Peralta talks weight, declines comment on Bosch report

Jhonny Peralta opted to let last week’s statement from his attorney stand in regards to the report from earlier this month that his name was found in the records of Anthony Bosch and the Biogenesis clinic in Miami.

“I don’t have any comment for that,” Peralta said Wednesday afternoon. “I talked to my lawyer already, and I don’t have [any] comment. We can talk about this year coming up.”

Peralta’s attorney, Barry Boss, released a statement soon after the report. The statement quoted Peralta saying, “I have never used performance-enhancing drugs. Period. Anybody who says otherwise is lying.”

That was the one topic on which he declined comment. Everything else was open, including questions about his weight and his range. Peralta said he’s down to 215 pounds, compared with 227 last spring, and he could lose a few more before Opening Day.

“If I can be 210, it’s better for me,” Peralta said, “so I’m working out for that.”

The weight loss came partly at the suggestion of Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, Peralta said, and partly from himself.

“I worked [out] in the Dominican Republic,” Peralta said. “I have a strength trainer over there, and I’m working really hard this year to be how I’ve been [in the past]. I’ve lost about 20 pounds. I feel really good.”

Peralta said he also has a chef who has changed his diet. He stopped short of the cliche that he’s in the best shape of his life, but he said he’s in good enough shape that he felt a difference immediately once he started taking ground balls.

“I feel quicker,” Peralta said. “I feel lighter. Taking ground balls today in the field, I feel I’ve got a better move side to side.”

His goal is to stay at shortstop as he heads into the next phase of his career. He’ll turn 31 in May.


The Tigers need a contingency plan at short.

I should have my boss tell me the same thing about losing a few pounds, but in my line of work he likely would get sued!

Always makes me nervous when players won’t comment – I understand the lawyer thing, but in my mind if I was truly innocent I’d be saying it every chance that I got.

If the worst should happen it could mean 50 games. I’m not sure I’d like Danny Worth to be my shortstop for that long a period. I might be grossly undervaluing his “worth”. The glove is a plus, that’s for sure. So if he could hit anywhere near .250 it would be OK I guess.
Not rushing to judgement here on JP—I’m only trying to think ahead here!

I would like to see Worth getting his day at the field. His glove is the best in every position in the infield but for 2B

Worth hitting .250 is a starting shortstop. Of course, he’d probably “wear down” or something.
It appears Jhonny got the message loud and clear regarding his mobility.

worth is a career .244 hitter

Does gathering roster weights involve a trip to a carnival??? Who takes them?? Trainer, GM, or Significant Other?? We all know Peralta is durable; but if he lands on the DL this season, you will see a platoon.

If my memory does not fail me the cards back in the 70´s had the height and weight of the players , the tale of the tape.

Yeah, seems to be about how they want to spin his comments.


even at 215, would guess Peralta is carrying more weight than most starting MLB SS. according to, Hanley Ramirez is 230…Dodgers going to play him at SS this season? there comes a point when loss of agility at SS leads to position switch

Im not a worth fan, seems like another sizemore fiasco waiting to happen. I dont think hes mlb material at this point, at least not for a leading franchise.

Worth is extremely athletic and has a bat that is no worse than a .250 avg. I have confidence in him, and hope he gets the chance to prove himself at some point. I see him as a Pedroia type player that will have to fight his way to major league recognition until he is recognized. I still remember his first major league home run and what a game changer it was. He just needs reps at a major league level and I feel like he would thrive.

maybe that’s true, but until now, he’s only hit .244

Having Peralta slimmer and quicker is a plus. I also hope this bs with him blows over, as there really is no proof of anything. Let’s just worry about baseball, and not this ‘name is on a list’ stuff.

If Jhonny can put up 2011 offensive numbers, hit nearly 0.300, 21 HR and 86 RBI, talk of giving Worth a shot, platoon, etc. will be moot. Same for Avila.

The reason lawyers tell him to keep mum on the PED thing is I am sure it is an active investigation with MLB.

Big picture is can team pull a 84 Tigers and dominate the whole year…regular season and playoffs. I live in Twins territory and Gardy can get them to playoffs, but they crap the bed in the playoffs. They have won one playoff series in nine playoff appearances under Gardy. Even Bobby Cox won one World Series with Braves. Twins…..not so much. But in Minny fans care about pro sports team in this pecking order: Vikes, Wild, Twins, T-woofs.

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