Dotel apologizes to Cabrera, team for leadership quotes

Octavio Dotel said he apologized to Miguel Cabrera in front of the team for comments in a Yahoo Sports article in which he suggested Cabrera should take more a leadership role on the team.

“I just want to apologize to Miggy,” Dotel said Wednesday morning. “I’m really sorry, and I hope Miggy doesn’t hate me for that.”

Cabrera later told reporters, “It’s no big deal.”

Dotel was quoted in Yahoo saying Cabrera is “more about his game,” and mentioned other players such as Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander possibly taking a more vocal leadership role.

Dotel suggested the quotes were taken out of context.

“That’s not what I was trying to mean,” Dotel said.

You might remember the exchange between Dotel and Cabrera in the clubhouse in Oakland after the Tigers lost Game 4 of the AL Division Series. Dotel suggested in Spanish that Cabrera needed to talk to reporters and convey a sense of no panic on the team, and Cabrera didn’t talk. Dotel later told that he suggested a team meeting but the efforts were rebuffed.

Though the Yahoo story said Dotel also asked for a team meeting after Game 2 of the World Series, Dotel said that wasn’t true.

“Never against the Giants,” Dotel said. “I was hoping [a meeting would happen].”

Jim Leyland said he had no problem getting apologies like that out in the open when a situation pops up.

“I think that kind of stuff’s great,” Leyland said. “I love that kind of stuff.”

The Yahoo article went on to ask whether the Tigers clubhouse needed more leadership, but made no mention of offseason acquisition Torii Hunter, whose leadership abilities have been praised. Victor Martinez, meanwhile, was mentioned only in passing in the article, though his absence last season left the Tigers looking in other directions for clubhouse leadership.


I don’t know…..I think this might be much ado about nothing!

I really hope the event that belied Dotel’s apology went like this: JV to Dotel, “Are you crazy? What’s the matter with you? I don’t care what you meant. Shut the F up. Now go to Miguel and apologize. Apologize to the team. Apologize to the fans. Do it all privately and publicly.” Never will happen, but it would be cool.

Cabrera’s”no big deal” response was an act of real leadership. He downplayed a situation that could have proven toxic to clubhouse chemistry.

Dotel was at least half right venting his frustration at the lack of leadership when things weren’t going well.
Managers should also not leave it purely to the players to work out and pick their moments in the clubhouse. They are ultimately the head leader of the team.
I doubt Torii or Victor for that matter will be quiet when situations arise again.

Thank to the Media for this!

Well, Dotel is certainly a veteran and has played on a WS team. I don’t fault him or Miggy. But,……….one thing I noticed while watching MLB Network countdown to Opening Day in the past week is how some players talk about the chemistry on their team. “It all starts in Spring Training”…. etc., etc., etc.
And, whether or not QB plays this year, it was him that gave the Tigers some spark last summer.

Colorado wants Porcello:
Rosenthal: “The team wants to add one more capable starting pitcher, major-league sources say — someone who could throw 150 to 175 innings and produce a ERA in the 4.50-4.75 range”

will they give us Michael Cuddyer? He can hit lefties, he can play 1st and 3rd as well….can he play LF well? If they throw in a AAA starter – i’d take that. Even though it would be a 5M$ boost to the payroll.

He plays RF
Or a SS

Rockies have a surplus of catching. Rosario had 28 HR with 71 RBI and hit .270 last year.. He is only 23. Rosario could make dealing Porcello worth it.

corner OF either way….and he could help in the infield.

What I read is the Rockies want someone in the Josh Fogg mold. I did not see Porcello mentioned specifically.

“someone who could throw 150 to 175 innings and produce a ERA in the 4.50-4.75”
Rick Porcello, 2012,: 176 IP, 4.59

Porcello matches up. As I said, however, he was not specifically mentioned; whereas Josh Fogg was specified in the part of the quotation you left out.

That is a big jump to “Colorado wants Porcello.”

It is a rhetoric device. Instead of saying Colorado wants a pitcher. Porcello fits the description. I used a shorter , attention catching phrase

Yes…That is called “sensationalism” and “spinning” a story at the price of accuracy.

This is Jason Beck´s blog. He said nothing about my post. So, I stick to it
Your comment is offensive

When people make mistakes in mainstream reporting, they post corrections. Making a headline up so a comment will be read and then omitting salient information from a quotation to support it is a different matter. I don’t know about Venezuela, but that is something reporters in the USA do for rags like the National Enquirer.

Which is why the Enquirer lacks credibility.

And I hope this does not mean the truth is offensive to you.

And you are adding insult to offense. I was not misleading. It was clever. Sorry but you need to lighten up.

Nobody appointed you as moderator.

BTW: Im an american citizen, so keep your nativism and your xenophobia for yourself

Sorry about believing you are Venezuelan. Your tag and your previous comments led me to believe you might not be familiar with American practices, so I was trying to educate you. By the way, I have felt insulted by your comments on several occasions, but just chalked it up to a communication gap. Maybe you should just “lighten up” and stick to the facts.

I never addressed you before today.So there is no way for you to fell insulted by me.
BTW: nobody took it wrong but you.

Huh? You addressed my recent comment about how Jair had fallen so quickly from status of the mighty into a minor league deal and indicated I “rejoiced” at his situation, which was far from the truth as well as a personal affront.

You even put part of my comment in quotes.

Not in quotes, per se. But, you did quote me out of context.

Another huh? Evan and I took your original bait offer on Porcello and treated it as legitimate. We offered our opinions and you responded and never revealed your agenda. If you just stick to the facts and don’t read too much into comments or try to be too “clever” the communication issues will become moot points.

i can’t see the rockies giving us what we’d want for rick…..cudayer is probably too much by himself hah

In fact

4 questions:
Who the hell is Eric Adelson?
Why is he talking about some non-issue from last season?
How is a team making the WS a “post-season collapse?”
Why would anyone think a team can talk its way out of negative baseball outcomes by holding clubhouse meetings in the middle of the postseason?
The above are rhetorical questions. Don’t answer them.
I’m finally in Florida!

Eric Adelson is a grad of Harvard University and Columbia University’s School of Journalism. He is a feature writer for Yahoo Sports and wrote for ESPN the Magazine.

This was a rhetorical response.

And I’ll bet all of us commenters envy you. Best of times.

Even though he apologized, it’s still kind of a d/bag move. Not something he should be vocal about, especially with all the press around spring training. Every players leads in a different way, if they are leaders at all.

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