Tigers sign Verlander through 2019, option for 2020

Justin Verlander casually mentioned in January how cool it would be to spend his entire career in a Tiger uniform. He just took one big step towards doing that.

The Tigers, meanwhile, took care of their biggest contract question for the rest of the decade. With a five-year contract extension, they kept Verlander in a Detroit uniform through at least 2019, with a vesting option for 2020.

Terms of the contract were not released. ESPN’s Buster Olney reported that Verlander will make $28 million each season from 2015-2019, the years of the extension. The vesting option for 2020 is reportedly worth $22 million.

Verlander has two years left on the five-year, $79.5 million contract he signed after the 2009 season. He’ll make $20 million in each of those seasons.

Add those two seasons with the reported terms of the extension, including the option, and Verlander would be baseball’s first $200 million pitcher.

Though Verlander brushed off any sense of urgency about getting an extension done this spring, he made it clear last week that he didn’t want to negotiate during the season. With next season being his contract year, he would’ve been close enough to free agency that he might have been tempted to test the open market.

The extension obviously takes that out of the question. It also puts Verlander at the top of game on the field and off.


I’m really shocked. Didn’t think he’d do it.

congrats justin!

Mr. D is on the radio right now.

The window is one more year wide

“every pitcher is high risk…but (with Verlander) you have all the ingredients for longevity that you want in a pitcher.”
“Max is ready to go…pitching 5th to start season had been planned all along.”

“he’s (Porcello) been throwing better than I’ve ever seen him…breaking ball is better, mechanics are better.”
“in my estimation, he’s only going to get better and better. he’s a good person, good work ethic.”

Didn’t see this coming right now. JV was serious about staying in Detroit, as one can only wonder what another team may have paid. Not that Justin got stiffed. Sounds like fair market value, as ridiculously high as salaries are these days.
This is good. A throwback to when players stuck with a team for many years.

“Source: Verlander’s 2020 option vests if he finishes in the top 5 of Cy Young voting in 2019.” Morosi

This is good news. Obviously. He could have let his ego go after that $200 mil.
Meanwhile our #5 starter is showing why he should be #2–or at least be given the home opener.

Meanwhile ALL, and I mean all, cylinders are firing in Lakeland.

Max has been pampered this spring. I suppose there is pause in their thinking as he has only had 9 innings thus far. It just seems bizarre that his excellence is being rewarded with such a late start.

He had two? starts against Minor Leaguers. They dont add those innings to the stats

He is in season form , receiving RS like no one else

Thanks. Forgot about that! Max is one of my favs.

Oops, maybe not ALL cylinders after all! Bullpen has been ugly today. Coke’s 2 walks and Dotel’s whole appearance.

Your welcome.
So much for Dotel as closer. He was unable to stop the minor leaguers and now this

The HR as expected by the LHB but was hit by the RHB too

There’s trouble in River City.
April is a key month for Dotel. If he falters I’m afraid he’ll be gone.

Very classy by all concerned.

Max has had the best Spring since he joined the Tigers. He looked great today. Dotel has had rough outings in his two major league games since returning from the WBC. Good finish to the home schedule today, there was a record crowd of over 10,400 fans.

Wonder if DD is at all interested in David Aardsma? Released by the Yanks after a pretty decent spring and remember him a couple of years ago?

Today’s game is a blueprint for the way we want games this year. The more we get the better.

Projected lineup :
Minnesota Twins
1. CF: Aaron Hicks
2. 2B: Brian Dozier
3. C: Joe Mauer
4. LF: Josh Willingham
5. 1B: Justin Morneau
6. DH: Ryan Doumit
7. RF: Chris Parmelee
8. 3B: Trevor Plouffe
9. SS: Pedro Florimon
SP: Vance Worley

justin is salivating

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