Tigers unconditionally release Boesch

Three years after Brennan Boesch surged into the Tigers outfield mix with an incredible half-season in Detroit, his departure was just as sudden. The Tigers unconditionally released Boesch on Wednesday, parting ways with 2 1/2 weeks to go in Spring Training.

It was already clear to team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski that Boesch wasn’t going to win a job in left field, and they weren’t going to be able to work out a trade.

“As we’ve gone through this, Andy Dirks we feel has won the job to be our left fielder,” team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said. “And in Brennan’s case, we were really looking more for a right-handed hitting outfielder out there [to mix] in left field.”

By releasing him now, the Tigers will owe him one-sixth of his $2.3 million salary, or $383,333. Had they waited until the end of camp, they would’ve owed him one-fourth of his salary, or $575,000.

Boesch’s future with the team had been in question ever since the Tigers signed Torii Hunter in November. Detroit tendered the arbitration-eligible Boesch a contract during the offseason with the idea of letting him compete with Andy Dirks for the job in left field or trading him.

The chance of beating out Dirks was always a long shot, but it became longer once Boesch missed the first couple weeks of camp with an oblique strain. He returned last week and went 3-for-16 with a double and four strikeouts in seven Grapefruit League games.

The trade route, meanwhile, did not prove promising.

“I have tried to trade his contract at various times here throughout the spring, even leading into Spring Training, thinking that a change of scenery would be best for him,” Dombrowski said. “[We] have not been successful in doing that, have had numerous clubs talk to me about him, but I think you’ve reached the point where a lot of people talk about the salary aspect of it. Unless they really think he’s going to step in and be their guy, they haven’t been prepared to do anything in the trade market.”

Dombrowski said that “half a dozen clubs” had asked about Boesch, but no one stepped forward with serious interest.

Now, assuming no team claims his full contract on release waivers, Boesch will become a free agent. Any team can sign him for the Major League minimum, with the Tigers on the hook for their end.

By releasing him now, the Tigers also free up playing time in the outfield down the stretch this spring for regulars who need the work as well as viable candidates to make the club.

Boesch will turn 27 years old in April. He batted .259 with 42 home runs and 175 RBIs in 380 games over the last few years. His numbers last season were his lowest in most of the major categories, from a .240 batting average to a .659 OPS with 12 homers and 54 RBIs.


i got a chance to see him in AA and really liked him as a player. Unfortunately he just wasn’t able to make the jump. i hope someone else picks him up!!

good luck to brennan – for real. unless he’s playing the tigers.

I’d always hoped they could get some value for him, but it appears they can’t. That says a lot. Good luck to Brennan.

reoccuring theme: tiger fans thought they had value but nobody else did. the potato and maggs are two examples

Maggs had value, until the ankle broke. Maggs hit till the end. BB did not.

I hope Brennan can put this behind him and move on to realize that potential in his bat for someone else. Bueno Suerte, Amigo!

how do i catch the audio or video of today’s game?

The Florida Southern game? I don’t think there is any.

All I have been able to come up with is http://fscmocs.athleticsite.net/livestats/bs/xlive.htm

I noticed Cecil Fielder is playing 1st today!!!!!

Well, they might not have done him any favors with his contract so large, but I guess they felt they had to. I feel bad for him, but he’s a very smart guy and will be successful either someplace else or using his education in a diferent endeavor.

hey thanks – heckofalot better than nothing. Some back to back jacks for Torii and Miguel! Glad the big man is back – the lineup is the same without him. not even close.

Best of luck to you, Brennan Boesch. You hit some huge homers last year for us. Two off Sale in victories over the Hawk Sox. Another against the Angels at Comerica in August.

Is Austin Jackson really pitching for FS?

Never mind, just remembered they had their own Austin Jackson.

This is a tough decision, with no trade value you could have taken advantage of his option and put him at AAA to add depth. Hoping too, he rip the cover off the ball and increase his trade value. I am glad Boesch did not make the team that way 24th guy can be right handed stick with speed (J Kobernus) or play many positions (K Russo) and 25th player be Kelly that is good defensive replacement and can pinch run.

having a hard time understanding this flo southern stat-cast thing. no worries tho.

Any trade of Boesch had to happen BEFORE we signed Hunter.

Now, Berry better take advantage or he will go to AAA. He earned a second and a third opportunity with the will to win he showed but he cant steal 1B

Non tender him was the right option. His numbers are more or less the same of Raburn and way worse than Young´s. His glove is also more or less the same

Max had a good day 4ip, 2 hits, 1 BB, 7 Ks, 0 runs

MLBTR has the Red Sox, Yanks, Mets and Astros in on BB.

3 other unnamed teams are also reportedly interested.

sanchez came in and went 4IP, 6Ks and didn’t give up a hit or a walk.

Thus proving we can tear it up in collegiate ball. 🙂
I don’t think Berry makes the club. I’d prefer Kelly and Kobernus. Q can come back up when we get an injury.

Good point, Rich. Q backs up Austin while getting regular ABs in Toledo. In the long run, it is also better for Worth to be starting every day in Toledo. He could be our starting SS in 2014 if he has a solid year with the bat.

Farewell Brennan – I fear my 8 year old will cry tonight, she loves him so much, this will break her heart! Too bad, I like him a lot and wish he could have gotten himself turned around last year.

Its sad to see him go but he will get picked up and hopefully be refreshed with a new club.

The team is definitely changing for the better. In recent years, the support guys have come for their bats rather than D and speed. Much prefer support guys to not try and emulate the stars and focus on small ball OBP & D.
Will be interesting to see how Raburn and Boesch go in teams that don’t focus on slugging.

OBP. The Tigers had 3 among the top ten plus the Dirks and Avila with 350 or more
The Tigers were third in MLB behind St Louis and the Yankees. But in the end as Baker put it : “clogging up the bases isn’t that great to me”. Once on base they were unable to score. They are way to heavy and will be slower this year with VMart. They need the 3 run HR to take them home.
Defense is improved Hunter and Infante ( and no Boesch, Young, Raburn) but they still have a SS for his bat and not for his glove

all good points. thankyou. and they won’t have the ss for long!

With RISP, the 2012 Tig AB’s swings became longer rather than shorter.
Raburn and Boesch of course weren’t the only ones trying for the 3 run homer with Young, Avila and Fielder also guilty of trying too hard. I recall Prince went a ridiculous number of AB’s (120 or so???) mid season between multi run homers. He would have known the innings would end with his AB given the 5-9 stats trying too hard.
Prince will feel a lot more comfortable 2nd season in the AL and Tigs, made even better with the experienced guys now surrounding Miggs and himself.
If Victor is back close to former abilities, his influence is going to be huge.
Raburn and Boesch were not the right players for this teams mindset. Knowing they were a negative to the team (D, speed and bases) apart from their bats, they lost the ability to play within their limitations rather than trying to emulate the team stars. Once their mindset became negative, the downward spiral just picked up pace.

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