Kelly has made the team, Worth still in camp

Turns out Quintin Berry’s option to Toledo means that Don Kelly is on the team, barring an unforeseen acquisition in the next few days.

“We made the decision based on what we felt was best for our team at this particular time,” Leyland said.

It also turns out that the decision on Kelly does not fill out the positional roster. Not yet. With Danny Worth still in camp, that apparently suggests either the utility infielder job is in play, or that the Tigers are waiting to see if they end up trading Ramon Santiago in the coming days.

An American League source seconded the tweet from ESPN’s Buster Olney last night that Santiago is on the trade market. He was also on the market last offseason, and his name came up during the winter meetings. His $2.1 million salary is an obvious impediment to other deals.

Assuming the Tigers don’t work out a deal for Santiago, it appears highly unlikely they would eat $2.1 million to put Worth on the team.



Don Kelly knows the drills. He plays his best defense at all the positions and tries to hit .300. He has done just that for the past four spring trainings. However, what clinched it for him this year were those nine extra base hits. His best power show since 2010. DD likes doubles. The skipper likes doubles and those homers too.

The game is on ESPN
Speed and defense win games
Lack of fundamentals loses games, 2 E with one players and he scores

It is ST but with the first base open, he walked Miguel

well he’s a lefty what do you expect him to do :p

Hope Prince runs a little better than that this year! Shortstop double clutched and the 2nd baseman fumbled the ball and still were able to double up the Prince.

No E?

on cabby? yea should have been but it wasn’t counted as one

It was scored 2B. I also think is was an E

True, Kelly had a down year average wise last year. I expect that to improve. He gives the Tigers solid late-inning options as well as the odd start when someone needs a break. I’ll give him a break thanks to his homer that helped clinch the 2011 playoffs against NYY.

Funny just as I was thinking the national media overplays the infield defense of the tigers 2 errors and probably 3 errors. Nice!

Another ball misplayed. At least,he did the right thing securing the out after that .
The SB was all on Verlander

Only four team with worse defense than the Tigers made the postseason in the last 10 years

Hope Prince runs a little better than that this year! Shortstop double clutched and the 2nd baseman fumbled the ball and still were able to double up the Prince.
Infield looking shaky.
I was thinking about this before the game today–we really need Omar to put his difficulty with turning DPs behind him in order to succeed. Then it comes up in this game.
It doesn’t matter if he initiates the play or is in the middle of trying to turn it. He rushes (or is that a bit like “panics”). Omar has good hands and a good arm. This is the one area of his game that needs improvement though.

good points both eltigre and slowbyrne. I was hoping a whole season (and ST) together as a unit would help. well see.

we look terrible out there today on defense. not just infield either, torii.

I wonder how many times we will be cursing a JV 0-2 fastball this year?

Especially after 2 fastball strikes to set it up?

Not real pretty so far……,.JV seems way off.

The so called defense gave four extra outs. Only 2 runs,one unearned.
No RS vs a LHP,that is something to worry about

Two former Tigers pitching back to back

100 in ST?

This is a highlight reel of bad defense. Here we go again.

cold day out there. and we’re not hitting or playing defense. gunna be cold on opening day. just saying.

With the winning run for the home team, walked

espn had better show rondon pitching instead of the pitching coach of the phillies

Second your motion

Prince came up twice with runners in scoring position and laid an egg.
I guess the espn analyst don’t like that a pitcher won MVP……they went on long enough about it!

They are sure running wild on Alex and the pitching staff today……yikes

The venezuelan broadcasting for ESPN in español just baptized Rondon: Valverdito, little Valverde. Same mechanics, and I add the same disregard for runners

Rondon is not a closer not yet…….mark my words this team will sorely miss Valverde and how reliable he was until the very end….big mistake putting all the eggs in this basket.

One bad outing does not a roster make (or unmake). But I think he absolutely needs to go to Toledo to develop dominance and consistency.
You (and I suppose there are others) will “sorely miss Valverde”?
I miss the 2011 Valverde but not the one I saw last year. Not one bit.

at least downs looks good. Miss valverde? I don’t know – he drove me nuts – but less nuts than most of the women in my life. And sometimes I miss them (the ones i don’t see anymore).

You miss the women or the nuts?

hah the former

He was the closer yesterday, today he is in Toledo( Henning says). He needs more work.
But it speaks volume that the Tigers dont trust anyone in their bullpen to be the closer over him

Rondon is not ready for back to back duty. El Tigre, did he ever go back to back in winter ball?? Wonder if he ever did it last season in the minors?? He has allowed a ton of baserunners. Does he understand why he is pitching in the middle innings??

No, he was on an innings limit so they did not use him back to back

I used today to practice my ability to watch a full game while completing a full day’s work. It’s spring training for me too.
Can’t say anything good about ESPN’s coverage. Some things never change.
Jim can’t be happy with the closer situation after today.

Did not see the game today. What were his pitch counts each day?? Balls to Strikes?? For Rondon.

6-9. But he problem was the balk after the 4 pitches walk and the frustration he showed.

Two guys had hits off him. Did either or both hit the first pitch??

the first guy, Inciarte hit the first pitch

Inciarte with the first, Revere with the second. The both hit too against Verlander. The problem came after SO Tazawa with 3 pitches and the forced out of Young with a soft grounder to Santiago ( first pitch).Two consecutive walks and a balk

Thanks, El Tigre. They came after him. First pitch ground out to score a run. He lost command after they scored on him and walked two and the balk.

Rondon’s off speed pitches were passable today, but he couldn’t control his fastball. Perhaps wearing his cap crooked would fix that. Worked for Rodney.

If they don’t send Rondon to Toledo, I’d just stick him in at the first save opportunity and see what the heck happens. If you’re a gambler, you gamble.

Right side: Jason tweeted that the balk was the result of a miscommunication.

El Tigre, how is everyone that still has a chance to go North hitting against LHP??

Here is your 2013 ST splits vs lefties….might not be updated for today’s game tho. in units of OPS.
peralta 1.217
kelly 1.165
Torii .983
Alex .786
omar .571
Vmart .604
worth .883
miggy .722
ramon .864
jackson .577
dirks .873
prince .494
2E .783
pena .634

Thanks, Evan. We have three more games and really need to see Dirks in all three of them. Pena needs to get some ABs too. A victory might turn some frowns upside down too!!

Sorry was not here. But they looked bad vs Hammels

i don’t see Santiago getting released or traded. it would hurt their middle infield depth at the upper levels of the organization. barring major injury to one of the guys in front of him, Worth will have to wait until next season for a shot at a steady job on the MLB 25 man.

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