Pre-emptive Leyland contract post

Jim Leyland had a little fun as he walked by the reporters in the hallway of Fifth Third Field in Toledo on Wednesday night.

“You guys thought you got rid of me,” he said with a smile.

He didn’t have a whole lot of chance to take his shot as the Tigers were going through the playoffs and it became obvious the Tigers would extend his contract. So he got it in now.

Officially, his status wasn’t decided until the offseason began. The way Leyland sounded Wednesday, his status for 2014 will be on the same timetable. Again, he doesn’t expect it to happen until the season ends. As long as he’s going year to year with his contract, this is going to happen.


In my lifetime leyland has been the best tigers coach. 2 ws appearances in 6yrs says he can coach as long as he wants to here in my opinion.

I like Leyland. I will say I am not terribly fond of his managing most of the time. He is a good fit, however, with this club.
As to the Upton deal. It may not be over yet. I read some talk about The DBacks trying to snag Porcello for Nick Ahmed and a pitching prospect.
Ahmed is likely to be a good one but probably needs more minor league time.
Good hands, good range, excellent arm, fast, god base stealer, scouts are high on him and his character. Good size.

And I agree with your first paragraph. I was looking for the “favorite” button and forgot where I was.

As to Upton himself, We already have 2 RHB outfielders. I am really hoping that Dirks can become a better than average everyday player. Or that Brennan Boesch finally figures it out at the plate. He has scads of potential. A LHB in LF would be helpful IMO.

A LH batter in LF that can hit lefties would be ideal.

Boesch is no longer that batter. His avg remained higher but with no power

Endless speculation about Porcello. Poor guy (well, not really) gets his name tossed around almost as much as J. Upton.

24 year old Porcello for a nearly 23 year old Class A player who hit .269 with 6HR and 49RBI. Really?

I think Ahmed sounds like he would have to be packaged very attractively for a deal to come to fruition.

With the way the team is stacked up right now, I don’t see many deals between now and ST that couldn’t be made in July or next winter.

Henning appears to be pushing hard for a deal involving Ahmed………or anyone not named Jhonny.

more speculation about porcello for a package around that AA shortstop and pitching prospects.


Smyly ERA plus: 106 ERA 3.99 WHIP 1.268 Fip: 3.83
Porcello: ERA: 92 Era. 4.59 WHIP: 1.53 Fip: 3.91 26th in RS in MLB.He was lucky.Even adjusted for defense his ERA was the worst among the Tigers starters
Smyly earned the 5th spot.
A SS prospect and and pitching prospect. Done

so you would agree that the move is a step backwards in the “win in 2013” gameplan?

No, there is no place for Porcello as now and moving him help build for 2014 when Jhonny will be gone and Machado and Suarez wont be ready

I agree if you can make your future better – but I won’t agree that porcello is needed on this team. How many starts will be needed from outside the starting 5 – and who will pitch them?

Crosby,, Jake Thompson, the rule 5 draft pick, Below.
6 starters? ChiSox tried it last year. It did not work

At BYB have said the same I think, they already have an Ahmed (,two in fact) but they are not supposed to develop a good bat .

below, crosby, lobstein, thompson, paulino and whomever they give us, i guess

this just doesn’t make sense. we already have two all glove/no bat SS prospects in the mid minors AND Suarez who won the MiLB GG at SS, can hit and has wheels.

On second thoughts you are right. The DBack blog at SB nation has Ahmed as average in D:

Of course, he can play 2B
Still, I don like the idea of sending Smyly to BP or Toldeo becasue of a 4.55 ERS pitcher with no out pitch

Toledo because

And Dixon Machado is said to be better than Suarez

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When the first starter goes down, and it will probably happen before April is past, we’ll be glad to have the extra guy.
People are also assuming Smyly will be good this year. He should be, but there’s no guarantees with pitchers his age.

This is what I have been waiting for, a Leyland post. C’mon Dan, you like him but you do not like how he manages? I like him too as a friend but he is not a good manager. Shark, you said coach, not manager. I saw Sparky, captain hook. With the talent the Tigers have, anyone could be the skipper. Let’s see how he “manages” the 2013 club, right Kathy? Go Tigers, 2013!

Evan…I read Ahmed was blocked in the Arizona organization and was not slotted to even play AA next year. Boy, I hope this works out for the future and our rotation does not incur a seemingly inevitable injury or injuries.

As someone earlier noted, our rotation depth at the minor league level looks like a desert. Maybe Crosby will turn into an oasis?

If porcello leaves we must get a 5th starter/AAA ace material starter (e.g. another crosby, oliver), and we’d be nuts not to get a OFer who can platoon with Dirks (i.e. can hit RHP, like Jeff Baker). Throw in another 5th starter/AAA ace guy and you can forget about the SS prospect. We got several of those on the farm.

Porcello balls hit to the Infield:BAA:090/.090/.186 . To the OF:683/.676/1.718.
Pulled by RHB:340/.340/.866 . Middle,between :301/301/.719.Oppos:511/.500/1.053
Pulled by LHB: 375 /.375/1.000 Middle:353/.351/.890.Opp:449/.443/1.095
Babip:347/.345/.787. Worst in MLB

But this:
Ground Balls:242/.242/.500
Fly balls:250/.245/.873
Line drives:761/.761/1.843
It is not only the defense failing him

Stat Man…Good stuff. But, I still consider Porcello an “unpolished gem” as slowbyrne might say.

This time last year, management was talking about how great the starting prospects were with five or six going to be looked at in ST. We know how that played out as they fell down quicker than they could line them up.
My biggest fear with this team is how light on we are for close to ready prospects in just about every position with few trade chips other than Rick, Garcia and NC of any reasonable value.
Long relief has typically been assigned to the reliever you have least confidence in. Accordingly, starters out of sync are usually then kept in too long and the game ‘given up on’ becomes one of eating innings and saving the bullpen.
With Smyly and Rondon big unknowns in reliability together with the likely unexpected, sure would be nice to go into the season with some flexibility.

An upgrade at SS like Ryan would be good for all the staff. if they dont need to SO every batter , JV will lower his pitch counts ( MLB in two of last three years) , Scherzer could avoid seen his arm falling apart and allow Fister and Sanchez to keep the ball down

I don’t think the character of a pitcher is an easy thing to change. Most of the Tigers rotation are K guys. They are not pitch-to-contact guys like Porcello or Lowe. And that will not change in the immediate future. Ryan would be a waste with this staff and run production would suffer with him in the lineup.

Every grounder that ended in RF was more work.
Fister ratio of GB/FB changed from 2011 to 2012. Good pitchers adapt themselves to changing conditions.
Ryan is not a waste in any team . He is a GG caliber SS

Yes, Ryan is a quality MLB SS, but he is a Little League hitter.

Ryan would be a quality addition for some clubs, but not for the way the Tigers are built.

richards point here is spot on. and the reason why improving the SS pos (defensively) is a very legit point but almost mute when you run strikeout specialists out there 4 out of 5 times. with that said, strikeout style starters run up pitch counts and require a ‘pen that can eat innings. we are what we are.

There is nothing wrong with Upton;
It was about spectacle and not about effectivity.

The debate rages on. My fingers are crossed for a leaner and meaner Peralta. I do feel we can win with him but I also feel that making the left side of the infield a little less porous will be an important factor. How we achieve that remains to be seen.
Brendan Ryan would help immensely IMO, with all the pitchers, regardless of their personal K style. I would certainly trade Peralta for Ryan and Furbush!!!

Of course i said coach. He doesnt manage. Thats just a modern term for the same thing. I work for a foreman. Is that a manager? Kind of.

Jhonny has to have a good season this year to get a chance at a 3 or 4 year deal. Would love to see him play with 15 less pounds.

I just read somewhere that he’s dropped weight. About 10 pounds or so. And, good that Delmon has that weight clause in his contract. It only makes sense.

Management has stated that as of now Porcello would have the inside track to winning a battle with Smyly for the fifth spot. Why?? Well, he has averaged 30 starts for the past four seasons and won 10 or more games in each season. How many pitchers have done that in the history of baseball?? I know less than ten but not sure of the exact number. Someone here on the blog has the names of those that have done it. You have to remember Smyly did not stretch his innings out last year. I question whether he could start the season in the rotation and likewise finish it. He did some amazing things last year and as a pitching talent I believe he is next in line behind Verlander. He won two huge games for us against the Yankees. In the first game in April, he stopped our longest losing streak of the season. Of course, the second win was in the playoffs. Also, in August and September, he had two spot starts where he was able to carry us deep into the games. Not easy to do. We have four starting pitchers that have had two very long extended seasons. How will they react?? Will they all be able to give us 30 starts. The last two seasons we have had to give up young talent to get the starting pitching necessary to win these two AL Central titles. Let’s at least try to do it in house this season. Go Tigers!!!

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