Dombrowski notes: Rondon, Verlander, World Baseball Classic, roster, right-handed hitters

Dave Dombrowski was settling into his office at Joker Marchant Stadium on Sunday morning and taking text messages from his family asking what the weather is like in Lakeland. It was headed towards 80 degrees on a sunny day when he answered.

His temperature on his team was pretty similar. Asked what he wants to see out of the Tigers this spring, he said his main concern is health.

“If we stay healthy, I’ll take our chances,” he said.

He said that fully knowing the questions they have to answer this spring. Big picture, however, he likes where they’re at, barring any significant losses. He was in a good enough mood that he had a lengthy conversation with reporters who were waiting around for someone to talk to on a morning when there were very few players around.

He is not writing Bruce Rondon in pen as the Opening Day closer just yet, but in noting him as the leading candidate, he expressed confidence that Rondon can answer the questions he needs to take on this spring.

Some of them, like how Rondon will handle the pressure of a big-league save, will be tough to answer. How he’ll handle big league hitters will take some tweaking to set up, and Dombrowski left open the possibility that Rondon could pitch early in some games this spring to make sure he faces hitters from teams’ Major League starting lineups.

In terms of his stuff and his makeup, Dombrowski feels confident. He would’ve been in the big leagues last September, Dombrowski said, except they didn’t feel they needed a one-inning reliever at the time. That, obviously, was before Jose Valverde completely fell apart, though Valverde struggled down the stretch.

“Is there some risk? Sure, there’s always some risk,” Dombrowski said. “But when people say, ‘Aw, they’re crazy. They don’t know,’ it’s like, how many times have you seen him pitch? What do you know about him yourselves? Where do you get this information, other than tradition? But tradition would have led you to say the same things about all those other guys. But I understand it, because it really comes down to: Anytime you’re not established, question marks surround you. …

“Pick an established closer — a decent closer, not a top-of-the-line guy. Don’t you have some question marks about that guy coming into the season? I know I do, unless you have a dominant type of guy, and they’re hard to find. … Again, we’re not anointing him, but I think he’ll be fine.”

One reason Dombrowski cited, beyond the 102 mph fastball, is that he has other pitches he can use effectively. Another reason is his behavior from the minor leagues.

“I do know that we know his personality enough, even from the minor leagues, when he blew a save, he’d come back the next day and he was fine,” Dombrowski said. “We know that he likes the ball in the ninth inning, he’s not afraid to pitch inside — I mean, a lot of those things that are important. Now, is it different at the big leagues? Sure, it’s always different, but that’s the best you can do in developing games to try to replicate those situations in the minors. That’s what development is about. Again, you never know until a guy does it.”

Other notes from Dombrowski’s conversation:

  • No answer yet on whether Justin Verlander will pitch for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. Dombrowski downplayed concern about it to an extent, noting that pitch counts and workloads are so managed that it wouldn’t be much different than what he would be doing in his second or third start of the spring in a Tigers uniform. “With the limitations that they have, I’m not worried about him getting overworked,” Dombrowski said. “It would be very similar to what he would be doing at the same time here.”
  • When talking about the need for a right-handed hitter off the bench that can play the outfield, especially if Brennan Boesch makes the club, Dombrowski mentioned Danny Worth and Jeff Kobernus. “Jim [Leyland] usually will want a guy that’s a right-handed hitter like that,” Dombrowski said. “And who knows, the guy might not be in camp, but you have guys. Worth has played some outfield. Kobernus can play some outfield. Those are a couple guys that would be candidates to do that.” Worth has a game of experience in left field from Triple-A Toledo last year. Kobernus has none, but the Tigers took him in the Rule 5 Draft with the idea of outfield capability.
  • Dirks “is on the club,” as Dombrowski put it. In other words, if Boesch makes it, it won’t be at Dirks’ expense.
  • Add Dirks with other guys with spots on the team, and you’re talking about two open spots with a handful of candidates. “It’s really a situation where you have two other guys,” Dombrowski said, “so how do you mix and match them? You would think that Boesch, Berry, Worth, Kobernus, and I’m sure I’m missing somebody, but those are guys that would be candidates.”
  • Dombrowski reiterated that he does not envision Boesch being optioned to the minors unless there’s an unanticipated situation that requires a short-term move. “I don’t think there would be anything to gain by us sending him to Triple-A,” Dombrowski said. “He’s had enough time.”
  • Look for baserunning consultant Jeff Cox to spend about two or three weeks at camp working with Austin Jackson, Andy Dirks and others, mainly on basestealing. He’ll then make periodic visits during the season with the big club. He will not visit the minor-league teams.


Verlander 2 games /11 innings prior experience
Zumaya. 0, nils, nada of previous experience

he’s not afraid to pitch inside …just ask Will Rhymes

If Dombrowski, Avila, et al think Rondon is worth the shot, then it’s all right with me.
Perhaps I should know this, but does Alex Avila speak Spanish?

If he hasn’t played a lick of MLB LF – then I don’t want Kobernus or Worth in my LF. I don’t care what handed he bats – Jim don’t let the tail wag the dog on this one.

Left field has been an albatross for far too long. The hint of Andy not making this team is ridiculous. For crissakes–he hit wll over .300.
And to hear DD say he’ll take his chances if we stay healthy is downright politspeak.
He should be ashamed of himself to lay that tripe on the fans. Every GM could say that. We won’t stay healthy. There will be injuries and some of them might be very troubling. The really good teams can compensate for ANY injury. At least to a degree where it is not debilitating. I think Dombrowski is a very good GM but I don’t like this double talk, feel good, politically correct stuff. In many ways he is the opposite of JL.

couldn’t agree more on all points

I’m not expecting Kobernus to break camp with the big club this spring.

what about breaking camp without Berry or Kobernus? I bet with break with 1 of them.
And I’d prefer Jeff Cox to be with the team throughout the season – periodic visits aren’t gunna cut it with this squad.

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It is not only about base-stealing. At least once Jackson was out at third with a grounder to SS.

Harken back to last spring training and Dave D. was singing the praises of his veteran 5 mil player Brandon Inge who was trying out at second base. This year our high dollar guy without a starting job is one Brennan Boesch (2+mil). DD is all in with this player as he was given close to 2,000 ABs in four seasons plus one month in the minors. Then he received over 1400 ABs in three FULL major league seasons minus six weeks due to injury and one two or three week benching at the end of last season. Another fact about the situation is BB spent those four plus seasons in the minors and never once played left field. He has been groomed to be our RF. Now we have Torii Hunter plugged in as our RF on the old depth chart. Curious situation for our Brennan Boesch. Is he a better all round player than Andy Dirks?? No he isn’t. He probably needs 5 homers 15 rbis and a .350 average this spring training to win the job. He is well below average as a defender in LF.

They supposedly shopped him. Nobody wanted a LH DY with less talent

Kobernus is listed at 6’2″ and 210 lbs. That’s one whopper of a second sacker. Here are some fast facts on him. Some good some bad. He has four years in the Nats minor league system and he finished one of them???? He could be injury prone. He has to make our team as a super utility player. Other than four games at SS he has only played 2B in the pros. His college play included some games at 3B and LF. Can he find four positions he can play for us?? He has hit a solid .280 the last three minor league seasons and has advanced to AA. Speed to burn. Tremendous base stealer. His one full season trumps Danny Worth’s one full minor league season. Definitely a mixed bag. He gets one month and the clock will soon be ticking. Last year we made the Perry-Balester deal with the Nats?? If Jeff K. looks like a keeper on St. Pat’s Day could we trade a savvy vet like Ramon for him??
How about Quintin Berry?? What do the Nats need, Rich??

Boesch is one of those guys that draws strong reactions from fans. I like the guy. I don’t think he had his head on straight last year. I think he reacted poorly to coaching. I believe the guy has a whack of potential. Even defensively. He can run, he will dive for a ball, he is aggressive on the base paths. I have said this before, I think the guy could adjust to play 1st base. Not here, obviously.
He is unlikely to beat Dirks out of a job but if he does, then Tiger fans will have something to be happy about with him.

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