Verlander shutting down contract questions

Remember the piece from a few days ago, quoting Justin Verlander saying he didn’t want any contract negotiations during the season? Well, he doesn’t want any questions regarding contract negotiations starting … right … about … now.

The question on his contract came up as expected after his 5 2/3 innings of work Wednesday against the Phillies.

“I’ve got no comments on contract anything,” Verlander said. “We’re one start away from Opening Day and I’d prefer to talk about that.”

Does that signal anything going on, considering Verlander has taken questions on his contract status all spring? At this point, there are no signs that anything is close. The Tigers haven’t commented on Verlander’s contract status all spring, other than GM Dave Dombrowski saying he’d like to keep Verlander in a Tiger uniform for a long time. Verlander’s agent, Mike Milchin, is known for not saying much of anything to the media on negotiations.

It could also be that Verlander didn’t want to take questions on contract talks on this particular day.

Here’s the thing about Verlander: Though the Tigers don’t close spring training until Saturday, when they wrap up Grapefruit League play against the Rays at Tropicana Field and then fly to Minneapolis, Verlander goes into regular-season mode starting Thursday. His final spring start was moved to Wednesday so that he could start Opening Day on his standard four days of rest. He is a creature of routines, and his regular-season routine starts now.

It’s hard to tell whether there’s any room for Verlander to take on contract talks in the midst of that routine. The fact that Verlander isn’t talking about it could suggest that he is, or it could suggest he’s just shutting everything down now. It’s hard to tell with him.


ex-Tiger news from Seattle beat writer Johns:
“Bonderman, 30, is attempting to return to the Majors for the first time since 2010 due to extensive arm and shoulder problems. He was told the news Wednesday morning and will be given a day or two now to decide whether to continue his comeback in the Minors or announce his retirement.”
“The other primary roster battle has been the fifth outfielder spot and all indications are that Jason Bay will land that spot. Bay is in the lineup in left field today while Wells is sitting for a second straight game, which isn’t a good sign at a time Eric Wedge wants to sharpen up the guys he’ll be going forward with starting Monday in Oakland.”
“If the Mariners can get something in a trade for Wells, maybe we’ll see a deal in the next few days. But lots of teams have excess outfielders so that won’t be easy. Since Wells is out of options, if he is sent down to Triple-A he’ll have to clear waivers first and I’d be surprised if he makes it through that process.”

Bonderman got bombed in his last outing. Want to see a guy who trys that hard make it. Wells? He fits, with roster adjustments by the Tigers.

Hope Bonderman stays on at whatever level to really give himself an opportunity to fully recover and succeed.

Zolecki: (Frandsen) got a big scare in the third inning today at Joker Marchant Stadium, when Tigers ace Justin Verlander drilled him in the left wrist with a 94 mph fastball. Frandsen remained in the game before Charlie Manuel walked onto the field to remove him before the bottom of the third.
Frandsen said he is fine, although he had stitches from the baseball imprinted on his wrist as a memento.

if wells becomes available – lets say via the wire – can we just grab him or do we have to wait for a certain number of other teams to pass on him? Furthermore, if we grab Wells – you’d send him to AAA to get his bat hot first, right? (or do you send 2E to AAA and put Wells on the MLB roster)

Any team can claim him and he goes to the team with the worse record. He has to be on the 25 man or goe through waivers again.

Well…Evan, since I am not a consensus builder like Rich or DOK and similar lovely others (no insult intended)…Trade for Wells and give the Mariners whatever they will consume from our relief surplus. Then send Kelly to Toledo. Love his contributions, but we can the bring him up if and when needed. Meanwhile, Ramon, 2E and Pena can handle the bench and versatility issues.

And Worth can exercise his option year to build personal value at Toledo.

That’s odd. Where do you get “consensus builder”?

I think they keep Matt on the roster to start out with. Wells could provide depth at Toledo. The weaker teams get preference when multiple claims are made. Used to be he had to pass through his league first before being available to other league. Not sure about that now.

AH i see now thanks ya’ll

The AL teams have the priority. Based on last season records ,the Tigers go 8th to last.7th best record last year plus Houston .I could be wrong about Houston but is the reasonable solution

houston might need all the help it can get

The Yankees claimed one players from them in waivers . They really are in full desperado mode

thats funny!

As far as Wells is concerned, the issue is how much the Tigers want him and not what we think. Me? Trade for him in order to avoid waivers, if he is the guy the brass wants.

you’d have to believe the brass thinks highly of him —– since we drafted him. albeit in the 14th round :p

Rich, sorry to consider you as one who would be a consensus builder.

To me, you seem to put things together. Sorry if that is so odd to be offensive to you.

Actually, not the first time you have reacted this way. Not sure what sets you off, but I respect your stuff. Have told you before. Have even encouraged you to pursue journalism given your communication talent. Give me a break. I just love the Tigers and baseball. I just want to talk the game.

I am not sure about the chrono sequence here. My position… I am not offended and just want the Tigers to win.

Consensus?? I thought that’s what the prison guards did each night!!

Not offensive. Just never heard the term used in that context, and certainly not applied to me. 🙂

I hated to hear that Berry took his Toledo assignment hard. He has skills but they need to be honed. I hope he keeps the good attitude and works hard because he’ll probably be called up this summer.

the skip is good at pulling people up and getting the most out of them. QB will play an important role on this team and I hope he can see that. Going to AAA is best for the team – should be a no brainer. I’m sure the skip told him that.

DOK…I am sorry if I offended you by considering you a consensus builder.

Okay… I get it

No problem Richard. Goooo Tigers!!!!!!!

weather models are becoming more confident that it’s going to be the coldest opening day I can remember. For me, right now it’s looking 34F, 22F (wind chill), 50% sky cover, 16mph winds from north northwest.

i would say the chance of precipitation is around 5%

We start the game Monday late in the afternoon, too. Correct???

410 sir

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