Girardi: Alburquerque’s move is a balk (updated)

I couldn’t hear the FOX broadcast (yeah, yeah, I know), so I don’t know what was said during the time when Joe Girardi was going back and forth with Jerry Layne from the dugout, but Girardi talked about it after the game. He says Al Alburquerque’s move home is a balk.

Here’s what Girardi told the New York writers in his postgame session:

“I think Albuquerque balks every time. One time his foot goes up twice. One time it goes up once. If a guy’s trying to steal a base and he goes up twice one time and goes up once one time, if you’re going to squeeze, you don’t know when to go as the runner. I think it’s a balk.”

Clearly, Jerry Layne doesn’t agree.

“Obviously he doesn’t think it’s a balk,” Girardi said. “There’s a couple of umpires out there that can see that and call that.”

For the record, Alburquerque has been called for a balk twice in his Major League career. Girardi saw one of them, because the first was in Game 4 the 2011 AL Division Series against the Yankees. That came in a similar situation with a runner on third; in that case the bases were loaded.

The other balk came last September 29 at Minnesota with a runner on first.

“I think it’s a balk,” Girardi said. “I don’t think there’s any question about it.”

UPDATE: Tigers pitching coach Jeff Jones disagrees with Girardi’s comments, not surprisingly. All the same, he talked with Alburquerque about it this morning and had him outside for some extra work on it.

“Personally, I don’t think what he does is a balk,” Jones said, “but I don’t want to get into a situation where another umpire calls it. … We’re going to try to eliminate any doubt.”


Is this what the mighty Yankees have been reduced to? Whining to be bailed out by getting favorable calls from a bad rule?

Probably…….seems like wherever the Yankees are involved Girardi is whining about something. Now that being said I am the last one who can call a balk…unless it the most obvious of balks I just don’t see them.

if you have to bat brennan 5th you’d be grumpy too.

Hah Hah. Good one Evan.
— Bob

Miguel 10 for 26
Hunter: 20 for 73 18 SO
Santiago: 8 for 33 so he will play SS instead of Peralta: 1 for 17
AJax; 5 for 22. He hits better vs RHP
Flelder: 4 for 11
Peña: 0 for 3
2E 0 for 3 1 BB
Infante: 6 for 29

Verlander – CC match-ups: JV, 5-3 / 3.24 . Sabathia, 4-4 / 5.02. Including postseason.

“Lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez dh, Tuiasosopo 7, Pena 2, Infante 4, Santiago 6. Verlander is starting.”@ tigers

The Avilas: unto them a child is born.

Congrats to Alex, Kristina (and Grampa Alex!) and to the medical team for exquisite timing!

Marmol lost his closer job

any word on how many pitches Verlander gets to throw today?

OK, what exactly does constitute a balk. Please, just a layman’s answer. Don’t get too technical. If you move your arm, isn’t that considered a balk?

it’s my understanding that once pitcher starts motion toward homeplate, he has to continue and release pitch. if he stops that motion or throws to a base instead, it’s a balk.

Girardi thinks it is when he moves HIS mouth.
Anyway, thanks Joe, for the tip. Might save us a run down the road in a big game.

sounds like a lawyer…looking for a technicality or loophole to exploit. didn’t Billy Martin do that once after a George Brett AB?

interestingly, Goose Gossage who gave up the pinetar homerun to Brett, also gave up the memorable Series HR to Gibson. the pinetar rule was in place because hitters were ‘spoiling’ the ball when they hit it on an area of the bat that was covered in pinetar.

When the pitcher has his foot on the rubber make a movement with his feet or hands in order to deceive the runner into thinking he will throw to home or go without pause to home.

Thanks, guys. So, if Al lifts his foot once off the rubber, Girardi is saying Al has to follow through. Interesting. Honestly, I never noticed Al lifting his foot twice. Something to look out for, I guess.

Phil Coke’s final extra shrug when he comes set could almost be construed as a balk, the difference being that Phil does this everytime.

Eliminate the balk from baseball. If your fast enough to steal a base than you deserve it. If your dumb enough to run when the pitcher hasnt thrown it well you get caught stealing. All these technical crap ruins the intent of the game.

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