Leyland: V-Mart will return Wednesday, time off was planned

Jim Leyland provided a little bit more clarity to the Victor Martinez situation, saying he’ll rejoin the Tigers lineup on Wednesday after the team’s off-day on Tuesday.

Leyland also said that getting Martinez away from the lineup for a few days was “planned all along.”

“We’re going to get him some at-bats, then back him off a little bit, get him some at-bats, back him off a little bit,” Leyland said. “I’ll watch him close. I’ve got to watch him, because he wants to go on every trip and play in every game. And to the advice of the trainers, [we’re going to] just be careful. I appreciate Victor’s eagerness because he’s so thrilled to be back, and I’m thrilled to death to have him back.”

When asked further if this was all planned, Leyland denied speculation that Martinez injured himself Thursday against the Mets.

“Victor is fine, trust me,” Leyland said. “You guys are being real suspicious. Victor is absolutely fine. The trainers told me coming in [to] get him going, get him going good. … Get him an at-bats, back him off, get him going again, back him off, then peak him for the season. That’s been the plan all along with it.

“Somebody saw him grimace the other day, so they think Victor’s hurt. Victor is not hurt, trust me.”


Avila is not showing any signs that last year is not going to be repeated.

Well, thank goodness, you clarified that, Skipper. Victor looks so happy and we are so happy to see him return. Obviously, he hasn’t lost a step in the hitting department.

albeit we have to ‘take it easy’ with him….

What the heck is wrong with Boesch? Seems to be lasting longer than should without some type of report.

“He’s aiming for early-mid next week. Took BP for first time yesterday. RT @blakevlindsay: @beckjason any news on when boesch is coming back?”
Jason tweeted on March 2nd

He had a low HR/9 in the minors. Not looking good

Fister 11.25
Rondon 6.75

386 FT

Another walk

Both out with high pitches

Yet another really bad outing by Rondon??? Fister not so good either I guess.

SO with three pitches

Nobody looking particularly good today. Below has been brutal so far this spring. I can’t see him pitching above Toledo.

Ya that’s nice he finally struck somebody out, but he also walked one gave up a homer and a double…not good

” Rondon – four appearances, at least one walk in each one – tough to audition as a closer in the 5th inning, though.”

“Early Rondon results shaky, but Dombrowski tells @JonHeymanCBS: “We’re not looking to add anyone” for closer role.”

“The Bruce Rondon watch: In 4 apps he’s now faced 21 hitters. 10 have reached base (5 walks, 5 hits). 6 of other 11 have K’d. A BB in all 4 G”

Wow—-Jim & Dan are really critical and concerned with Rondon.

Ya so are a lot of people. He hasnt done a thing to make me think he can do it. I hope I’m wrong….but so far there has been nothing!

As I said before, the same was with Anibal. And they were wrong

I’ll tell you this: if DD was looking for a late innings guy (right now), he would definitely not say he was doing so.

Francisco Rodriguez or a trade. Neither Wilson nor Valverde

Nothing eats a team more than not closing out games.
If they truly thought he was ready, the grooming should have started last September.

Just read a story on my email home page regarding Villareals family and an attempted abducdtion. Isnt this is a pretty big problem there with people of some wealth?

A huge problem. Even for people with middle income. They can be victim of express kidnap. They are taken into their houses or ATM to clear their houses or accounts.
Many people have left the country or go everywhere with bodyguards.

Why so little playing time for Garcia?

19 abs so far, right?

True . My mistake. Did not read anything about him until yesterday and jumped to wrong conclusion

“Jim Leyland on Rondon’s rocky outing: “Right now, he’s throwing it pretty hard – and they’re hitting it pretty hard.”@jaysonst
Yes, it is easier when the manager trust you

here’s an interesting tidbit from this year’s Bill James Handbook: “the percentage of line drives surrendered is one of the most definitive things that marks an effective or ineffective pitcher.”

last season Coke gave up 35 line drives/245 batters faced, Benoit 36/288, Albuquerque 3/53, Dotel 30/234, Valverde 46/294, Villarreal 26/226, Downs 16/86, Below 40/189.

Francisco Rodriguez 51/305, a worse ratio than Valverde. Smyly 53/416. former Tiger Rodney 32/282

It’s kind of difficult to judge Rondon as a closer until he actually begins to close games. The same could be said of Coke. It’s a different brand of pitching.
Tonight we will have 36 degrees down here in FLA. This place looks very different when I’m wearing a winter coat with a Detroit Lions logo on it. Have met a number of Michiganders, however, when wearing it. To think that I brought my beach chairs down here.

My last game of the spring tomorrow. Another trip in the books.

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