No Tigers on Team USA

The provisional roster for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic is out. No Tigers are on it — no Justin Verlander, no Max Scherzer, no Austin Jackson, nobody who wears the Old English D for a living.

So far, the U.S. and Canada are the only national teams to release their roster. The rest of the teams will be revealed today at 4pm ET on MLB Network. But with the key players mentioned above not taking part, it appears maybe the Tigers’ contingent in the World Baseball Classic won’t be nearly as large as expected, keeping much of the Tigers roster together throughout Spring Training.

So far, the only Tiger known to be committed to the event is Miguel Cabrera, who was among the first handful of superstar players announced as taking part. He’ll be part of Team Venezuela. Other prominent Venezuelans on Detroit’s roster are Anibal Sanchez, Omar Infante and Victor Martinez, though the Tigers confirmed last month that they would not give clearance for Martinez to take part while he works his way back from knee surgery.

Reports suggest Verlander could still join the team later if he feels good about his throwing program, but that would be a surprise. For one thing, it would mean taking away a spot from somebody who made an early commitment.


good i hope none of them play in it. i don’t want MY GUYS getting hurt.

and infante needs to stay home and practice turning double plays. his showing at 2b last year was abhorrent, at times.

I think the WBC should not be played in the spring… maybe in the fall in some warm place . Players should play for their teams and get ready for the long grind of the season.

Just dreaming……..wouldn’t it be nice if our team got to the World Series and didn’t xxxx the bed? We got embarrassed in ’06 and humiliated 6 years later.
Why were we not ready to play ball with authority both those years? And it is not simply because we wiped out the opposition in the ALCS.
If you took a national poll on boring World Series both these years would be near the top. This last year, even Giant fans down here told me they were bored with the Fall Classic.
We need to have a better team, one that wins with more consistency, and one that can win when it has to. Last year one of the biggest factors of our leaking into the Division Championship was the Chicago White Sox.
There have been improvements in the evolution of the squad already. Some of it is simply by attrition. Raburn, Young and Valverde leaving actually improves the team.
But to be truly championship calibre you have to have excellence from your shortstop, dominance from your Ace and mayhem from the middle of the lineup. I think we can reasonably expect the latter two.
Oh yeah, and Avila has to start hitting too!!!!

Rondon has replaced Coke as the Closer on the Tigers depth chart. Still no Below.

I was really hoping that this off-season Q. Berry would be sleeping in Mike Schmidt’s garage learning how to be an expert bunter. Would’ve like to see him work with Rod Carew learning how to better contact hit. For a 50/50 roster guy, everything should be looked at.

absolutely spot on comment. Q berry was a minor league journey man and now he has a 50/50 shot at making the club. He needs to improved in 3 areas: a) bunting, b) timing his routes in the OF and c) striking out less. If he does, he’ll be a valuable asset to the team. If he doesn’t he’ll be a 1 dimensional player dumped by mid season.

A shorter swing . After the HR in Cleveland? he began swinging for the fences every at bat and that was his demise.
The bad routes are a bigger problem. Sometimes his speed in not enough to save him

No matter what happens with Q, I hope he put aside some of his post-season earnings. Probably the most $$$$ he’s ever seen in his life. He almost quit baseball & returned to college. I love the guy. He reminds me of guys I knew when working for the public schools who developed smooth personalities & comic genius to survive. The guy could be a stand-up comedian or even do voice overs in movies. A multi-talented man, Mr Quintin Berry.

Well, I lied last night about not watching the special on MLB Network of the 2012 WS. My God, we looked awful. Truly boring. Actually, the show started with the .Giants during parts of the season and playoffs. The double plays turned, the defense, the use of bullpens, while we did the same ‘ol thing. Makes me grouchy. Shouldn’t have watched.

on a similar note, i relistened to the June 2nd, 2010 perfect game by Armando Galaraga last night, with a group of friends. My favorite quote: “Armando, the fans and the whole detroit organization was robbed today” or something like that….by Jim “art of pitching” Price

No consequences for Jim Joyce. That ruling should have been overturned. That was abominable!

Not that I’m sad to see Delmon Young go, but it’s a little unfair to say DY was the reason we lost the world series….in fact hewas one of the only guys who showed up in the WS. Look at the big three for a lot of the blame Fielder, Verlander and Cabrera were all aweful, they didn’t show up, Fielder throughout the entire playoffs and Verlander choked like he did in the all-star game!

silver lining: hopefully those 3 will feel they owe us and be spectacular if the situation arises again.

I sure didn’t say we lost because of Delmon. We lost because the bats went to sleep again—just like they did numerous times during the season. I did say we are a better team without Raburn, Young and Valverde though. Even replacing those guys internally with Garcia, VMart and Rondon is a significant upgrade.
In no way do I think Dombrowski is done yet. There will be further changes and they will be big.

eeehhh i’m skeptical of big moves yet. 26 days left…well see tho.

Omar Infante is playing in Venezuela for Magglio´s team as DH . He will be back in the USA for the Tigerfest

I mean before the END of Spring Training.

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