Fister to pitch home opener, rotation order set

At long last, the Tigers rotation order is out. Anibal Sanchez and Rick Porcello will follow Justin Verlander and start Wednesday and Thursday in Minnesota. Doug Fister gets the honor of pitching the home opener next Friday against the Yankees. Max Scherzer be the last starter to make his season debut, pitching next Saturday against the Yankees.

It’s a shuffle of sorts in that Porcello, the “fifth starter” in that he won the competition for the only open rotation spot, will pitch the third game of the season. Leyland had said for a while that he would use all five starters the first time through the rotation, rather than use the off-day to skip one of his starters. As he cautioned the other day, Porcello isn’t the fifth starter. He’s one of five starters.

Scherzer looked for a time like he was in line to pitch the home opener. He’ll still get to pitch at Comerica Park, and he’ll actually get a network TV game on that first Saturday. By moving to the fifth game, his next start would be in Oakland at the start of the Tigers’ West Coast trip in two weeks.


If Chris Iott had guessed correctly last week, we’d already know this.

Totally escapes why they wait to #5 for Max. The back to back power pitcher angle (excuse) doesn’t hold water.
Seems to me they should be holding Sanchez or Fister out longer–not Max.

We have this advertised as one of the top rotations in baseball. Our manager is lining them up and letting them pitch. We are cleaning up some bad mistakes we made at the start of last season. Not sure how the ticket sales have been for this opening series against the Yankees. But if Sunday’s game was not looking like a sell out, it sure should be with Verlander on the mound on Sunday. Last year we had 45,000, 44,000 and 30,000 for the Red Sox in our home opening series. Baseball is a business and we better have over 40,000 for each game this season in the Yankees only trip to Detroit.

Well as having tickets for opening day I was sure hoping it would be Scherzer. Fister has been miserable throughout spring trainging and I sure would prefer to witness a winner and I just don’t think Fister is going to give that to us. He’s not pitching anywhere near what he was.

Beck last week:
“Fister doesn’t have that same history in Minnesota, though he has been good at Comerica Park since becoming a Tiger.”
He also pointed that Scherzer would have 2 more days of rest than normal pitching in the home opener. Now , will be 3.
Career with 6 or more days of rest:3.92 WHIP: 1.394. 4.17 with 4 days. 3.49 with 5.
Last year:5.27 1.537/3.29/4.04. Probably because he pitched with long rest coming from the physical problems
Sanchez at Target Field:4.63 BAA:373/.396/.451/.847 but he was hit hard by the Yankees last year, a way different Yankees .

By the numbers , Fister is second only to Verlander, ERA plus.116. MS and AS: 110.
He had a bad ST in 2011 before having a great year.
Scherzer is being protected from an injury in his arm

The last one is a guess,

Going to my last spring training game today. It is my 12th game in the last 13 days. I am ready for the season to get going. I can understand the play getting a little sloppy in the last week. I always enjoy coming down to Florida in March as you can get closer to the action and see players from all the different levels in the system. Highlight of the Spring was seeing Miggy hit a ball further than I have ever seen a ball hit. It was over the center field batters eye which is at least 30 feet high. You can really see the joy he has playing the game. The crack of the bat makes a loud sound coming off 2E’s bat. Him and Kelly earned the opportunity to start the season with the club. The same for Downs. Marte and Worth deserved to be in the majors, but there are only 25 spots. Rondon has a big arm and will be on the big club when he gets more consistency in his outings. Max has looked great and I hope they are just being cautious holding him back. My early season CY Young award winner is Max. Concerned about how much Jackson is striking out. Porcello is going to have a break out year. Go Tigers!

You get into a nice little groove going to all those games, don’t you? I should just get a time share for March. Great way to spend a month.
Were all of your games in Lakeland?

No, at the Nats for two, Kissimmee yesterday, Mets and Marlins. Lakeland for seven games. It gets you ready for the season. It was at the Nats game I knew Knobernus was gone or a trade was going to happen when I saw Al Avila hand a note to Mike Rizzo. Going to watch games on the back fields is also a must for baseball fans. I will spend March in Florida at some point in the future.

I too, thought a bit about them “saving” Max’s arm. But really, if they are giving him a day or two extra rest to compensate from the duress on his arm of last year, that is a bit weird. If they are worried about and babying his arm now–we have a problem.

They set up the rotation for a long period of time. Not sure how far in advance they go, but I don’t think it’s just for the first week or so. It’s a lot of work.

Interesting comment about the Yankees. They start without Granderson, Swisher and A-Rod? Am I right? Anyone else missing?

No Texiera, no Jeter

Texeira, Hughes and Jeter( until april 6th) absent too

they’re catching the Yankees at a good time…need to stick it to ’em when they’re short-handed

Lynn G. Henning ‏@Lynn_Henning
Verlander says he won’t negotiate during the season. Tweets a few moments ago about “big news” coming today. We’re preparing for Ft. Knox.

Justin Verlander just got paid. 5-year contract extension through 2019 with vesting option for 2020.


Olney:”sources: Justin Verlander can make $202m under terms of his new deal. He’ll get $180m over next seven seasons, plus vesting option of $22m.”

He was owed 40 MM.He gets 140/5 plus 22?

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