Kelly will not exercise opt-out clause

The much-chronicled (my bad, guys) opt-out clause in Don Kelly’s minor-league contract will not be exercised. It could’ve come into play today and forced the Tigers into a decision, but Kelly said after Tuesday’s 4-for-4 performance that he will not use it.

Instead, he said he has an informal agreement with the Tigers front office. If Kelly doesn’t make the Opening Day roster, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski will try to find Kelly another team with a big-league job for him. If not, Kelly will accept an assignment to Triple-A Toledo.

Why not test the open market? One reason Kelly cited was the familiarity with the organization. Another was the situation in Toledo, both the facilities and the proximity to his home just outside Pittsburgh.

By this point, the contract issue was a little much for Kelly.

“This is all contractual stuff,” he said. “I’m just trying to go out and get hits.”


From the last thread, way to go Ricky. I am also confident that Drew will really help us. Donnie, we need your personality on the team. By the way Jim, that means chemistry. Looking out the window and it is snowing pretty hard here in GR. Go Tigers!

atta boy donny!

Sounds like the Tigers haven’t made a decision yet, then.
Either DD and JL don’t agree on the roster, or they’re not sure about Berry’s health and Kelly would make it if Berry isn’t ready to go.

interesting article

this guy knows where his bread is buttered, and by whom. Leyland’s little Teacher’s pet!

Kelly has earned the spot over Berry. He gives better defense and has hit better.

I agree with that. When I watch Berry play outfield, he gets a lot of bad jumps. A lot. Some of his diving catches are a result of getting a bad jump in the first place. Q should go to Toledo and work hard to be ready, because I think he’ll be up at some point this summer.

Re Kelly, it’s nice in this day and age to see trust between management and player.

Kelly career 232/628 . Last year:186/623. Berry:258/684 Post ASG: 218/653. Still better than Kelly.
Berry has the speed, Kelly the versatility that supposedly is provided by Tuiasopopo too.

Who makes our bench is more about defense than offense. Seven positions behind the pitcher and Kelly covers five of them and Santiago the two most critical ones. Berry did a tremendous job last year hitting over .280 while filling in for Jackson and Dirks. While coming off the bench in August, he must have hit under .200. Kelly has three years between .240 and .250 followed by last year’s disaster. Guys on our bench this year will have to stay sharp as the starts will not come as often as in past years.

It’s definitely been much more about defense than offense in recent years. This year, there are fewer concerns about defense. With the current starting nine, I can’t see too many defensive replacements being made. If it gets to the point that they need a starter in the outfield, I’d bet on Castellanos getting a call up to start every day, rather than one of the guys off the bench getting regular time.

At this point, with Tuiasosopo and Santiago on the roster, Kelly and Worth are both pretty much redundant. Berry at least brings some speed to the game. Tuso plays first, third, and outfield. There’s no place where Kelly would be a better option either starting or coming off the bench.

“Tigers have indicated to other teams that Ramon Santiago is available.” @Buster_ESPN

I KNEW it!! Kelly may be a *borderline* MLB player. but he isn’t dumb. It is extremely unlikely that DD would find another ballclub that would want DK, especially this late in the preseason. when nearly EVERY one is very close to, if not already set with their 25-man rosters to begin the ’13 season, leaving them next to no time to assess whether or not DK would be a decent fit with the team that they have constructed.

Regardless, since Kelly, as I have posted before, already knows all too damned well that Leyland is his last resort/best bet for being able to play in MLB on a likely PT basis this season, even long before he had that silly opt-out clause added to his minor league contract.

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