Tigers claim Evan Reed off waivers

The Tigers announced Wednesday that they claimed right-hander Evan Reed off waivers from the Miami Marlins and assigned him to Triple-A Toledo.

The big 27-year-old split last season went 3-1 with a 2.34 ERA and 12 saves at Double-A Jacksonville, striking out 43 batters in 34 2/3 innings while allowing 24 hits. He went to Triple-A New Orleans and those totals flipped, with 27 strikeouts and 43 hits allowed over 32 2/3 innings. The Mud Hens will use him out of their bullpen.

The waiver claim puts the Tigers’ 40-man roster at 40 players. So if they end up making another claim or otherwise adding another player, they’ll need to remove somebody.

Reed was in big league camp with the Marlins, competing for a bullpen spot, but was optioned out on March 11. Miami designated his contract for assignment at the end of camp to open a 40-man roster spot.


8.4 SO /9 2.2 SO/BB Good command

Good pick up. We may need more relief pitching. Right???

The only surprise is not being LH

Did anyone else watch the Rangers game last night? One out away from a perfect game. Then I watched the Indians and boy, did they flash some leather. Watched the Dodger & Giants for a few minutes, also. Don Mattingly looked depressed. The Tigers are going to have their hands full this year. Anyway, Go Tigers!!!!!!!

I watched both Indians and Dodgers.
Asdrubal Cabrera saved Masterson twice ( with glove and bat) and then he sailed from then
Sandoval showed great defense too

Does the Marlins keep the same scouts team ( but for Avila of course) that DD hired?

Since this was a waiver claim, that means that the Marlins were unable to get anything in return for Reed, and he was passed on by 20 teams to get to the Tigers’ position on the waiver wire. Could be that Miami was hoping to sneak him through and outright him.

The Tigers can, and definitely should acquire Casper Wells, though. He’d be bumping Kelly or Tuiasosopo from the 25 and the 40 man rosters anyway, since both of those guys are out of options. Casper is a vastly superior player to either of them.

Detroit’s silence on Casper Wells is very loud.

yea what gives? i haven’t heard ANY word on him in regards to….well anything

Yeah. Makes you wonder if DD has something in the works.

For Evan and others, I hear from Twitter that today’s game is the MLB.TV free game of the day.

whoo hooo! I swear i’ve been waiting 2 days for this game….oh wait i have

I already subscribe to Mlb.tv … Do you think I will receive a credit to my account ? 🙂 … I wont hold my breath.
— Bob

I can loan you the 77 cents if you’re short. Heck, I’ll just give it to ya.

Thanks, watching it now

Despite a very fine 2012 season, Clay Rapada was released by the Yankees per MLBTR.

Your starter work too much, then the batters dont show patience and he is back immediately

162 RBI projection

The 5th was strike

That´s the way you do it ( Avila keeping the ball in front of him)

A SO not called. A foul not caught. And the DH at 1B

You cant help with your arm, you help with the bat

You never give the first or third out going for third.

Oh My; O Mar! Gotta turn those DPs;. That part of his game hurt his defense last year. A MLB infielder simply has to be able to throw the ball accurately for 90′.

And that is all for Sanchez.. Good work but the defense failed him

You said it……the offense has been impotent too!

The Twins announcers say Anabell. It is Anebal ,like Hannibal but without the aspired h sound

Unlike Dirks , he put the full effort

Villareal was the worst reliever with IR last year

I Would imagine Coke in the 8th.
Offense out to lunch today.

Okay boys these endless free passes the last two games has got to stop……..the twins would have 0 runs the last two games ( I believe) if not for the walks.
Time for some more runs.

These 1 run games are nerve-wracking


Better numbers than Coke vs the LHBs and the other is RH

The guy on 1st base is a speedster

He is. He played for “my” team here. Justin Henry was better than him

Walking the winning run? no way

It’s gonna be A great year for 2nd guessers and armchair managers. I would have gone with Coke in the 8th to face M&M.
Looks like Coke is the closer till he proves otherwise.

Proving otherwise real quick.
.396 over a season is telling and will only go higher continually pitching up like he did today.

i put in dotel no question. righty (plouf), lefty(Parmesan), righty (dozier), righty (rameriez)

he went poor mans route: leave benoit in there. AAAAaaaaand benoit walked him. bring in the Loogy for the 1 lefty followed by 2 righties – with a man on first no outs. :/

And you were right

)*(&’n told ya

Well I certainly have Dotel and Q2 in the pen warming up.


Dan and Jim say miscommunication.

I never realized Tori wasn’t in RF. When did they take him out?

The fact remains that Coke has immense trouble getting RHB out. He didn’t last year. And to hope for different this year is pretty optimistic.

coke + RHB = trouble;
if trouble = yes
then dotel = yes
then coke = yes

Mix-and-match failed today. And Postseason Phil’s impersonator raised his ugly head. Houston…we have a problem.

Looking at the box score, it fell between Austin and Tori. Ridiculous looking.

Should have been caught but JL does not know how to handle a bullpen!

Dan & Jim are still saying Austin & Dirks. Who the heck was in RF.

Nevermind. It should have been caught, however. It fell between Dirks in LF and AJax. We need a closer.

AJ lost it in the sun

Well one day the pen is good today it was not sharp at all.
The one thing that our manager simply cannot do is to invent a successful closing situation. Today he fell into the habit/hope/dream scenario where he thought if Coke closed the last game he will do it again.
If he had used Coke in the 8th inning against Mauer and Morneau, who knows, maybe we get out of this with Dotel doing the job.
One things seems sure, this is not the ideal pen for this manager to “Mix & Match” with.
All the above does not absolve the lack of hitting from this supposedly awesome lineup.

Time to bring up Rondon!

If you remember correctly Dotels last several outings have been horrific….wouldn’t trust him to close right now. The skip did all he could….the act of the matter there are an aweful lot of high priced players who are not hitting against average pitching and there are a lot of high priced pitchers who have walked 8 billion batters over the last two games. You can’t continue to walk hitter after hitter after hitter and expect your going to continue to get through it.
Too early to say I told ya so but this closer by committee thing isn’t going to work. This is a recipe or disaster.

Looks like JL is hoping Coke would take the closers job. I would have stayed with the mixing and matching which would have brought Coke in the 8th and Beniot in the 9th.

JL did mix-and-match. That is why Benoit faced a RHB to start the 9th. Postseason Phil is horrid against RHBs. He came in to get Parmalee and the the wheels fell off as soon as he attempted to be a closer.

VV made it tough on the fans, but he got to dance alot. Neither Tigers nor fans are dancing today.

I hope they do something quickly because both Jim Leyland and I am too old to be able to deal with this. We don’t need this unnecessary stress!

When your starters go only five and the relievers give up a walk per inning, one up and one down is all you can expect.
Sure ain’t pretty.
The Skip rightly doesn’t trust Dotel at the moment given the spring lack of form and like Benoit.
Closer by c’tee involving only Benoit and Coke was never a solution and someone else has to step up for late innings duty real quick.

Bad running and bad defense did not help either

DD and JL do their jobs well, but the Tigers clock is a tick off. If today is a sample of what is to come and Rondon must stay down for seasoning, then give me ALBQ or BV. Like I said last year, they can get both LHB/RHBs out and are K guys. Yes, they have flaws and issues, but how much worse can they be than what we got today?

closer by commitee doesn’t mean when one guy does a good job on monday – that you put him in there the next save opportunity regardless of matchup. the matchup said dotel. if dotel isn’t ready – why is he on my 25 man roster? I thought JL’s philosophy was only have ppl on the roster that he trusted….

Well the c by c issue is doomed to failure. Not simply because it didn’t work today but because every day is a crap shoot. JL no more wants a committee than anybody else. Hence the Dr. Frankenstein approach he has taken with Phil Coke.
Closers may be made rather than born but they are self made–not manufactured and created by someone else.
If you have this committee then you damn well know that you are hoping to get it done rather than feeling comfortable with your man on the mound.
What determines the closer? “He looked good in clubhouse”; “He did OK last time”; “He didn’t do good last time so I thought he would this time”; He hasn’t pitched in while so I thought he should be used” He’s pitched more than the other guys so I thought he would be sharp”
No, remove the stress. Find a closer. Don’t take a good ball team and hog-tie it with an ominous forboding question mark.
This is all Rondon’s fault!!!! (Just kidding)
At this point I do not hold JL to blame. Eventually with his tendency to force square pegs into round holes I most certainly will.
I think Richard has the right idea though given the bizarre predicament the pen is in. Even though they are not ideal both his suggestions can get both RHB and LHB out. They do tend to get erratic but they also might respond to the challenge. I do not see Dotel, Benoit, or Coke even close to being able to adjust to the role.
The guy I see who can is Q2. I think he has that instinctive confidence. The problem is the back-to-backs

I think Phil might have the demeanor, but does he have the stuff?

Why Jackson stopped? he is the OF captain, it is his call

I know , the game was over anyway but with runner on third you play shallow not that deep. And being that deep and let the ball fall?

I assumed a no doubles outfield set, and concede the game tying sac fly. If they’d caught the damn ball, we might still be playing.

Thanks. There was a rolling blackout here and I missed the last inning

Boesch SO as PH vs Buchholz
Yankees probably lost Kuroda ( MRI)

took a line drive off the bare hand! it’s just not the yankees year!!

A good example of closer by committee capability is the Nationals with Soriano, Clippard and Storen. All three have been closers before. That aside, I’m sure every member of the Tigers organization hoped against hope that the first blown save wouldn’t come so soon. Jim will be second guessed all season, but I’m not going to do it. I’m certain his hope is that someone will step forward and claim the closer job. He’s been put into a tough spot. (remember how I used to dog Leyland?)
My joke today was that the crazy camera angle was causing the pitchers to miss high in the zone.
So far, the boys don’t look too good out there.

The vintage Vernon Wells is present at Yankee stadium

Today’s game is over. Tough loss but definitely a team loss. Our hitters did not notch many hits and the bullpen did not close the deal in the ninth. For this bullpen to work we need seven men throwing. Dotel better be on the mound soon. Infante hit .323 for Miami in April last year. Both he and Torii are fast out of the gate but let’s see where all our hitters are at the end of the month. As long as none of our starting nine is a “day to day” injured player we will be fine. Hope to see the Mud Hens and Bats in Louisville at least once this weekend and have a scouting report for you. The Bats have Armando Gallaraga (SP?), Mark Prior, and Mike Hessman. What a blast from the past!! Meanwhile, we have some really good prospects which I will be excited to see. IMO Rondon needs seven to fifteen mostly successful games minimum at Toledo. We must be patient as the “closer” role takes careful development. Go Tigers!!

Closer by committee hasnt worked out today but i would give it a week or two. No more though.hate to say it but quentin berry would have had that catch that they blew in the 9th. But hey its only 2 games in. We will know more in a week.

You can blame Coke for the loss, and many, will, but poor defense, no offense, and better management of the bullpen lead to the loss. They can’t win them all I guess, and the cold weather is leading to mostly cold bats.

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