Tigers keep Lobstein in system, trade Casali to Rays

The other Tigers Rule 5 situation is now closed. They’ll be keeping left-hander Kyle Lobstein, having acquired his full rights from the Rays in exchange for catcher Curt Casali.

The Tigers swung the trade on Monday, then promptly outrighted Lobstein to Double-A Erie.

The Tigers picked up Lobstein in December’s Rule 5 Draft out of the Rays system, where he was an extra starter in a pitching-deep system. It became clear early on this spring, though, that he wasn’t going to earn a spot in Detroit’s bullpen, which was all that was up for grabs. Considering the Rays didn’t need him, a trade seemed inevitable.

Lobstein gave up 12 runs, 10 earned, on 18 hits in 12 innings with six walks and 10 strikeouts. He’ll pitch at the Double-A level for the second straight season, having gone 8-7 with a 4.06 ERA at Montgomery last year.

The Tigers liked Casali, having brought him into camp the last couple years. Realistically, though, he was down the depth chart in the Tigers system, despite the lingering offensive questions about the prospects above him (Bryan Holaday and James McCann). Casali batted .270 with nine home runs and 43 RBIs in 94 games between Class A West Michigan and Lakeland as a 23-year-old, but he also threw out just under a third of all would-be basestealers. It’s a nice addition for the Rays system for a pitcher they didn’t really need back to stock their system.


Yikes. While it was clear Casali would likely not ever be a 1st stringer in Detroit I have to think he would have represented more value than Lobstein.

“Boras expects to find new teams for Valverde, K-Rod soon. Says Valverde has lost 18 pounds and is throwing 93 to 95 mph in bullpen sessions.”

so sayith the snake! remember when maggs was in the best shape of his life? baahahah

I’d take Valverde in a heartbeat if all is true and he proved he could pitch. I think people are going to sorely miss having a real closer…..and don’t fool yourself we Do Not have one. Benoit was not great a goid portion of the year and gave up a ton a homeruns, Dotel is good but, Coke is good sometimes, Villareal walks are a problem, and Albuquerque hasnt been god and is injury prone, nd Rondon clearly isnt ready forthis. Valverde was really bad in October…..but he was the most reliable closer in baseball the previous three years.
Ps has anyone else noticed Dotel hasn’t pitched since the WBC? What’s up with that?

And who ends bitting the apple once and again? Magglio, Baker,Fielder …
I was thinking about KRod

maybe it is because he is long in the tooth and the WBC took it out of him – just a guess. Regardless he is scheduled to pitch tomorrow (tues).

well porcello pitched pretty well today – had a small stretch were he was getting hit – adjusted. His stuff looked good tho.

I still can’t believe he hasn’t walked anyone this spring.

I stop following the Tigers if Valverde comes back.
Never could stand the ignorance of base runners and taking his team out of the DP.
Never could stand allowing ANY base-runner to get in scoring position.

Well in watching a lot of games, I don’t believe that it is necessarily out of the ordinary for a closer to have so called “runner indifference”. By the way it drivesme nuts as well. But what I hate more is not having a closer and if VV proves he is back I’d take him at a value.

what would the base be of that salary? 1MM (reasonable from Tigers perspective)? 2-3MM (Snake Boras requirement)? I am assuming there’d be performance based incentives… as well.
and more importantly, can VV do anything but close games? If so, his value is much larger.

makes me wonder if Tampa would have wanted Lobstein back if he had pitched better against them in the recent exhibition game. statistically, a lousy outing.

regarding catchers in the system, what’s the latest on Pat Leyland?

Rich already said this, but I too am curious to when Donny Kelly will get the word from the org whether he is in or out…..

sounds like a crazy idea but would it make any sense to sign matt caps to a minor league deal? he has experience closing games and was recently good.

Dice K also? for spot starter depth….

I tough the same but they were released to avoid paying a bonus, they will try to sign them to new contracts according to MLBTR.

touche. However, matt caps might find it a better opportunity/fit here.

Valverde had his run. How many roller coaster 9th innings did you watch? I will go on record that Rondon will be our closer this year. Fister will be fine, he has just walked too many but has struck out plenty. Justin had 1 bad game. Jhonny will hit a bunch of home runs. Dirks will steal more bases that Action Jackson, How long before the bat of NC gets promoted. I am pulling for Kelly. Go Tigers!

The Rondon I’ve seen this spring isn’t a closer let alone a ml player yet……

I hope Dirks is able to platoon – feel the guy deserved at least a shot at making it work with only the odd lefty not starting knowing Garcia and NC are looming large.

I actually liked Casali, have not been impressed by Lobstein. Tigers catching depth meets Rays pitching depth……

good point. what’s in the water there? rodney.

Porcello had a good breaking ball today. His fastball command was not as good as his last start and that led to the runs. Al Avila told me Rick was not going anywhere.

Ryan Raburn has hit the Indians depth chart in a big way today. Also, if you look at it closely, are the Indians coming North with twelve position players and thirteen pitchers?? It’s possible. We open against the Twins and they are shaping up to have a five man rotation with all righties to start the season because Scott Diamond is on the DL. Is it possible we are better off with Matt Tuiasosopo starting the season with Toledo and then getting called up when we face Sabathia at home on April 6th or 7th ?? We start the season with eight in the bullpen. Matt gets at least 8 ABs for Toledo. Then he faces CC.

Now wait a minute. Dirks did fine against CC in the playoffs.

Lobstein was the first pick in the second round in 2008, No 47 selection overall in that draft. He got a 1.5 million signing bonus right out of high school. The idea with these draft selections is to go for upside and see if you catch lightning in a bottle, not to collect a bunch of guys with a ceiling that’s no better than backup catcher if all goes well. The odds are still against him, but he has better upside than Casali.

updating my forecast: instead of it being 39-41F, it’ll be 41-43F. still light winds from the north but coming more from the west than the east. small chance of precip.

Al2: 18 SO in 12 innings. 182 BAA. He deserves to be in the roster

Sure he does. I think Jim was just trying to get his attention and it seems to have worked.

Today is the day of reckoning for Bruce Rondon, who most definitely is a talented young man. Who in the organization is responsible for giving him directions to the Subway sandwich shops around the league?? He was placed in a competition for the closer job and done very little to win it. Which closer candidate has done the best work in spring training ?? For me, it’s Joaquin Benoit. He knows all the drills.

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