Cancel those Elvis Andrus trade rumors, he’s getting paid

The rumor mill has been trying to tie the Tigers together with Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus for months. If it wasn’t the idea of a grand return package for Rick Porcello this past offseason, it was the Spring Training rumor that Texas could look to trade Andrus next offseason to make room for top prospect Jurickson Profar.

Now that Andrus is reportedly on the verge of a contract extension worth up to eight years and $120 million, those rumors are toast.

What exactly the Rangers do with Profar now is a fair question. They could move him to second base and shift Ian Kinsler to first. They could conceivably try to trade Profar, too, but if you’re going to be paying a guy like Andrus eight figures, it’s hard to give up a talent like Profar, who provides a wealth of potential at another position for at least three years of minimum salary.


The best part, the Tigers can extend Jackson
I would trade Kinsler ( he looked bad last night). to make space for Profar

Good, put that rumor to bed. In a coffin.

Worley vs the Tigers.
Fielder 1 for 3
infante 0 for 6
Twins vs Verlander( based on projected lineup)
Morneau: 256/822
Florimon. 000/333

The few times I have seen Profar, he looks special. The Rangers also have a top 3B prospect. It will be interesting in Arlington if they fall out of the race. However, I think they will still make the playoffs and be dangerous.

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