Will Kenny Rogers return to camp as an instructor?

The Tigers have invited former ace Kenny Rogers to return for a second Spring Training as an instructor, but aren’t sure yet whether the schedule will allow it to happen.

You might remember that Rogers spent about a week in Lakeland last spring to work with pitchers on fielding and holding runners. It went well for both sides, and the Tigers are hoping to have him back.

“We are still working on the possibility,” Dave Dombrowski replied in an email Thursday. “It depends if it fits into his schedule. He has been invited.”

Rogers is a full-time dad and a part-time coach for his two kids back home in Texas, being around in a way he couldn’t be when he was pitching for a living. That’s one reason why he hasn’t considered trying out coaching on anything more than a cameo basis, and a reason why the schedules didn’t work out to bring him back until last spring.


Love Kenny, great pitcher and fielder, his skills are needed to help our pitchers in ST!

I’ll never forget the performance he gave us in ’06. Unforgettable!

Couple of things…On Tuesday night, TSN’s SportsCentre used a mugshot of Miggy where one of Melky should have been. Also, Capps was signed to a MiLB deal by the Indians. He could have been insurance for the Tigers.

Agree about Capps. Lyon is still there

The Group W Bench. Who is gonna be there? If Dirks is the de facto LFer then Boesch needs to be on the bench, along with Pena, (hopefully) Kobernus and Danny Worth. I think Ramon’s time may be at an end. He isn’t getting youunger or faster. Danny is needed for defense. Kobernus is needed for speed and utility. I hope he earns the spot with a good spring. That would be ideal for us if he can cut the mustard.
Boesch, Berry or Kelly. Be nice to have a RHB that can provide some power on that bench. If it doesn’t happen though, we still NEED power of some sort. Boesch is the only guy can provide that. He is also young and full of potential. Berry helped for a while last year but the reality is that he is not an impact MLB player. If Kobernus makes the squad Berry will not be needed for his wheels.
Whatever happened to Gates Brown? Or for that matter, Rupert Jones?
Power on that bench helps.

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant, exceptin’ Alice and a RHB for outfield. I thought there would be an acquisition? If not, both Dirks and Boesch, when going well, can hit against lefties.
I think Santiago gets his final year in Detroit, after which the role of “Ramon Santiago” will be played by Danny Worth.
I’ll see Korbernus in ST. The club behaves as if Berry has a spot on the roster.
Even when the team is fairly well set, there’s still plenty of decisions to be made.

Santiago (IF backup, bunting specialist), Berry (OF backup, PR#1), Pena (backup catcher) and Kobernus (superultility, PR#2, LF platoon). how many of those guys make it to June 1st is the better question.
Boesch, Worth, Garcia all start in AAA and Kelly opts out.

V mart will likely have to be your 1B backup. Unless Pena can play it…

Smyly, Below both start in AAA true. JUST MY PREDICTIONS.

and i realize that that team might cut Boesch instead of sending him to AAA….heart might not be into playing in AAA (dombrowski 12/3/12)

His heart needs to be into improving himself.

and to comment on Berry’s role: Did you know he started in more games than any other bench player in 2012? Shoot he had 330 PAs (Ramon had 259, Raburn 222, Laird 191, Kelly 127, Worth 90, Garcia 51)!
He’s an above average defender, has good speed on the paths and 5 years younger than Ramon.

I nothing but respect for Kenny putting his family first in this situation. I’m sure Tigers fans would love to see him at spring training, though. As with other retired players, he might venure into coaching after his kids have grown up (like Brookens did). He’d definately spice things up in any ballpark.

I will say berry carries himself like a professional ballplayer should. Wouldnt surprise me if he ends up doing broadcast work after baseball.

We need him as pitching coach

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