January 31st, 2013

Will Kenny Rogers return to camp as an instructor?

The Tigers have invited former ace Kenny Rogers to return for a second Spring Training as an instructor, but aren’t sure yet whether the schedule will allow it to happen.

You might remember that Rogers spent about a week in Lakeland last spring to work with pitchers on fielding and holding runners. It went well for both sides, and the Tigers are hoping to have him back.

“We are still working on the possibility,” Dave Dombrowski replied in an email Thursday. “It depends if it fits into his schedule. He has been invited.”

Rogers is a full-time dad and a part-time coach for his two kids back home in Texas, being around in a way he couldn’t be when he was pitching for a living. That’s one reason why he hasn’t considered trying out coaching on anything more than a cameo basis, and a reason why the schedules didn’t work out to bring him back until last spring.