Fielder helps unveil world’s largest baseball card

Prince Fielder card unveiledIf only this card came with a stick of gum.

Prince Fielder standing on cardWith Spring Training underway, the new sets of baseball cards are coming out. Topps decided to do something big to celebrate the unveiling of its Series 1 cards for 2013, so they went to Tigers slugger Prince Fielder, whose image graces the cover of the box. But unveiling the box set wouldn’t be enough, so they thought bigger.

In this case, they thought of a card nearly 90 feet tall and 60 feet wide, the largest card ever created and the equivalent of about 82,944 Topps cards. Then they thought of a ceremony to unveil it. So they came to Lakeland, where Fielder will be reporting to Tigers camp later this week, and invited about 75 kids from Lakeland City Baseball to Peterson Park on Lakeland’s south side, a few miles away from Joker Marchant Stadium.

The card pretty well engulfed center field when it was unveiled in a Tuesday morning ceremony.

“It is truly an honor and a thrill for me to be featured not only on the 2013 Topps Series 1 box, but also on the largest baseball card the world has ever seen,” Fielder said in a press release. “Baseball is back.”


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