Early notes: Scherzer set for Sunday, Berry returns

Max Scherzer is throwing a long session of live batting practice this morning, and has been cranking up his pitches to what looks like game speed. If he feels fine after this, he’ll be scheduled to pitch Sunday’s game against the Braves at Disney.

According to Scherzer, it’s around the same time he made his first start last spring. The counterpoint, of course, is that Spring Training began earlier this year, and so does the regular season. Scherzer made his first regular-season start of 2012 on April 8. By that point this season, the Tigers will have already played six games.

Scherzer says he feels fine, and Jim Leyland has said they’re stretching him out slowly after his innings total last year and his shoulder soreness last fall.

More notes from this morning …

  • Quintin Berry was originally in the starting lineup today, but he has been scratched with more discomfort in his left knee. He said he’s going to get checked out by a doctor later today to get a better idea whether it’s patellar tendinitis or something else.
  • As mentioned earlier, Quintin Berry is back in the Tigers lineup today against the Braves. He said he’s fine after he had a flare-up of patellar tendinitis in his knee.
  • Andy Dirks is going through full batting practice and workouts today. Manager Jim Leyland didn’t give a timetable for his return. Dirks said they’re going to play it by ear. If he gets through it OK, he’ll presumably make one of the next two road trips. As of this morning, he was not on the travel roster to Port Charlotte for Thursday’s game against the Rays.
  • Good talk with Jhonny Peralta this morning about his work with Rafael Belliard, who’s trying to get him to stay back on ground balls up the middle instead of taking a first step in. It’s a tricky adjustment for him, because his first instinct his whole career has been to take a step in as the pitch is coming in.
  • Florida governor Rick Scott is here talking about the Tigers’ plans for renovations and additions to Joker Marchant Stadium. He visited the clubhouse and introduced himself to players who live in Florida.


Hmmm. Rick Scott is in a battle with several other governors, including Michigan’s Rick Snyder, for the worst approval rating of all 50 governors.


strikeout of uggla was something => meatball to Francisco was something else

I thought I saw a new pitch by p. coke today….was he working on something today?

I just wonder how much Miggy could be affected by playing in the WBC. If he doesn’t play 3rd base, he might get rusty and then our regulars will have to adapt to him again. Maybe things will be OK, but this WBC needs to happen in a different month of the year.

Miguel after the first WBC:339/.430/.998.
After the second:324/.396/.942
But we must worry about him playing 1B and not working with the rest of the team. As Rich tweeted , they do take infield practice.
Not playing it at all would be the best. It cannot be played in July because there is no way to stop the season. After the season Major Leaguers play in Japan but not in a competitive fashion. They need rest and are not ready to play after a long lay-off for those not making the WS

I didn’t think it possible for anyone to shake up the osprey nests atop the light towers, but Prince may have done just that again. That was like a Saturn 5 space launch. Wish you all could have seen it.
All three runs come from homers by our firstbasemen. Don Kelly hit his with about as much authority as I’ve ever seen him hit a ball. Impressive. When all is said and done, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Donnie go north yet again. He’s a known commodity.
Porcello couldn’t control what was either his slider or curveball. I really couldn’t tell what pitch it was supposed to be. It was bad. Other than that, he hit 94 mph easily for his outing.
Tyler Collins has impressed. Kobernus seems useful.
Still having issues with the pitchers who are trying to make the team.
Phil Coke with a sharp inning.
It was a 100% perfect day, weather-wise. Remarkable.

I wish they could have a 30 man roster. It was 4″ of snow this morning up here in my neck of the woods, My neighbor had it snowblowed before I got up this morning. Nice guy!!

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