Boesch homers, goes 2-for-3 as DH in minor-league exhibition

Brennan Boesch said he felt Opening Day type nerves before he stepped to the plate against Western Michigan on Tuesday. The key for the Tigers in this minor-league Spring Training exhibition was that he didn’t feel anything in the oblique muscle that he strained two and a half weeks ago.

Boesch felt fine, going 2-for-3 with a home run and a walk in four plate appearances as the designated hitter.

“It felt great,” Boesch said. “I felt excited. I was even nervous before, you know, just getting back out there. It feels great to play a sport I love again. It’s been a while. To show up and have an injury, I had to wait for that. I’ve been patient in my return, and I’m glad it has paid off.”

The Tigers maneuvered the lineup so that Boesch could bat in each of the first four innings on a day when the rest of the big league camp was off. He grounded out to first base in the opening inning against sophomore right-hander Casey Hall before sending a ground ball through the right side for a single in the second.

Boesch worked a nine-pitch walk in the third inning, fouling off three consecutive full-count pitches from senior right-hander Nick Bradley. He tested out his oblique trying to steal second base, but was retired on a ground-ball force out.

“I had a chance to do everything except, obviously, field,” Boesch said. “I’m very pleased with how my body responded, which was the most important thing.”

Boesch’s home run came on a 1-1 pitch from sophomore righty Adam Jones and went over the corner of the indoor batting cage building in right field, just to the right of the scoreboard.

“It didn’t help the Tigers beat the White Sox or anything. Those feel a lot better,” Boesch said. “It’s just I’ve been working hard to get back, so it just feels good to be able to get through a couple at-bats and run around.”

The Tigers return to action Wednesday against the Blue Jays at Joker Marchant Stadium. If Boesch gets the start, either at DH or in the outfield, he’ll get to face his old college roommate from the University of California, Jays starter Brandon Morrow.

“As far as I know, I’ll hopefully be in there tomorrow unless I wake up and something’s completely messed up,” Boesch said. “I don’t expect there to be any lingering problems.”

Both Boesch and Morrow have been through their share of injuries and trade rumors in their careers, and they’ve turned to each other for advice. Boesch joked he might send in one more request.

“I’m going to text him and say, ‘Just please lay it in there for me, please,'” he said.


Let’s hope we see a rejuvenated Brennan Boesch this season.
Things are getting interesting. Rondon will need to show he belongs in a hurry.
Porcello should be looked at in terms of what he WILL be able to do in the future not just as a 5th or 6th starter in 2013. The kid has talent and, like JV, is willing to adjust and adapt in order to achieve it. I’d hate to see him go. In my mind anything less than a multiple all star calibre shortstop should not be considered.
It’s hard to imagine but this guy is 4 years younger than the rest of the rotation.

My season tickets arrived today! Yippie

So JL has a new catch phrase going for him this year. In the past it was, To be honest with you” or more often, “to tell you the truth”. He has unveiled a plea to fans and media this year: “Trust me”.
I guess we’re gonna have to!

WBC shaping up to be an interesting display of baseball. Dominican Republic whacked Cole Hamels all over the place today. Miggy had a great day for Venezuela.
An aside to El Tigre: I hope today’s events with Pres. Chavez does not negatively affect your nation and its people.

Tks. We are in wait and see mode by now

People who defected from their country to be apart of the MLB (e.g. chapman) don’t play on that team, right? So wouldn’t that be a disadvantage for that nation’s team? just checkin!

No, they cant. They are considered criminals by their government.
A cuban born player was with Brasil against Cuba and was the first ever to do that in baseball.

your rss feed is not workin

Has anyone used Streamtorrent as their peer to peer application? Any comments about it%3

Usually I do not write on blogs, but I would like to say that this article really convinced me to do so! Congratulations, highly nice publish.

I d isagree with 75% of ones opinions. And who appointed you judges?

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