Rondon has bullpen session, Leyland talks more on closer

As promised, closer candidate Bruce Rondon and pitching coach Jeff Jones spent a good chunk of Wednesday morning’s batting practice in the bullpen, working on his delivery. They worked a little on his release point, and they worked some on getting his legs involved in his delivery again. Asked how it went, Jeff Jones tried to emphasize not what he saw, but how Rondon felt about it.

“He felt good about what he was doing,” Jones said.

Whether that makes a difference won’t be known until Friday, when he’s scheduled to make his next game appearance against the Mets at Joker Marchant Stadium. Manager Jim Leyland called it “a little adjustment,” but said he didn’t know how much of a difference it might be.

“I think the best way to put it is I think this kid is potentially a fantastic closing prospect,” Leyland said. “Is he ready for that? I can’t answer that. I don’t want to shed any negative light on the Rondon situation, because there is none to be shed. I think this kid has all the equipment. The question is going to become, I think, at some point: Is he ready? Plain and simple. And if he’s not ready, the Detroit Tigers will absolutely be fine. I have total confidence in the guys we’ve got. We’ve got plenty of equipment out there. We may maneuver it a little bit different. It’ll be a second-guesser’s haven and all that. But that’s OK. In our profession, we’re used to that. That just goes with the territory.”

Leyland tried to downplay some of the sense of panic about their closing situation, saying he’ll be comfortable with whatever they end up doing with their bullpen. But he reiterated it would be easier to have a set closer than a bullpen by committee.

At this point, though, he isn’t sure how it’s going to end up.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know,” Leyland said. “But we’ll have somebody. And who knows, it might be Bruce Rondon.”

Leyland also revised his remarks a bit on Rick Porcello as a potential closer.

“I don’t think it’s a far-out idea,” Leyland said. “I just think it’s highly unlikely.”


it’s not decision time yet for the manager. that comes April 1. since no one on the roster has proven that they can do the closer job on an extended basis, why not keep an open mind on the issue? Appreciate the candor from Leyland when he says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

not just in baseball, but in life, when you get into trouble – don’t go do something stupid.

uh why did victor just leave the game in the 3rd?

jim basically just said you’d need to dangle Nick C and A. Garcia to get yourself a good closer. [nervous laugh]

price. jim price, said that.

No way.
They are in a hurry to trade Avisail. Henning also want to trade him
Nobody will trade a good closer before the season. That is, someone with a track record. Someone with some upside or a setup that want to close , perhaps.

Miguel 2 HR vs the Mets
Infante 1 for 3 2 RBI.
Will Ledezma allowed 4 runs
5th inning

i can only get the spanish broadcast…. how did they say the HRs looked?

We dont have the game on tv. All venezuelans channels have been broadcasting the pre funeral ceremonies all day long. I read it on the box at MLB

I like Phil Coke’s demeanor for a closer. If he can get Righties out, he could be the answer. Did well in the post-season

Well there’s the rub lad. He has shown he has serious flaws with RHB. Certainly the mindset and confidence though.

When is Avila going to start looking like he actually cares about anything offensive.

I thought he did well against RHB before the “Starter” experiment. Last year of course was rough but he has in the past been able to get RHB out.

didn’t phil have a baby last year? well his wife. But maybe that put him mentally in a bad place or something…

How you figure that? He was lights out after the baby was born. Maybe he began to take it more seriously with an extra mouth to feed. It happens.

well then it doesn’t makes sense, but ya know in case his wife was having a hard time and he was mentally more with her than on his game…something like that

Coke Babip was 474 so he was extremely unlucky in 2012
His carrer BAA for RHB:299/.370/.432/.802
2011:314/.375/.431/.806. The starter experiment . As starter:276 /.345/.361/.705
As reliever:.287/.345/.434/.779
2010:276 .355 .358 .713 Started 1 game
2009:227 /.346/.432/.778
There is correlation
2012, first half all batters: 308 /.348/.418/.766. Second;
356/.427/.6031.030. The baby was born in June?
There is correlation

But he has been worse every year since 2009

hey see i thought there was! good job eltigre!

Note to Phil: “Go Forth and Multiply”.

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