Berry optioned to Toledo

The race for the last positional spot on the Tigers roster is down to two after Detroit optioned Quintin Berry to Toledo. That leaves Don Kelly and Danny Worth as the only two position players left without spots assured, though an AL source seconded Buster Olney’s report from last night that Ramon Santiago is apparently available for trade depending on how much of his $2.1 million salary Detroit would eat.

Berry played a big role in the Tigers’ late season charge last year, but Don Kelly’s hot spring and the time Berry lost to patellar tendinitis severely hurt his cause. Jeff Kobernus’ return to the Nationals seemingly should have helped Berry’s cause, because it left him as the only speedy runner left as a bench option for a team that supposedly wanted a late-inning pinch-runner. However, that wasn’t enough reason to keep him.


I know that Berry will play an important part in this season, but for right now it is best he go to Toledo and get his bat hot.
What could the tigers get for Ramon? Last time we traded him we got Carlos, but he was released and came back. Maggs, Carlos and Valverde…all tiger staples that weren’t valued by others after they left us. So who knows, but without him I don’t know will pinch bunt for jhonny.

Who did we get for Inge?? How about Raburn?? And Boesch?? Santiago’s last deal was a two year and it should have been for one year.

touche. we’ll get nothing and like it. lol.

After the failure to re-sign Polanco after the 2009 season, Santiago went from being a valuable utility guy to a key cog at 2ndbase among all the failed audtions there. I shudder to think what would have happened if Ramon hadn’t been here. His job in Detroit seems to have ended when Infante was acquired.
At Ramon’s age, they probably won’t get much. Certainly not the next Carlos Guillen.

I don’t see how Santiago would be of any trade value now, mostly because of “baseball” age he is old. No one would give any prospect for him. Berry will be up sometime, hopefully he hits in AAA (Toledo OF will be pretty fun to watch this year with Nick C, Garcia and Berry).

maybe we should have NOT resigned him. looking back that was a bad idea.

That’s total hindsight. There were no viable replacements out there. We only got Infante through the lunacy of Miami’s front office. Besides, the Tigers have always rewarded their players well and the result is all of these stars now who want to play in Detroit. Don’t forget when signing Fernando Vina was a big deal.

yea i know its hindsight and the lunacy of the marlins. still a shame he might have lasted longer if he signed somewhere else.

With no Berry (thanks), or Kobernus (thanks, again), the bench is without much speed. They will need pinch/runners who can come in play D. Kelly most assuredly makes the squad and that leaves Worth. Danny runs better than Ramon. Ramon has shown he can bunt. Danyy will have to learn the same.
I think Ramon is likely to become something other than a Detroit Tiger.

You’ll be sorry, Jim.

2.1 MM? Inge was owed 5.5 . Sheffield even more. They were released.

Morosi:”Have seen very little of Tigers this spring, but Berry brought a valuable speed/energy element to this team. He should be in the majors.”

Berry (and Worth) biggest “problem” is they have minor league options. I expect both to start the year in the minors, but will both be in Detroit before all the snow melts (June?)
Kelly is a good bench player, in that he plays many positions well and can sit for a long time without ABs. With our lineup, the bench players are not going to see many ABs anyway.

i would have chosen Berry over Kelly. Tuiasosopo gives them the position versatility that Kelly offers, which diminishes Kelly’s value to the team. With Martinez back, they don’t need Kelly as emergency C. Berry’s base stealing ability is the best tool that either player has, one that could impact the outcome of several games.

I agree with you on Berry. Firmly believe he will be in Detroit sooner than latter for that reason.

Quintin Berry to Toledo. Work on your game. Shorten that swing. Keep stealing those bases. Best of luck!! You will get a call if AJ goes to the DL.

I think berry should be in over santiago or Kelly. I dont care how good Kelly was in spring training, he is just like Rayburn, it comes tio the season, and he does nothing. Berry has proven himself and deserves a chance. why do we stikc with the same old hasbins every year?
I think you are wrong Leland and will be sorry.

Bad call on your part Leland,, you got rid of a valuable, devoted, and future MVP player, you have made many bad decisions, but next to bringing Valverde back, tossing Berry, like he was nothing, was your second BIG MISTAKE. God Bless you Quinton, you brought so much to the team…. not the same without you,,, I am sure that I speak for thousands of fans….. we miss you, but like Arnold says I’LL BE BACK… and you will Berry. but get more money.. your worth it…

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