Three Tigers in World Baseball Classic field

After all the speculation on how many Tigers could be headed to the World Baseball Classic, the list is down to three from the big-league roster. Anibal Sanchez and Octavio Dotel will join Miguel Cabrera on provisional rosters for this year’s event.

Sanchez joins Cabrera on Team Venezuela. Octavio Dotel is on the provisional roster for his native Dominican Republic.

Three Tigers minor leaguers are also taking part. Cale Iorg and Shawn Hill are on the roster for Team Canada, while pitcher Warwick Saupold will join former Tiger Brad Thomas on Team Australia.

That’s it. As mentioned earlier, no Tigers are on the provisional roster for Team USA, though it’s reportedly possible that Justin Verlander could take part depending on how his throwing program progresses in the coming weeks. The deadline for setting rosters is Feb. 20, which would give Verlander about eight days of workouts to see how he feels.

Cabrera has taken part in each of the previous two World Baseball Classics. Statistically, it didn’t seem to hurt his 2006 and 2009 seasons. A report from Lieder en Deportes, a Venezuelan sports publication, quoted Cabrera saying he told Venezuelan manager Luis Sojo that he would be open to playing first or third base, since Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval is also on the team.

Sanchez and Dotel would both be first-time participants. The Marlins held Sanchez out of consideration for the 2009 event after an injury-shortened 2008 season. Dotel was reportedly on the fence about the 2009 World Baseball Classic before pulling out of consideration.


Since no one else has commented on this topic, I guess I’ll go out on a limb and start first. WBC, great idea, poor timing. I’d personally love to see the USA beat everyone’s clocks, but other nations do not begin to have players that are as heavily invested in as MLB. MLB Network is pushing for Verlander to start. They also question why a Bryce Harper and Mike Trout aren’t interested. We’ll get a good look at some of the best/better players from other countries who will get tremendous exposure and I love the idea. But, if one of our Tigers gets injured, you will hear screaming until the end of time.
Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

Tigers settle with Fister 4MM/ Avila 2.95/Jackson 3.5


All signed for more money than projected

whats the logic there, then? the team being generous?

There are two answers: the DD and Ilitch never well pondered loyalty or a not that good mathematical model. I say the former

Do you feel the way DD, Mr. I, JL treat these players is an allure for other free agents (e.g. torii huter, prince fielder)?

an example from JL end: remember when Magglio had only a certain number of ABs left till his bonus kicked it…and Maggs wasn’t batting well but JL kept running him out there?

That for sure. I have never see a team that loyal to their players. The Tigers gave a throphy to Sheffield when he was already with the Mets for his HR mark . They overpay to many of them too.
I only remember Grilli and Ledezma saying something bad about the team.


Porcello too 5.1( 4.7)

Whose left? Scherzer, Boesch…..anyone else?

that’s supposed to be Who’s left.


Projected: 7.5 /2.1/.1.7

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