Monday: Tigers at Nationals (updated with Berry injury)

It’s a hazy morning here in Viera, but that’s expected to let go for a sun-drenched afternoon. It should be a good test for Max Scherzer to stretch out his pitch count. Most of the regulars made the trip.

UPDATE: Quintin Berry was on the travel roster for this game and figured to get the start in center field, but he’s back in Lakeland getting treatment on his left knee for patellar tendinitis. Don Kelly is starting in center field. No, it’s not a sign for Quintin Berry’s health status after he left yesterday’s game with left knee soreness. On the flip side, if they’re willing to give Kelly a start in center field rather than simply start Andy Dirks there and play another guy in left, that isn’t bad for Kelly’s status heading into these final couple weeks.

Looks like we’re at the point where NL teams want to get their pitchers at-bats, but they’re willing to give AL teams the luxury of the DH.


  1. Andy Dirks, LF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Don Kelly, CF
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Max Scherzer, Luis Marte, Brayan Villarreal, Bruce Rondon, Jose Ortega, Trevor Bell


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Jayson Werth, RF
  3. Bryce Harper, LF
  4. Ryan Zimmerman, 3B
  5. Adam LaRoche, 1B
  6. Ian Desmond, SS
  7. Danny Espinosa, 2B
  8. Wilson Ramos, C
  9. Jordan Zimmerman, P


For those still interested in BB, he went 2 for 3 yesterday against the Pirates. BB played RF and had an RBI.

Also, the Yankees MLB site features a video corner interview with BB.

Brennan went 2 for 3 with an RBI yesterday.

Sorry Richard–we must have been posting at the same time!

I hear Brennan went 2 for 3 yesterday. 🙂
I really wish I could see today’s game. That’s the Nats’ real lineup there.

Very interesting lineup as we have seven starters making a road trip. Is the game on MLB-TV?? Skipper also loading up against a tough right hander. Do you see the Nats are LRLRLR??

if BB doesn’t want to listen to his hitting instructors – history will repeat itself. Hopefully BB has learned.
DK in CF hints to me that QB might start in AAA.

There is almost no way Berry makes the cut:
He bats left handed
Doesn’t bunt well
Doesn’t hit well
Runs poor routes in the field
Possible chronic knee problems takes away his most redeeming attribute

What we need in Toledo in the OF are Nick C., QB. and Avisail. Compare that to what we had last year. Also, consider that last year Andy, Austin, and Torii were all on the DL in the first half of the season. That call up could come any day. Unfortunately two of them are not healthy right now. Get ready men!!!! One test today is can Don Kelly cover for Austin for a dya or two at a time?? Good test for Max, too.

well put. out of curiosity, would you have 2E in toledo then also playing OF?

If Matt goes North to Toledo, he starts at 3B and backups in the OF. How much of his recent power surge been against LHP? Did he get any chances in LF yet??

13 abs vs LHP, 231/615/949

max picks off span: paying attention pays off!

Lazy disinterested at bats by Tigers today!

Kobernus, by the numbers, did not do himself any favors today. Left 5 men on base, struck out with the bases loaded and 0 outs. Again, as a prospect he is intriguing, just don’t see how he fits on the 2013 Tigers.

Kobernus stock down, Rondon stock up

Who can we send to the Nats for him??

The Nats usually want pitching, even though they have a ton of it. Don’t know if a deal is possible. Speaking of, I watched Strasburg pitch this weekend and I think the guy is getting even better.

T. Collins sounds about right

For all the talk about Tig closers, I think we will end up thanking our lucky stars DD had no serious money to throw at the issue.

No way I trade Tyler Collins for Kobernus. No way.

I agree with Rich.

fair enough. honestly, kinda just a stab in the dark there. both about the same level and still in ST….

Since the advent of the DH, when have the Tigers had a starting nine to match what we hope to have on opening day this year?? Come to think of it, when have we had six starters this talented??

For Kobernus? Maybe they can trade what Ruben Amaro traded Mike Cisco to the Angels for!
That would be a good deal and maybe an appropriate one.–mlb.html

Yeah, according to MLB’s Gonzo of the Angels Cisco had a 1.80 ERA in 40 appearances at Double-A and Triple-A last season and was “gift-wrapped” to the Angels by the Phillies for “no compensation.”

Tyler Collins has more value than Kobernus.

Rusoo has a better line than Kobernus too

How many people you think in the ballpark at SF tonight? 10,000 or so?
Matt Vasgursian has referred to “Davey” and Goliath twice in two days. Is he thinking of the old cartoon show?

I think you have made your point, as evidenced by attendance.

And I like Russo.

As now, the Caribbean Series Final will be played in the Pacific Ocean

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