Porcello to rotation, Smyly to bullpen, Tuiasosopo on team

Take Rick Porcello off the trade market, at least for now. The right-hander will open the season in the Tigers rotation, manager Jim Leyland announced Tuesday. Drew Smyly, who was battling for the spot previously held by Porcello, will open in the bullpen as a long reliever, with maybe some other relief work mixed in.

Matt Tuiasosopo, meanwhile, will be on the Opening Day roster barring an unforeseen move at the end of camp. He has won the right-handed hitting left fielder job to get starts against some lefties.

Still to be decided are one or two bullpen spots, plus the last positional spot on the bench. Leyland said he hopes to resolve those by Thursday, though it’s no guarantee.


Thank YOU!

Interesting bit here if you haven’t read it:
Basically, you could have a situation where say, Max runs out of gas in the 6th inning. You bring in Smyly which turns their hitters around and, rather than use the bullpen as normal, Smyly finishes the game, thus saving the pen for another day.
Would Jim Leyland even consider that?

You could call it the Goose Gossage approach.

good to see Smyly make it…swingman role can be valuable. he could really take some of the load off rest of the pen as Rich mentioned, and that could be quite valuable with the late inning roles being in flux. with Smyly’s spot secure, it seems doubtful they’d keep both Marte and Downs.

“with maybe some other relief work mixed in.”.LOOGY unless Downs get a spot over BV or Al2?
Kelly, Worth, Santiago for 2 spots. Both Santiago and Worth can play SS and Peralta is not getting younger, a rest once in a while would be good for him

There is no place for Marte if BV and AL 2 make the team

Dotel pitched yesterday in a Minor League game.

O’Rly? i guess no news i good news

i = is

1 R /2 H /1 SO

Al Kaline is broadcasting today along with Jim and Dan. What a treat!!

absolutely – very nice! like to see how he interacts with Jim Price!

Good job Bruce Rondon!!!!!!

7 pitches/seven strikes. I have gameday not TV. What did he throw ?

Sounded like he mixed in a larger than usual number of changeup/sliders. Jim/Dan/Al sounded impressed.

and some 1st pitch sliders for strikes

Tks. Tomorrow we will know if he will be in the 9th , next monday

Wow. It’s a cool 57 in Lakeland. Hopefully no snowballs on Monday in Minnesota!!!

Did Don make the team last week or today????!!!

Just for a blast from the recent past Nate Robertson has thrown really well this spring for the Rangers. Not sure if it will get him a job. Prince, Alex, and Andy will see him if he does. Jeff Baker is hitting over .400 in the old Cactus League and he may win a spot on the Texas bench. Bondo and Brandon Inge have had tough sledding this spring. Brandon’s OPS matches Ty Cobb’s career BA of .367!!!

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