Morrison, Robowski sent to minor league camp

Usually, the Tigers try to save their roster cuts for large batches, especially the first round. So far, however, they’re shipping players out two by two. On Monday, it was catchers Curt Casali and James McCann. Friday was the pitchers’ turn, with Ryan Robowski and Michael Morrison being assigned to minor league camp.

Neither was projected to make the team, but they were gaining some valuable time in big league camp. At this point, though, Leyland was running out of innings to give his pitchers, even with three weeks left in camp.


glad Leyland is not retiring! Wonder what changed his mind? The Ipad maybe? hahah

anyone have any feelings about Tommy’s performance as 3b coach so far this spring? I thought he held up Nick C. at 3rd yesterday when he should have sent him. We don’t need another season of conversational 3rd basecoaching this year….

In the seventh? Never give the first or third out going for 3B or the first trying to score.
The fans will give him a Coach honeymoon

At least, this fan. He was one of my favorite players in the 80s

ah i can’t remember but it sure seemed like he would have been safe at home

2 walks for Scherzer.It not only Rondon who has been wild. Dotel was too last night

Actually it sounds like Max is actually in total command. This ump needs a talking too from the Association. no MLB umps strike zone should be so universally criticized.

strike zone pretty small today. max’s stuff was great tho!

Then bad news for Rondon.

might have caused plutonium to fall apart

Can Pena actually get a throw to 2nd base?
I hope I’m wrong but I would not be shocked to see Holaday called up before August.

coke looked good today – so that’s good

rondon going in late? … build confidence prolly….

tie game

about rondon’s outting: Jim and Dan thought it was a good inning. stuff was very good. something to build off of for him. the 1st hit was BS and fields should have gotten it, and the 2nd hit was probably legit (however it wouldn’t have occured if Fields had caught the 1st hit).

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