Rondon to be held back for side work Wednesday

Tigers pitching coach Jeff Jones built his resume at Triple-A Toledo working out mechanical issues with pitchers he had barely seen in some cases. He’s going back to his roots with closing prospect Bruce Rondon.

After a pair of rough Spring Training outings and inconsistent fastball command since Grapefruit League play began a week and a half ago, Rondon is being pulled out of the Tigers relief rotation this time around so that he can work out some mechanical issues. He’ll throw a side session on Wednesday, the day his next game appearance would have been, and then likely return to game action Friday.

The mechanical work will focus on what Jones saw comparing video of Rondon’s late-season stint at Triple-A Toledo to what he has seen so far this spring. Jones checked on it after Rondon gave up a two runs, including a Tyler Pastornicky home run, Sunday against the Braves.

“We looked at some film this morning,” Jones said Monday, “and we saw a couple little things.”

Those little differences, Jones believes, might explain why Rondon has been missing high with his fastball so often in his four appearances so far this spring.

Jones said he doesn’t have a read whether Rondon is trying to overthrow to make an impression, or whether he might be trying to aim the ball to compensate. Though mid-90s fastballs aren’t exactly the equivalent of lobbing the ball in, they represent a drop in velocity from his first outing this spring, when he hit 99 mph several times and topped out at 100 two or three times.

“It’s tough to say, because this is his first exposure to big league camp,” Jones said.


In Jones I trust!

Hey Beck……your headline about Scherzer says the Tigers beat Atlanta on Sunday……did not……come on man….Not another year of this……Get it right or let me take over….

I’ll say the same thing I have to remind people of every year: I don’t write the headlines. I never have. Somebody else does that.

Jason you do a great job……thanks for all the info. I’ve looked at some of the other MLB blogs like this and weeks go by without info or posts, we are lucky.

Do you really care about Spring Training *scores* that much?

No I don’t care about the scores at all….Apparently no one else cares enough to even get them right…….?….no ?…..I have minimal standards which aren’t being met…..They fly the incorrect banner proudly even after being corrected by it…….

He began allowing HRs after going to Toledo. His HR/9 jumped form 0.4 to 1.1. The same happened between Rk and A. But his career HR/9 is .2
5 HR in 5 seasons

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