Tigers send Kobernus back to Nationals

The Tigers’ search for a right-handed hitting fourth outfielder just whittled down to the point that Matt Tuiasosopo’s best competition probably isn’t in this camp.

On the same day manager Jim Leyland all but ruled out Avisail Garcia winning a spot on the Opening Day roster, the Tigers returned Rule 5 pick Jeff Kobernus to the Nationals, opting not to keep him on the 25-man roster.

Amanda Comak of the Washington Times first reported that Kobernus will be back in Nationals camp on Sunday. The Tigers confirmed it after the game.

For those who have forgotten the rules of the Rule 5 draft, teams must either keep their selections on the 25-man roster for the entire season (save for some leeway for DL time), work out a trade to keep him, or offer him back to his old club for $25,000, or half what they paid to select the player back in December.

Kobernus looked like he had a great chance to make the team two weeks ago, getting off to a torrid start at the plate. Since then, his batting average has plummeted, and his playing time in turn. His camp ends up at 11-for-50 (.220) with two triples, no homers, three RBIs, five walks and seven strikeouts.

As for Garcia, he remains out with a bruised left heel, and is not listed on the travel roster for the team’s upcoming two-day trip to Port St. Lucie and Jupiter.

“I think it would be fair to say the timing of [Garcia’s] injury probably put a little bit of a damper on him,” Leyland said Saturday morning.

That would leave Tuiasosopo as the only extra outfielder in camp who bats right-handed. The Tigers still have a week left in camp to scan the trade market and waiver wire for options from other teams, a move that might not come until the last minute.


Well Kobernus is out…..that question has been answered. The question still remains who?

Ps Rondon has looked like he regressed…….boy I know Valverde is a hot button topic in the land of the tigers but who is going to close games? I don’t believe Rondon has proven he can do it. A lot of he pitching in fact is concerning me….yes I know it’s spring but it’s really late in the spring and guys aren’t looking too good, I hope I’m wrong.

How has he regressed?

i hope DD still have valverde’s phone number. maybe 1 million dollars?
And what does Kobernus going to the Nats mean for Berry and Kelly’s chances….

Wells looks more and more available. He and Bay remain in competition for the Mariners’ last reserve outfield spot. There was recent speculation in the Motor City Bengals that Wells could be acquired cheaply, or even potentially claimed off waivers.

certainly wells is. cheap that is. but his performance has been significantly declined since leaving the tigers.

Whoever it is, it would appear that Nick C. time is drawing closer and closer.

Tuiasosopo makes the team, Berry stays, Kelly goes.

If true, that makes sense to me. However, I don’t know that is how the roster will finalize. Also Kelly was a seemingly good guy who helped the Tigers. I hope he lands on his feet.

I think the Kobernus news assures Berry is going north with the team.

What about Lobstein? Is he gone too?

not yet, but he will be gone before long.

Per Dombrowski, they tried to work out a trade for Kobernus.

I think Kelly makes the team…..his versatility is useful.

Kevin Russo: 306/.316/.583/.899 with 3 AB less than Kelly

interesting you say that because in 11abs vs. lefties he’s .455/.417/.818/1.235 and has played the OF in the minors and 11 games at the mlb level

those are his numbers in 2013ST

Tigers have 2 spots (Boesch, Kobernus) now open on 40 man, and a 3rd when Lobstein is returned (unless they work a trade for him). 1 or 2 of those spots will be filled internally but there’ll be room to add from outside the organization too.

Glad to see they didn’t make a trade to keep Kobernus. Cut your losses. No place for him later this year or next year anyway.
Nobody could possibly be serious about Valverde. He showed what happens when relievers get “old and in the way” last year and this year is gonna be worse. He’s not even throwing, why would we possibly think he could close?
I’d take our chances with Rondon and Dotel. Rondon needs to be given the chance and if he fails, he gets sent down to work on it. Pretty simple.

yea touche. wow surprised he isn’t even throwing.

Tigers still need to think about the bench. 2E likely goes north along with Kelly and Ramon.
I still think they should come up with a veteran with some pop on the bench. Jason Bay knows how to play the game. Wells won’t be as much of a threat as Bay.

Well, I mean he’s probably “throwing”, but to whom?
Relievers are pretty fickle and it is very common to see alternating good/bad years but whew!, wouldn’t it be nice to have Rodney??

Rondon goes north. Too much talent to ignore. He is a dominating potential presence. The sooner the better.

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