Saturday: Tigers at Cardinals

Though the original thought was that Prince Fielder might make the trip to Jupiter, having missed Thursday’s trip to Port St. Lucie with a flat tire, the Tigers changed course on that on Friday. Thus, Austin Jackson and Jhonny Peralta are the only regulars in the lineup today. Still, some roster candidates are getting their shots today: Jeff Kobernus in left, Avisail Garcia in right, Quintin Berry in center, Don Kelly at third and the suddenly intriguing Matt Tuiasosopo at first base.


  1. Austin Jackson, DH
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Jeff Kobernus, LF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. Avisail Garcia, RF
  6. Brayan Pena, C
  7. Matt Tuiasosopo, 1B
  8. Don Kelly, 3B
  9. Quintin Berry, CF

P: Shawn Hill, Jose Alvarez, Trevor Bell, Luke Putkonen, Bruce Rondon


“suddenly intriguing” – thats a good one. The next 007, perhaps?

Maybe a positive, winning environment is contributing to his offensive resurgence.

I wouldn’t get too excited over a guy having a few good ST games but has no track record of doing much of anything. Harsh, but………….

believe i heard Dan and Jim say that Tuiasosopo is a dead red hitter. can punish the fastball but struggles to make contact with the breaking ball. sound familiar?

Tuiasosopo may not do enough to get a spot on the 25 man, but he may have earned a spot this spring on the 40 man. one spot open with release of Boesch, at least one more will open with the release of Lobstein.

I’m wondering if the media’s rah rah over the WBC will abate now that USA is eliminated. Some reasons USA didn’t advance farther: Justin Verlander, David Price, Clayton Kershaw, Stephan Strasburg, etc.

An steal attempt down 0-4 and going 16 innings scoreless did not help. They went that far out of luck, they played bad baseball also vs Canada but Canada played even worse

Japan will win (again) because their style of play is perfect for this tournament format. We go through this every four years so Japan can have a party in SF. I’ll be glad when the real season starts. Six month grind resulting in deserving postseason entries.

As long as I know , Japan comes from their tournament, they have no MLB players so they are free to practice unlike the USA, Venezuela , PR and DR( both had an early exit last time)

I haven’t watched all the games, but according to news media, there has been tremendous interest according revealed by viewer stats. I wonder sometimes if this will be the future of professional baseball in the future ( way, way, in the future). Just a thought and wondering if others have thought about this.

Well, I screwed up my grammar, there, but you get my gist, hopefully.

In Venezuela, DR and PR ,yes. For fans at least, Felix did not play for Venezuela.
Santana was, rightly , stopped by his team( in 2009, while healthy he did not play)
In 1979 there was an Inter-.American League with teams in the USA( Miami) Venezuela( Maracaibo and Caracas), Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, Panama. It lasted one season
A team in PR where professional baseball is having a hard time ( they blame the draft,) could be the first step

Speaking of ST performances, Russo is quietly putting up some decent numbers to go with his lifetime .286 minor league BA.

Right about now Spring Training seems like it has been forever. so ready for the real games to begin. On the WBC, good comment that the USA is missing the best pitchers in the world. I have watched many games but never an entire game. My valuable time is saved for Tiger games. Good luck Brennan. Glad I got to meet you at the Whitecaps banquet a few years ago.

When speaking of expanding baseball globally, one has to always look at the bottom line: money. It’s always about the money. Those who have it don’t want to lose their share. It has nothing to do with sporting issues. There would need to be a profit; a big profit.
As things stand now, they can’t even operate an MLB club in Miami.

Dan & Jim are wondering why Castellanos is in the game.

right heel contusion.

atta boy bruce

All those up and down innings by Rondon, but nobody ever hits the ball. This guy is super intriguing.

Kobernus continues to slip. I’ll cringe if Berry makes this team. Box score read like the Tigers had a poor day on the bases.
Think they will give 2E a shot in Left Field?

What happened to all those tweets lauding how great the WBC is? USA out and I didn’t hear a peep from Morosi today. It’s only great while the USA is in it?
Personally, I didn’t even know the game was on this afternoon. Just found out.

There is something in the eyes of the Dominicans’. Japan will not have it easy.
Hard to believe the Netherlands can go any further but this thing has been full of surprises so far.
Rondon has now had 3 good outings. Dare we dream?

Boesch not in Yankee lineup as reported.

BB started in RF for the Yankees today, against the Phillies. He went 0 for 3 with a SO.

The Netherlands( or Curacao, they play as one team since 2006 and most players are form there) was the last champion of IBFA Baseball World Cup . Cuba ended second. USA third

from/ were

Glad you clarified that El Tigre, I thought players were being chosen based on their last European vacation…

I’ve been to St. Maarten several times, so that may qualify me to play for the Netherlands.
Anyway, it’s over Tuesday night, so at least they tightened up the schedule. Even Chipper Jones complained about that in 2009, and that guy would postpone his wedding to play for the USA.
It occurs to me that I watched Michigan HS girls state finals today instead of the WBC.

Thanks Richard–must have been a split squad today for the Yanks.

Just think Brennan could be at the Tigers’ home opener!! Will he get more starts at DH then in RF?? Sure he will. With Teix out at 1B will he workout at that position?/ Not sure about that one.

The New Jersey Ledger had an article on BB. If he sticks with the varsity he looks like an outfielder and a bat off the bench. Travis Haffner should be the DH, but he has had injury and production issues so things could change. If BB is sent to the minors, he will receive a vastly reduced paycheck. I am not exactly sure how option situations play out here, but I know BB is under team control and can be farmed out.

from MLBTR: When asked about an extra right-handed hitting outfielder, Tigers manager Jim Leyland responded “We want one. You can take that to the bank. It’s 99.9 percent (sure) we’ll have one,” according to Tom Gage of the Detroit News.

How about Quintin Berry for Casper Wells?? It’s too late for Boesch/Wells!!!!

A trade may not even be necessary. Wells may be the odd man out when the final cuts for the Mariners are made.

jim’s comments sure are intriguing tho

That means having one on the roster, not acquiring one. I think they’re reading way too much into this.

We have some more work to do this spring training. We still have a handful of players vying for those two prime bench positions on the defending AL Champion Detroit Tigers. We have another handful of players competing for perhaps two openings in the bullpen. Along the way we will see the Twins, Yankees and Blue Jays early in the regular season so we better scout them the next two weeks. Just two weeks and a day until its the season opener. Also, all the NL teams we play this season are in Florida. Maybe we should follow all these Grapefruit league games more closely.

One of Kobernus ,Tuiasosopo, Russo or Garcia, second in AB among the candidates, will get an spot.
Kelly would battle with Worth and Berry is out

Not Garcia. He is on crutches.

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