Tuesday: V-Mart out with cut on right thumb

Victor Martinez cut his right thumb on the top of the bat rack after an at-bat Sunday. There’s a metal lining at the top of the bat rack with some bolts on it. You can kind of figure it out from there.

The cut required eight stitches, enough that he’s out of the lineup today. He’s listed as day-to-day.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Andy Dirks, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Don Kelly, LF
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Anibal Sanchez


8 Stitches! Yikes.

jesus time to do something about that rack. Well miss him and his .143/.240/.143/.383

Oh no. 8stiches. That thumb is going to nag him for 3or4 months. Get on the phone with toledo sounds like a callup.

Well so much for any interleague catching.
It’s been a pretty frustrating experience for Victor this last year.

Lucky he didn’t break a finger like Kaline did in ’67 I think it was.

I think it was 68 and he made it back for the series. I heard Kaline say it was one of the most embarrassing things he did in baseball when he punched the bat rack after striking out.

Okay thanks. I knew he had injuries in both ’67 and ’68. The latter injury got Mickey Stanley an everyday job.

Had tickets for todays game….decided not to go down cold damp and yucky

DONNY KELLY! [whistling]

anyone else having trouble with the MLB feed?

not the audio, for me.

Kelly, having an impact again. He can play for my team anytime.

alex’s swing is back!

Yes– a little bit. But where I AM I expect it is local.
You might see more graceful catches but I don’t know if we will see any better or more difficult catches than the one DK just came up with.
C’mon Alex–do something in your first AB as a Dad.

awww CMON BROOKENS! Even with a bad throw – torii was OUT.

Brookens has been very aggressive as a 3B coach, which was understandable in ST. Gotta wonder if the fans will turn on him and ask for Lamont’s return if there are many more outs at the plate like Hunter’s.

Jhonny–earn some money here.

JIM PRICE SUCKS! its bad enough we have to hear him slop on his cough drop every 5 seconds. but did you just hear what he said??? “that pitch was right down the poop shoot”. he is terrible, i dont care if he was a bench warmer on the ’68 team. he ruins every home run call by dickerson by saying “wow” right after the ball is hit. but that damn cough drop that he slops on all day is just so irritating. feel bad for the class act in dan dickerson.

Lefty I suggest you don’t listen if you don’t like his style. But no need to come on here everyday, we are a civil bunch here for the most part and I’m not sure you are.

Dont feed the animals, GK. He wants a reaction. Just ignore him.
— Bob

Not sure why Brookens sent him…….pretty bad idea in my opinion. Wasted inning lots of opportunity and nothing.

Usually like the aggresive base unning, but Hunter had no business trying to score with no outs and Price coming to bat.

I like Price lefty, he is hilarious. We don’t need that negativity on this Blog, were all Tiger fanatics. Hope the rain can stay away so they can finish this game. At work but will catch the replay tonight at 8. Go Tigers!

he can be funny sometimes but its just one of those things where you pick up on something, and now its the only thing I hear is him playing with his cough drop. and when he announcing the lineup, he pauses and slaps his lips and announces the next player. need to do something to erase from my mind i guess.

aside from the cough drop – and him saying wow during dan’s flyball/homerun play-by-play…what else dont you like? I think he really knows his shit – he’s pretty funny – and he played for the tigers in ’68.

Gk that is a horrible suggestion. i guess i dont have a right to place a comment on here as you must be the blog police. i have been thinking this for some time and wanted to bounce it off educated tigers fans and listeners. if anyone has some thoughtful comments, i would appreciate it. I just want to know am i the only one who can’t hear him slop on his cough drop? as for civil, i’m from toledo, so its debatable. but i’m a die hard tigers fan and have just as much right as you do to make such related comments.

Lefty…….if it were the first time you mentioned it I would probably ignore you, but this isn’t te first or the second time you’ve said this and I’ve grown tired. I believe you were also told by someone on here that he had throat cancer and it is important for him to do that in order to do hs job. To keep on mentioning it is just unkind…would you also complain about an ampute limping and walking slow?

actually it was only my second post. the first was last week and no one commented. thought i would try it again. and yes i know about the cancer but sorry for being honest here but letting him keep his cough drop is just like letting Dick Clark host new years eve for 10 years after his stroke. sorry people, but that was horrible too. i mean cant he take a sip of water every few minutes of microphone instead of slobbering all over his headset? i know youre trying to make me feel bad Gk but it just wont work. lol

Go back and look there were comments. Doesn’t show much for your character and unless you know what someone is dealing or how he needs to deal with his problem you might need to learn to be tolerant of him or turn the station.

By the way want to comment on how he says how smart catchers are or the art of pitching or any of the other billion things he says constantly through the game that’s cool but on something like that it’s just not cool. Heck Rod Allen drives me nuts.

We need to score now. Toronto has 3 LHP in the bullpen.


come on BOB, feed “the animal”. can i use that as my new nickname? so i assume we can only praise and idolize anything related to tigers on this blog? that means i cant talk about how bad our hitting coach is either?

you can be negative about JL – I know that’s allowed.

Nice Evan lol!


whew, i’m glad. but i love JL. only a few times a year he upsets me. plus being from perrysburg and all. i just wish his coaches werent as bullet proof as he was.


We needed a big hit, a clutch hit, a timely one. And we got it. That’s pretty to watch.

First of many for Miggy I’m sure!

kevin, when you’re a radio announcer, all i hear is your voice, and any other sounds you may produce out of your mouth. and when it sounds like you have a mouth full of ice cubes or marbles, its gets very annoying. i just wanted to point that out to see if anyone else picked up on it. surprised his bosses havent asked him to remove it…but dickerson is so good, maybe i just put him on a pedistal…

I watch all the games on TV so I never hear Price. Complaints re announcers are okay with me. If this blog had police, we’d all be in jail. 😉

ain’t that the truth!

i like you rich. just saying it like it is. no sugar coating here.

Four times out trying to reach third with two outs or at home with no outs. One thing is to be aggressive but other reckless disregard of the fundamentals

Yeah, I hope this does not become a pattern during the regular season. Too many missed opportunities if aggressiveness begets recklessness.

I have heard it, did wonder if it was distracting to Dan Dickerson, but you gotta cut Jimmy some slack. He went through something I hope none of us has to.

ok slow, you made me feel bad. slack has been given. come to think of it, he should market those cough drops. i will make them famous and he can donate to cancer charity. is that better? 🙂

Second presentation of the fabled 3 run HR

Another QS by Aníbal

Sanchez is dealin’ today.

I hope JV watches ho this guy throws. It’s actually pretty wonderful to watch. All kinds of pitches, all kinds of spots and all with a good degree of precision.


Anibal Sanchez, my man! Who was lobbying for Anibal from the get-go? Me. He’s got good stuff.

The Jays busted up Sanchez last year. He was on his game today. Excellent pitching.

Nice game by Sanchez, come on guys, lets pad this lead. Geez the forecast for tomorrow looks horrible, if it is going to be a washout I want to realize it soon so I don’t burn a half day of vacation and can save it for another day! but I really, really want to see them play live tomorrow with my blue jays husband so we can hand him another defeat.

Gk is not only the blog police here, he is also the blog preacher and blog teacher. if you say anything negative he will look down on you from his godly throne and cast down shameful comments to try and get you re-cant for all your sins. since you are all knowing, please let us know 3 things…# 1…is there a god? # 2…is his name Darrell Evans?…and # 3 how long will the Verlander-Upton romance last?

A CRACK IN THE ARMOR OF GK! ROD ALLEN DRIVES HIM CRAZY! How dare you say bad things about Rod Allen?!?!? Do you know his time spent in Japan has noticably reduced his vocabulary??? I mean why do you rip on a guy who has an obvious handicap? How dare you! Now go to church and confess! Hahahaha

Opposing pitchers don’t realize it, but if they deliberately loaded the bases, we’d never score. Shhh, don’t tell them.

Lol…..although its totally frustrating.

Bases loaded nobody out and nothing. Hope it doesn’t come back to haunt them.

Wasn’t there a commercial on the radio broadcasts that goes”Wouldn’t it be nice?”
Well, wouldn’t it be nice if we had Jose Reyes?
My apologies to JP but this guy is a star.

It will be interesting to see how his legs hold up playing in the Rogers Centre. He’s had a lot of leg issues I think.

Jim’s going to the BP. Light a candle.

I forgot to look. Did anyone notice if Al lifted his foot more than once?

I am only watching via gameday, but did see that Brookens did not send Prince that last inning, maybe it was a no-brainer but since he is being questioned on being too aggressive thought I’d mention it.

I think in that case it was the right move…..Kelly hit it sharply on a line…and not too deep…I also believe Rasmus has a good arm.

No-brainer, hit hard right at Rasmus, who does throw well. No reason to send Prince.

Interesting move. Seemingly pretty uneccessary. Must want to save Smyly for tomorrow. I would tend to go with a criticism of over-managing here with nobody on and two out.


sunday: what’s wrong with miguel?
tuesday: wow miguel looks great.

He had 6 RBI by sunday

for who, NY? we got shut out. We both talking about Miguel Cabrera?

For the season, before today

oh yes yes thats true

Darren Oliver? wasnt he drafted in like ’89? amazing.

Jackson for MVP.

He’s looked really good so far hasn’t he. Looks real comfortable

He has been the spark once and again

Finally added on a run. Now does AlAl, get a chance to finish the game in the ninth??

Lord help us.

GK – I must have missed it, who is 2E? Sorry, I have been hit or miss on the blog lately…

Matt Tuiasosopo

Thanks – now I get it when I say his name out loud – takes me a while – he has hit very well this week

Boy I think arencibia had a beef

he didn’t go around? (i’m listening to it)

Boy I don’t think so. I think he (Benoit ) got lucky.

Arencibia totally fooled on that slider from beniot

beniot and his relationship with the long ball. my gawd – are YOU SERIOUS!? I mean, no sooner do people start whispering “beniot will be our closer” and the reason why beniot CANT be the closer immediately pops up. Ironic.

to be fair, it was hit off of a changeup and not a fastball….the fastballs were what was getting smoked last year I believe….

that changeup got hit by lind too – hard.

You beat me to it

Ya whatever they were hitting it off they still hit him hard today.

3-1 vs the East

wow, big surprise. benoit gives up a big knock. it seems he gives up one homerun every outing…he scares me. i hope it was ok to say that Gk.

hats off to torii hunter today too. 2,000th hit – that’s impressive. Glad the fans acknowledged it with class today.

Yeah, and the Jays were good about it too, including the pitcher.

torii hunter said that he shouldn’t have gone home but brookens sent him so he went

Lefty. Sorry I referred to you as an “animal”. It was not approriate. I should not have gotten personal. I do not think anyone has a problem with people on this blog criticizing anyone. We should not make it personal. Rich is right … we could all have been arrested by the “blog police” and one point or another.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I have no problem with criticizing Jim Price or how he announces or criticizing the players or coaches, lord knows I’ve complained. What I do have a problem with is someone for the 3rd time commenting on something ( for a lack of a better term… a disability) but has been told by someone previously that he needed to do because of his illness. I won’t just sit back and listen.

Bob, you sound like a good man. No apology needed. I was looking for a reaction because i wanted to know if I was the only one hearing it. Plus the new nickname is growing on me. LOL. As for Gk, aka, the self appointed “blog police”, I have a real bone to pick with him. His facts are incorrect and he likes twisting my words to make him feel better about himself. Pointing out someone slurping on a cough drop means I am making fun of a disabled person? Very far stretch Mr. Blog Police. Again, it was only my second post, not third. My first was on April 4th and no one commented. Someone else may have but it wasn’t me. Pick your battles carefully Gk because I’m not going anywhere. Your friend, “the animal”.

So my alternate team, the Nationals, host our division rival White Sox tonight. You can all join me tonight in rooting for the Nats.

i will!

Speaking of the White Sox, I have to be able to dog Hawk Harrelson. It’s in my contract. Sometimes when I see they’re losing, I go to their station just to hear Hawk pout.

Hawk is a character. Funny for a while but….starts to grate on your nerves. Go Nationals. ( boy tasted bad)

Well, We’ve been a little “touchy” today. We need to celebrate a quality win against a much improved team. Civility needs to be the order of the day. Lot’s to like about today’s game, but here are three things that I really liked:
1. Keeping Bautista and Encarnacion in check. For The Big B to go ofer, was a key to winning this game.
2. The Kelly Flair. Don’s tremendous catch protects the early lead, and snuffs out any momentum for the Jays.
3. The Avila day. With baby safe in Mon’s arms, wer’e seeing more and more of that beautiful left handed swing.

What more can be said about Miggy, Biggy, and T-Soap. Infante plays another solid game; Ajax and Tori run wild on the bases. Only thing missing is Jhonny. If he gets going, man are we going to have fun. Later.

thanks greg.

I hear that Brennan Boesch is working out at firstbase.

When Torii got his 2000th base knock, there was at first a smatter of applause and I was saying “put it on the board, put it on the board.” Then they did so I of course said “Yes!”

Good one. Funny.
— Bob

I hope V-Mart isn’t for too long. He still needs to get himself back into game form. Worth did make an awesome play in the outfield, though. Congrats to Hunter on 2000!!!

I think it’s safe to say that Denard Robinson should stick to football…. Anyone see that first pitch? Not sure if i can link to yahoo sports from here but it’s pretty embarrassing.

I think he got hit as he threw. Those Buckeye linebackers are everywhere. Either that, or he’s reenacting the commercial where the guy is teaching his son to throw.

just watched that catch by DK. holy cow. i haven’t checked the stats but i’d bet that don plays above average and more than half the positions he plays.

DRS: 11 as OF . Mostly in LF. 2 at CF. 0 as RF
Career FP: 984% 985 as LF.
As 3B 9/955

Hens lost 3-2 in 10 innings. Of course Oliver threw well against them.
Why not Bruce Rondon????

For now it appears Rondon is being groomed to be an eighth inning set up man for Toledo and maybe later in Detroit. Remember Boras has been trying to get a job for Papa Grande in Detroit. Who would you have pitched to start the eighth for Detroit today assuming everyone was healthy??

Good on Brennan.

Did anyone hear the post game interview with Leyland?? Anyone question why Drew threw only seven pitches?? Meanwhile down on the farm the relief corps are pitching like they think there might be an opening on the parent team soon. Putkonen is getting geared up for long relief as he went three innings the last time out and has not allowed a run yet. Five RPs with ERAs of 0.00 after six games. If just three of these guys continue to pitch well we will have options if problems persist in Detroit. Poor Luis Marte has pitched in three tie games in the ninth and beyond and sports a 1-2 record with a 9.00 ERA as a RP after the six games!!! Also Toledo has two starters with QSs, Hill and Below. We have some help if we need it.

Just a guess, but the rainy weather on the way may create a need for Smyly to relieve a starter after a lengthy rain delay.

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