Tigers scheduled for two Sunday night games already

Remember when the Tigers were left out of the Sunday Night Baseball schedule when the first-half slate came out last year? Not surprisingly, the American League champions will get some early looks this season.

ESPN announced 10 more Sunday night broadcasts following the March 31 season opener between the Rangers and Astros, welcoming Houston to the American League. The Tigers will take part in two of those 10 — one at home against the Braves on April 28, the other on the road at Texas May 19. Both games will start around 8:05pm ET.

The April 28 game against the Braves comes in the middle of a 10-game homestand. Like most Sunday games, it was originally scheduled for a 1:05 start.

The game against the Rangers will close out a four-game series in Texas, after which the Tigers have an off-day to travel to Cleveland. The other three games in the series are also 8:05 ET starts, so it shouldn’t be a big deal for them.


TV aside, the strangest part of this year’s schedule (or any year’s schedule) comes the week of May 27-30, when the Tigers and Pirates play a 4 game series. The first two are in Detroit Monday and Tuesday and the second two are in Pittsburgh, Wednesday and Thursday. It’s like the first four games of a WS without the travel day.

Take note of the end of the season schedule. The tigers finish at the Marlins (i.e. no designated hitter) while the white sox finish at home against the royals. If the division championship comes down to the last 4 games, the tigers will be at a definite disadvantage. Isn’t interleague play wonderful!!!

That is a very good point. There is no way the schedule should be drawn up like that.

First point to make is that we want to have our division clinched before we play the Marlins in the last series of the season. That should be our mentality. This year we may consider a couple more September call ups just because of that final series. Also, we and the Marlins are the first with season closing duty. If the schedule is done fairly each year, we should not do it again for FIFTEEN years and at that time the games should be in Detroit!!! Next time we close a season on the road at a NL park will be approximately thirty years from now unless we have new teams added so scheduling goes under another major change.

Not to mention that to win the WS you need to play without DH at least 3 games.

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