Tuesday: Tigers vs. Rays (on tee vee)

If it’s a game late in camp on Fox Sports Detroit, it’s an Opening Day lineup. Jim Leyland said yesterday he’s going to watch how much his regulars play today, so don’t expect them to go the full distance. That won’t start happening until after Wednesday’s off-day, the unofficial start to the home stretch of the spring.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Doug Fister, Kyle Lobstein, Luke Putkonen, Darin Downs, Phil Coke


  1. Desmond Jennings, CF
  2. Ben Zobrist, SS
  3. Matt Joyce, LF
  4. Luke Scott, RF
  5. Sean Rodriguez, 2B
  6. Jack Cust, DH
  7. Ryan Roberts, 3B
  8. Chris Gimenez, 1B
  9. Jose Lobaton, C

P: Jeremy Hellickson, Kyle Farnsworth, Dane De La Rosa, Will Inman, J.D. Martin


Let’s get 2E in to LF today skipper. He is showing he might be able to handle a little pressure and Kobernus is showing he may not.

Tiger front office needs to contact Bubba Trammell to see if he’d come out of retirement to platoon in LF. if he can’t make it, what’s Gabe Kapler doing these days? #Tigerspringphenoms

Bubba Trammell! A blast from the past. Saw the Latino Bambino in the WBC, brought back some post season memories.

Been reading (MLive.com) who the 4 RHB candidates for the backup LF role are. Kobernus, 2E, Garcia and Danny Worth??
Somebody must be forgetting about Russo. Though I don’t think he is being seriously considered.
Garcia is out of the picture IMO, unless Dirks or Hunter has a problem. His injury will set him back.
We really need to see how 2E can handle the position. He theoretically should be superior to Kobernus defensively having played outfield more. But we need to see him out there. It is a bit mystifying that we haven’t. It’s not like JL has not had the opportunity to stick him out there. They are really trying to get Kobernus to win that role and the guy is “feeling it”. As someone mentioned, he hasn’t stolen a base yet, and if he can’t get that part of his game going why would we want a guy learning to play OF on the roster?

Woody, how about Purnal Goldy?

Better not discount recent Tigers who may be cut in the next ten days.

Again, the Rule 5 status will probably get Kobernus the first trip to Detroit. Whoever it is will spend most of the time on the bench anyway. Other than that, Danny Worth is the best candidate but, like Castellanos and Garcia, will benefit most from staying sharp in Toledo to start the season. All of ’em will be in Detroit this year.

see here is a good example. I take what Rich says to be a good assessment of the situation, and the same with Jim Price. But Jim says he’d be really surprised if a rule 5 pick went north.
another example is that some names are left out of conversations entirely (russo, 2E, worth, nick C., etc) when a focus in other conversations/articles.
my point: this is a very tight race — there is amazingly little consensus.

I heard Price talk about that, saying it just doesn’t happen. One thing that has happened is that Dirks is now being tabbed as an everyday LFer (minus the wearing down thing), whereas it was seen as more of a platoon at the outset of ST. I like that thinking, and it does lessen the impact of the RH hitting outfielder.

2 months ago it was “the RHB OFer will play against lefties” and now its “the RHB OFer would play against tough lefties”

Cabby steals 3rd!!!!!!

twas very nice!

cabby is smarter than your average baserunner, imo

You all know the Build-A-Bear franchise. Well, we are in the process of Building a Bench. Our manager demands that his bench players have flexibility. This year he must do this task while using only six players. V-Mart, our switch hitting DH, is very capable at first base and will be actively lobbying in early May to do a little catching. However, Brayan Pena, who also is a switch hitter, will be our primary back up at catcher and will be ready to DH or PH on occasion. Crafty Ramon Santiago, also a switch hitter will be the primary back up at second base and shortstop while also being a number 3 emergency catcher?? So far we have three players who are all switch hitters who cover multiple positions. Next up we will have Don Kelly a left handed hitter who throws right handed and has played all nine positions at the major league level. Not sure if they have him sneaking over to a back field to work on hitting right handed or throwing a two seamer. But you get the idea. Player number five is the mystery man. Will it be Kobernus the Rule #5 guy??
How about Matt T. who has jacked three homers in the past week or so?? Stay tuned on this one. And our manager’s sixth man?? Omar Infante. As recently as 2010 he started at six different positions for Bobby Cox in Atlanta. This is a Jim Leyland team and he will have flexibility on the bench.

What’s going on?? Kelly batting in the 4th inning??

Dirks got hurt.

What happened??

well he ran into a wall….but honestly, he didn’t look that hurt and it’s ST….
with that said it is andy dirks, who gets hurt regularly.

He took himself out of the game and appeared to be OK, but limping a bit. Maybe he hit his knee or something. Hope he’s OK.

we’ll find out in a couple hours, i’m sure

Better hang on to Ricky P.

absolutely! doug fister has been terrible!

Rod said Fister has a ‘firm” fastball at 92-93 mph. I don’t recall seeing anything like that for quite awhile. Also, Dirks needs work in LF. He has drifted back on balls over his head on more than one occassion this spring, resulting in catches not made. And as for Prince, same old same old.

meanwhile, joyce looked good in LF

haven’t seen a bunt by a tiger, like torii just laid down, in YEARS

Andy Dirks listed day-to-day according to Jim and Dan.

Well, not looking good today. So far.

So much for Lobstein. Dirks hobbled—-time to give 2E a go in left.

Light a candle.

shelly duncan, folks. what a day we’re having here with this offense deficient rays team.

Luis Castillo? Brandon Loy? With important roster decisions to be made?

agreed. 2E was put in at 1st instead….the logic behind that must be amazing

It is only ST.
In 2011, 5.01 10 BB 3 HR 13 ER ( with a better defense for sure) 1.50 WHIP
My only concern about him it that line-drive to his head could be affecting him .

I still feel that IF the Tigers felt they absolutely had to trade a starter I would prefer Fister than Ricky. Simply because of the age. Fister may be starting to get a little too hittable. I love the guy’s style and tenacity. The ability to throw strikes.
But Ricky is coming on. I still think he is going to be a good one.
We need them both to be pitching well.

We need to keep all our starters and hope that Casey Crosby figures some things out in Toledo this year. We may need him a time or two.

Shawn Hill is being prepared to be the backup. He has ML experiece

toss that travis kid in the RHB OF mix too😉

BB 0 for 3 today

1-3 4-3 F9

Didn’t get to watch game….glad not to have watched. Looks like a Fielder error screwed things up but Doug also wasn’t able to bail himself or Prince out. Ugly!

You surely did not miss much. Fister didn’t look like he had the stuff to bail himself out. Even though Rod said he had a “firm” fastball, I don’t recall seeing anything over 88mph, coupled with poor command. Fister lacked enough separation to keep hitters off balance.

I watched the first three innings and will look at the rest this evening or later tonight. Looked like Fister threw a couple of good curveballs early then lost command of the pitch. Wasn’t able to keep them off balance. One guy I don’t worry about is Doug Fister.
Appeared that the ball hit out to Dirks got swirled up in the wind. It happens in that ballpark for some reason. It can be entertaining. Jim is probably wise to be prepared for Andy to get dinged up. He plays hard.
I still hate seeing “other” people sitting in MY seats at Joker Marchant. When is retirement…?

Joe Maddon: “Luke Scott is capable of so much. He’s got a knack for driving in runs. His swing is easier now with better results.”

Anyone know who is starting on mound for Thursdays game?

Verlander will get the start on Thursday. JV Showtime (6 pm) goes up against Michigan hoops in the NCAA (7 pm).

Justin Verlander

Oh boy, now we’ve got Dotel heating up for this rain drenched game. Can’t afford to lose him.

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