USA Today puts Tigers payroll at $148,414,500

One of the Opening Day rituals for baseball writers is USA Today’s annual list of Opening Day payrolls, including salaries for every player who has made a big league roster out of camp. They put the Tigers at $148,414,500, not including the $377,049 paid to Brennan Boesch. Add that in, and they come in at just under $148.8 million. Their Opening Day payroll last year was around $133.4 million.

This year’s Tigers payroll comes in sixth-highest among Major League teams. Detroit would be fifth highest if based just on players who made the team, but the salary that the Angels are paying Vernon Wells this year to play for the Yankees moves the Halos into the top five at $148,896,250.

The White Sox come in second in the AL Central for payrolls at $119,073,277. Next up are the Indians at $84,772,800, followed by the Royals at $81,491,725. The Twins are at $75,802,500.


My prediction is that the Royals will end up with the best Wins/Dollars ratio when all is said and done.

Do they get a pennant for best wins/dollars ratio?

Absolutely not. But they have a very good, very young team. And they still have a good number of decent prospects, from what I understand.

agreed, but Detroit is all in this year, reflected in Illitch spending some serious $. I do like the Royals core, albiet it is young.

more needs to be said about winning one for Ilitch in 2013. he has made a large and enduring financial investment in the team, disproportionate to its market size.
Go Tigers! Play (snow) Ball!

Baseball in Minnesota on April 1. MLB’sApril Fools joke to Detroit fans. Hope nobody slips on the ice!!Hope the pulled muscles don’t keep us out of the pennant race. Thanks Mr.Selig.wonderfrul planning. Texas plays in Houstons dome last nite while we go to Minny and play in 33 degree weather with wind chills in the 20’s. Wish you were throwing out the first pitch today so I could watch you dodge the snowballs.

Cot’s contracts has payroll at $148,693,600, which includes the buyout for Boesch, and also includes major league minimum salary for Avisail Garcia, who is on the 15 day DL.

The Dodgers would have the highest payroll if not for the money that the Yankees are wasting on, I mean paying, Vernon Wells. They traded for the wrong Wells!

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