Tigers, Scherzer agree on one-year contract

They came closer than ever to a hearing, but the Tigers have avoided arbitration for another year. They reached a one-year agreement with Max Scherzer on Monday to do so, just as arbitration hearings were beginning in Arizona.

The two sides agreed on a contract that will pay Scherzer $6,725,000, according to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. That’s the midway point between the Tigers’ submission of a $6.05 million salary and Scherzer’s submission of $7.4 million. No initial word on why the two sides agreed to the midpoint now.


Well that’s good, but ONE year? Must be an option?
Interesting, many folks here worry about Max’s arm (delivery). This deal may suggest management is thinkin’ the same.

Max has one more season (2014) of club option contracts, then he’s a free agent. since he’s accrued enough service time, he’s eligible to have an arbitrator decide his contract if the team lowballs him. back in the pre-Flood days, players got their options picked up indefinitely and could either accept the team’s final contract offer or sit out the season.

Glad to see Max onboard without the residual from potential contentious hearings.

2010 was Scherzer career year not 2012

yes, it is odd that it took them this long to settle at the midpoint. you would think that offer has been on the table for quite awhile. we may never know the rest of the story.

Maybe it was just Boras, doing his thing.

leaches suck blood – it’s their job!

Aw come on, you know you love him.

moving on from that, let me give you a few stats about baserunning in 2012:
a) we were 13th in the AL with 59 steals total
b) besides QB(21) and AJ(12) the numbers are nearly laughable:
OI 7, BB 6, MC 4, Alex A 2, DK 2, peralta/fielder/dirks/santiago/raburn all had 1 and the rest was zero.
c) so the question is: How many stolen bases SHOULD JL be getting out of guys like Dirks, Omar, Santiago, Kelly? Instead of 11 what about 40? Gosh I hope we see a different approach to running the basepaths this year….

That won’t change with Jim.

a man can hope and dream, can’t he?

A lot of good quotes from Dombrowski today, speaking to the DSBA.

Fans all over Sanchez because of Scherzer. But the problem is Fielder´s contract not Sanchez´.

Since the start of last season, we have added four players (Berry, Infante, Hunter and Kobernus) from other organizations that have base stealing ability. Jackson and Dirks are both capable of stealing over 15 bags if they play 140 games. The key will be whether the bench has one , two, or zero base stealers. Will our new instructor turn Jackson into the thirty steals guy we thought we were getting in the trade?? Will we have guys working on their running game in spring training??

Hitting in front of Cabrera in the 3-hole last year, Jackson stole 12 bases in 21 attempts. I don’t look for anything near 30. Hunter stole 9 in 10 attempts. And Jim Leyland is still the manager, and he’s made his thoughts perfectly clear. We can discuss if we should run more, but that’s all it will be, discussion.

I fully agree with Leyland about that. You dont take away the bat from Miguel. Even with Fielder there. And specially with LHP since he is easily dominated by them.
The bottom of the lineup? that would be different but Infante is the only one that can steal a base of the 6-9 hitters

Dombrowski on who will fill the LF role: “Andy Dirks is the leading candidate…Boesch has to win the job.”
Boesch is very good at winning jobs in spring training, so I hope that isn’t the intent of the statement.

if boesch “won” the job wouldn’t dirks beat out berry thus berry would be the odd man out?

“He’s taken a big stride forward,” Dombrowski said. “He does a lot of things well and, per se, nothing great. He’s not a big power hitter. He’s not real fast. He’s not a Gold Glove guy. But he does them all very solidly.” about Dirks.
Link in the right side of the page, below later on Tigers.com

Dirks is a gamer! A real dirt bag – does all the little things right. Keeps his head in the game!

Braun and PEDs, again.

geesh guy doesn’t learn well does he?

No comment. We don’t know all the facts yet.

fair enough – THIS TIME he might not have used – but i contend he used previously and got away with it because of a technicality

He claims he hired Bosch as a consultant

Well, you know Braun’s results of the test were positive. That hasn’t changed. It was the collection protocol that made it overturned.

Cesar Carrillo .Lakeland -Erie in the list too. Braun´s roommate

My son is a gym rat and is well-aware of people taking PEDs. He’s been asked if he wanted a “shot.” “No” was his reply. His only supplier is GSN and I’m pretty sure what he takes(powder) is legal.

sorry, make that GNC, whose stores can be found in almost every mall.

anyone have a MLB gameday audio account? I do and I was thinking about listening to a game from the 2012 season today. Anyone care to join – you can choose the game.

i like it when the Lakeland load up day comes. It really is just around the corner.

If he used PED’s in 2012, he should ask for his money back.

I was thinking the same

more or less – his poor performance in 2012 and relatively great performance in 2011 suggests the offseason before the 2011 season would have been we he was roidin’ out.

Sporting bodies worldwide aren’t seriously trying to address the issue. It took an Oz Gov’t Crime Commission to investigate the illegal drug distribution by organised crime to unearth the pervasive use of PED’s across the country’s professional sports.

“Peralta does not appear to be directly tied to PEDs in the records, as was also the case with Montero.”


I don’t think that Peralta’s name is directly connected to anything, except Bosch. Why to little information to be accusing him of anything related to PED’s. Really, the same with Braun. I hope an investigation can find the truth, so they can either be punished or their names cleared.

What’s to say? If JP is involved, hopefully there will be no other Tigers found under the “influence” of south Florida.

I bet Bud Selig wished he had retired.

Braun? I will say I hope there is no connection of significance with Jhonny P.
Braun though was a cheater. It was proven and he refused to take the high road but wormed his way through the muck by technicality. To me, that made it even worse.
It sickens me to see that he got away with it.

Who knows where this is gonna go. I just hope we end up with improved play (range) at short. If JP provides it or someone else. Many people talk about Porcello being the only one who needs a tight infield. Well Fister has a ratio of over 1.0. Sanchez is darn near at 1.0 and Verlander needs a solid infield to keep his pitch count down.

Braun tested positive and was saved by a technicality.He gets a free pass from fans and the press while other that never tested positive are viciously attacked .
He deserves to be suspended but he wont. Even if his link is proven he still did not tested positive again so there would be no basis for suspension ( so runs the argument already out there to protect the fake MVP)

No Jhonny!

damn johnny – what logical reason could you be linked to a steroid dealer for? At least Bruan had a clever explanation. Now that’s, what- 5 ACES clients linked to bosh? Now that whopping .478 SLG in 2011 smells dirty to me.

namely: Jhonny Peralta, Nelson Cruz, Gio Gonzalez, Jesus Montero, and Melky Cabrera

Why do we always seem so shocked when reports like this come out. It would be a tremendous temptation for someone coming from a home with dirt floors to make it into the minors, let alone the majors. It would be a tremendous temptation for someone making big money who is expected to produce. That doesn’t make it right, but I am certainly not shocked. How many hundreds of tests did Lance Armstrong pass. Of course, he was bribing the dope officials, maybe that’s why. They can test them millions of times, but someone out there is always ahead of the game and trying for an edge. And, they always lie, until they can’t lie anymore. Sick of the whole darn thing. Can’t wait for the season to start!

Nothing shocking about it. I’d be doing the stuff myself if I could get my hands on it. Who doesn’t want an anti-aging potion that actually works?

Yea, if it doesn’t have awful side effects, Please, sign me up for a prescription.

Does seem like a shame to use it on young athletes. HGH turns fat to muscle, which can eliminate pre-diabetic syndrome, improves mental outlook, etc. Sounds good, doesn’t it, Kathy? As I recall without looking it up, it’s used for thyroid conditions among other things.

I have read where sometimes it is administered to children, maybe because of a thyroid condition where a child just doesn’t grow. I’ve heard rumors that some have had their children injected to increase their height.

True. i know a couple of university professor that did it to their children in the late 60´s. That is why HGH is a prescription drug
Old but:

That’s a good article. One part of the negative fallout from drug abuse is that people are no longer able to get treatment they could legitimately use.
And…….if they’d had HGH when I was a kid, I would have had a totally different life.

Hernandez 7 yr 175M contract: Does that mean JV gets a 7yr contract somewhere between 182-200M? I think JV has established himself as “a bit better” than FH (after the 2009 season he got a 78M contract and then JV followed suit and got a 80M contract). For example FH was 4th in Cy Young voting this year…

He gave a home discount. He likes to play there
Career WAR: 31.5 Verlander 34.2
King Felix leaded FIP over Verlander in 2012.
Felix is younger but according to Neyer , overworked.
He deserved a better contract than verlander in 2009
I have said before 210/7. 150 for 5 years plus 10 extra for the remaining two years.

Jon Heyman ‏@JonHeymanCBS
$160M for 6 would be fair for Verlander, who’s more accomplished but older. Thinking #tigers will have to go 180/7 tho.

160/6 means 120/4. He is already signed for two years at 20 MM.

So now that Felix got $175 million, one of these three guys is set up to be the first $200 million pitcher: Verlander; Kershaw; or Price.

Rosenthal ,since Felix is already signed :$139.5 million /5

Sounds like Victor is looking good and feeling good. Best news today.

An Off-Topic thought:
I think that Trevor Cahill is gonna be a heckuva pitcher. He can strike guys out and his K/IP suffers because the dude has a 1.7 GO/FO ratio. Amazing.

“I prefer the groundball out and view it as the perfect symbol of democracy. It allows everybody a chance to get into the game, gives the crowds an opportunity to see some dazzling work in the infield, and has virtually the same effect as a strikeout. Only better. A groundball can be converted into a double play, my idea of the ultimate 2 for 1 sale. Groundouts also take less of a toll on the arm than strikeouts.” Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee from The Wrong Stuff

How about this Verlander guy?? He gets on the average one K, one GO, and one AO per inning pitched. Is that democratic?? No, it’s more about his style and having four above average pitches. He can strikeout batters with any of the four pitches and also get them to hit grounders or easy fly balls. Also, remember last year our pitchers struckout 200 more batters and walked 54 fewer batters than they had in the previous year. Management really liked that trend and we all hope it continues. Did you know they also threw slightly fewer pitches last year than in 2011?? The most obvious trend in the past ten or twelve years in MLB is the dramatic increase in strikeouts. The last two seasons our pitchers have made sure that we have gotten our fair share of these Ks.

Regarding giving hgh to kids it’s true, it was given to my nephew who at age 7 had a a malignant tumor in his brain…..it stunted his growth and was given to him because he was not going through puberty and was rather small. By the way he turned 16 this year and is still cancer free.

What score did Verlander shoot in the golf tournament? Inquiring minds want to know…

My uncle is working the Pro Am (hole #13 on sunday) => he just told him he saw Verlander “crush” a tee shot that he said was the longest at the tournament he saw.

2 under. Good for 116th

stolen bases seem to be a real concern, I wonder how many of the Tigers teams that made it to the series were base stealing teams? in say the last years.

Most of us have seen four Tiger teams make the World Series. Of these teams, only the 84 Tigers managed to steal 100 bases. Gibby had 29, Tram 19 and a young Howard Johnson 10. Really doubt that they were considered a good base stealing team but Sparky sure had them being aggressive!! Even Rod Allen who had a very brief stay with them was one for one. I see you Rod. Sparky had fifteen players steal at least one base for him that year.

DY didn’t even steal a base this year – our second best basestealer (AJ, who stole 12 in 2012) was caught 9 times!
not very professional. shame on you, Leyland.

I have a feeling that someone on this BLOG might have the answer to this question.
With all the Venezuelan talent on the team and on the farm, who is scouting down there?

,Carlos Guillen has a Baseball Academy and recommends prospects.
Officially:Pedro Chávez,Oscar García,( academy´s supervisor) Jesús Mendoza y Alejandro Rodríguez ( a former pitches as long as I know).

I thought you might know! Gracias.

A la orden

There are a couple of false informations in this article but you will like it . (In the political notes, the tyrannicides in DR were not CIA agents, the novel The Feast of the Goat by Vargas Llosa is a good source about it) . In Pitching man , Satchell Paige recounts how they were under death threat while playing for Trujillo´s team and were evacuated from DR

It is about Al Avila´s father:


Al Avila supervised or guided the signing of: Miguel Cabrera, Luis Castillo, Alex Gonzalez ( Miguel´s mot admired player, he signed with the Marlins to play with him), Edgar Renteria and Livan Hernandez.

Thank you, ElTigre. It is an absolutely facinating article.

Your welcome

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