Friday: Tigers at Mets

I’m not on the trip today, staying back to work ahead on some stuff. Joey Nowak has Tigers coverage from Port St. Lucie on the site today.

The headline news will be Justin Verlander’s second start and Bruce Rondon’s third outing, but Andy Dirks also returns to the starting lineup for the first time in almost a week. He was the one with the intercostal strain, if you lost track of which outfielder goes with which injury.

1. Jeff Kobernus, 2b
2. Andy Dirks, lf
3. Victor Martinez, dh
4. Prince Fielder, 1b
5. Brayan Pena, c
6. Kevin Russo, cf
7. Avisail Garcia, rf
8. Don Kelly, 3b
9. Argenis Diaz, ss
P: Justin Verlander


The game is on MLB Network if you have it. It’s also being broadcast by Jim and Dan if you can’t stand the broadcasters. Go Tigers!!!

Rondon: He still is impressing me. Got in trouble with the slider but still tried to throw it back-to-back against Tejada. Has to keep his fastball down. I mean, he HAS to. Might give hitters fits with his slider which is over 5 MPH slower than his change up!.
Diaz looks good to me. The guy can hit.
Pena has me a bit concerned defensively. Surprised we haven’t seen more of Bryan Holaday.
Garcia and Castellanos—what a problem to have!!!

The pen (although early) has been less than impressive.

I was worried about Avisail. Great game today

If the call were mine I would take Castellanos or Garcia North. Perhaps ,both.
Dirks is an injury waiting to happens and VMart is coming from an injury. If Hunter need rest( he is 38 YO) who plays RF?.
Garcia can play LF/DH / RF and be the late inning replacement if Leyland allows him to learn how to bat LHP. Castellanos LF/DH and he looks ready. There will be lot of playing time for one of them.

I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe, they might start thinking of plan B for a closer. He scares me to death.

yea i was on the fence about Rondon’s performace today but dan has a good point – it is ST and rondon is workin on his pitches.
Kelly didn’t look that good today with the bat….but Kobernus and Garcia sure looked good

This time last year, Raburn had the hottest Tig bat, pretty much like at the Indians.
10 IP or 10 AB’s in ST hopefully wont change managements long term strategy.

Some guys we cut lose have done just fine with other teams. Change of scenery sometimes is just what the doctor ordered.

I think you will see that with Brennan Boesch too Kathy.

Today is the 1st of March. Most years there hasn’t even been a game played yet. This is going to be a looong spring training and plenty will and won’t happen before opening day.
We’ll get a look at Smyly tomorrow. It will be a windy and unusually cold day down here.

Spot on Rich. Let’s give everyone until the first day of spring, March 20th. Hitters by then will have 20 to 40 ABs and most of the relievers will have 6 to 8 games of action. ST in 06 Zoom Zoom had an ERA over 6.00 and he went North. How did Kobernus do in centerfield the other day? We need to see him at 3B, 1B, and RF yet. The last two bench players will have to be able to cover both infield and outfield positions.

Some nice innings from JV. I’m more concerned with Below, however, at this point than I am with Rondon. I expected Below to be a solid long-reliever for the Tigers this season. Good to see Garcia and Castellanos doing well. They still won’t make the team just to sit the bench, though.

can you mention why you thought below was going to be a good pitcher this year for the tigers? He ended last year AWFUL and what did he do this offseason?

Below does not look like he will make the big league roster to me. You have Downs and Smyly that could end up in the pen ahead of Duane.

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