Porcello, Sanchez, Verlander start off Tigers spring slate

The main news out of Tigers camp Monday morning were the starting assignments for the first few games of the Grapefruit League. Remember, the Tigers don’t play their annual exhibition against Florida Southern until the middle of March. Instead, they’ll dive straight into Major League play by facing the Braves at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex on Friday.

Rick Porcello will start that game. Anibal Sanchez will start Saturday against the Blue Jays at Joker Marchant Stadium. Justin Verlander starts Sunday against the Phillies in Lakeland. All of those games start at 1:05pm ET, and all of them will be on 97.1 FM back in Detroit and online at MLB Gameday Audio.

Still to be slotted are Max Scherzer, Doug Fister and Drew Smyly. The Tigers are trying to juggle six starters for five spots, and they’re trying to stretch out Casey Crosby’s innings as well to get him ready for a likely assignment in the rotation at Triple-A Toledo, so they’ll have some juggling to do. They have only one set of split-squad games, which comes up on March 2.


I wish the Cubs signed Sanchez. We missed out on him. Still love Verlander.

I don’t know what constitutes one full season, but so far AL^2 has 56.2 innings in 2 seasons. And of course that was 1.13WHIP and 13.5 Ks/9 kinda pitching (albeit with 5.9BBs/9)! If he can give us 56.2 innings this season of those kinda numbers…be a big piece of the solution!

Quote of the day (JL on Jhonny Peralta) ” You can see him just kind of gliding and flowing better already, without question.”
I hope he is indeed “gliding and flowing” but if he is, will it be for 150 games or 100?

they’re trying to stretch out Casey C? so they take time out of the Majors Leaguer to allow him to be ready for Toledo? There is a minor league camp or am I wrong? Or the real reason is they will need him to be ready to cover the 6th spot once Porcello is traded

personally I hope not – we need all the starters we can get. if we have too man (we won’t) then we can trade them (or him probably) at the deadline.

Spring training is a chance to look at your prospects and send them up against MLB talent. No different than the last 78 years at Lakeland for the Tigers.

Range is not only about weight but location during the pitch, being mentally ready to move in one or another direction, reflex for quickness on the first step .

lol @ gliding and flowing! sounds like hoping and dreaming!

Bruce Rondon:
here is no place for six starters. And Smyly is better than Porcello

What day does Sanchez go to the WBC?? Will CCrosby probably pitch in one of the split squad games on the 2nd??

Feb 4

so they’ll have some juggling to do..that is not normal. Like last year when the contest forced them to send Porcello to pitch against a minor league team for lack of slots

“I’m gliding and flowing” – overheard from a guy on an acid trip.
From Morosi, an interesting take by Buck Showalter on the now illegal fake pickoff to third:

copy cat!

Have fun, and please tweet and blog if you get a minute.

Oops, you already mentioned that article, didn’t you? Sorry, I’m all over the place here, trying to get ready to go.

I’ll be tweeting from spring training this week, hopefully with some photos. This will be with you readers here in mind. I can be found at @RafeSavage.

I’m jealous, Rich. Maybe one these springs, I’ll make it down there. Hope the weather is beautiful. Keep safe!

“Right now, I’ve got Jhonny Peralta in the seven hole,” JL

Sounds like Jim. Probably set in stone, but that’s OK.

Wait, now. Who is #6?

More than likely Dirks. Or, dare I say, Boesch?

For what it is worth:
Dirks careers splits by batting position: 2nd-814OPS, 6th-868OPS, 7th-580OPS, 8th-875OPS, 9th-843OPS

My guess : Avila. Dirks 8th

Regarding Crosby, Jason Beck wrote on 1-23-13: “Crosby is a starter as long as the Tigers need rotation depth.” So stretching Crosby out is the obvious result. The ultimate decision will involve whether he or Below should move to the pen, either situationally or in long relief.

These kinds of evaluations and decisions need to be made in the Varsity camp, as indicated earlier by DOK.

We will need a more reliable long lefty reliever in that pen. I presume Downs has the advantage and that you are right about Crosby. They need someone down there that can fit right into the rotation when the need arises.


exactly, albeit he’d have to make camp and the roster

I think Crosby is being stretched out as a starter, which is smart. I would rather see him start in AAA than being a long reliever. Below/Putkonen/Below/Wilk would be better suited as relievers. With the trade of Andy Oliver, we need starters in AAA that can step up if we need starter #7

IF!? Doug and Max are oft injured!

We were lucky to get much of anything at all for Andy.

First game this Friday against the Braves, then Blue Jays on Sat. I think FSD is broadcasting it Friday or at least the first 30 minutes before the game. Should be on the radio, also. Go Tigers.

DD—-Pay attention. Robinson Cano. Not beyond our limits. Game changer. You need more than 2!!!!!

Most ridiculous line of the day: “Cano told reporters that “it’s not about the money,” Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger reports”

“I would not take (Garcia) just to sit around and pinch-hit him,” Leyland said.
Well, if they have a good ST make one of them a regular player. Castellanos can share LF and DH (I guess nobody expects VMart to play 162 games). The same for Avisail

I have been thinking the same about Cano since last year. But he is beyond the budget unless traded for one of the 20 MM players


I get the feeling, from Jim’s remarks, that Dirks, will indeed be the LFer even though he has to be watched. Being “watched” to me means get ready to watch Andy in LF. I don’t think it’s about the injury factor. Wasn’t Andy the player dubbed King Andy after his performance in winter ball? Well, he didn’t play winter ball this winter. And, now they want a RHer in LF. Boesch, probably, or Kobernus.

Forgot….BB is a lefty, isn’t he?

yes he is Kathy.
Also I know people get really mad when bunts are laid down……so i hope nobody trips about torii hunter in the 2-hole. Check this article out: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130219/SPORTS0104/302190315/1129/New-Tigers-No-2-hitter-Torii-Hunter-not-bunter

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