Verlander decides against World Baseball Classic

Justin Verlander wanted to get in a couple of throwing sessions before deciding whether to take part in the World Baseball Classic. After getting an idea how his arm feels last week, he has decided not to take part.

“I don’t want to have to feel rushed to catch up to where I need to be,” Verlander said.

Verlander threw a couple bullpen sessions before leaving for Pebble Beach last week. He called Team USA manager Joe Torre after that and said he didn’t feel like he could get ready in time.

Verlander said last month that he was undecided about taking part. Games begin in early March, but rosters have to be set by February 20.

“I knew it was going to be a long shot the whole time,” Verlander said, “but I wanted to give it a shot.”

Coincidentally, Team USA added Nationals starter Gio Gonzalez on Saturday. They still have a roster spot open for another pitcher, so they could have added Verlander and Gonzalez both.



Glad to hear that. We don’t need to donate 40% of our rotation to the WBC.

Jim Leyland on concern about having a rookie closer: “Am I concerned about it? Yes. Am I excited about it? Probably more so.”
Jim’s thoughts mirror mine.

Great pitcher who could even be greater. Needs to know when you can or shouldn’t throw 4 seam fastballs in an 0-2 count. Sandoval’s dinger on that very kind of pitch in the very 1st inning set the tone for the whole series IMO. The rest of the Giants knew that Verlander, thus the Tigers, were vulnerable. Sure it didn’t help getting shut out the next 2 games, but Verlander’s loss was the turning point.

Panda’s Giants teamates say a fastball down the middle is the way to get him out.

I’d be saying the same thing if I was his teammate!

Good for Verlander!!

In 2009,Sandoval was second among NL hitters and not by accident.
It was a good pitch but a good hitter can hit good pitches

This link is worth looking at for sure. Sandoval was locked in. It’s a genuine case of tipping your cap.

Probably a good idea as far as this season goes. Especially since the Tigers were playing into October. Best that he stays on his normal spring regimen.

All good stuff. I am glad our superstar pitcher is not in the WBC. Let’s just learn from our mistakes in the 2012 WS from pitching to hitting. We should have a better team this year! Rich, when are you going to Florida? I am jealous. I see it is in the 80’s.

That’s next week, Dave. I’ll get in one workout and then the games begin. I was considering tweeting some pictures from there but nobody would see ’em since I have few followers.

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