse than what we’re seeing. I suspect Dotel got screwed up in the WBC, plus he’s another year older. Villarreal is a lost cause; this has happened too many times with him. Try Rondon in a non-closer role and see if he can do anything at all to shake it up. This is a serious problem. You do NOT win without a bullpen. It may be too late already. Even if you give away talent to bring in a better reliever, that’s only one guy.
They could also try stretching the starters out to 160 pitches (that’s not a serious statement). The starters need to go seven (that is a serious statement).
Finally, that umpire in the 9th inning clearly wanted to go home. His entire strike zone morphed into something else altogether.

That strike zone was amorphous. In a 2 run game, regardless of conditions, that should not happen.
BTW, Rondon’s last out tonight was a K of Brandon Inge.

How comes that the cold weather cause problems for the Tigers and not to Jay or Twins? With the hard thrower you would expect the other team to have problems.
And Detroit is not know for its hot weather

A link to an article about former Tigers:
Toward the bottom is a photo of Brandon Inge. I must say, that is not the Brandon Inge I know.
Here is my off-the-wall comment today. I know Valverde will not work. Rondon might work. But if not, then what? The best idea may be start Smyly and give Porcello a shot at it. The guy throws hard enough, doesn’t walk people, holds runners on OK, fields his position and gets the ever-loving ground ball. If he can’t go 6 then let him go 1.

As ElTigre says, 2nd and 3rd time through the order for Porcello. You may be onto something.

you are right on the photo of Brandon, he looks skinny or something, not the usual looking Brandon, hope he is ok

Hey, Evan could you get us a rain out for tomorrow?? It’s a win-win anyway. We will draw a better crowd in the summer. Kathy wants the “Ghostbusters”?? Closest name we have to that would be “Putkonen” probably. I say he may get a call soon.
It’s obvious Villarreal needs some work in Toledo.

Today is looking sketchy as far as getting this game in. If DOK holds his mouth just right maybe it’ll be rained out. Right now it seems to me that today is a better candidate for the back half of the game to be rained out (e.g. the game is stopped in the 5th).
I want this game tho, I want to get these BJs now while they’re stumbling. I don’t want to play them when they are tearing up the AL East mid-july. Price can do it

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