Dombrowski: Tigers never made Soriano an offer

As many expected, Scott Boras got another team in on free-agent closer Rafael Soriano for a multi-year deal. As very few expected, it wasn’t the Tigers.

While Soriano’s two-year, $28 million deal with the Nationals made headlines around baseball Tuesday afternoon, the Tigers were left as observers. Whether they were ever actively involved on Soriano is now up for debate.

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski says they were not.

“We never made him an offer,” Dombrowski told in an email Tuesday. “Also, our conversations were exploratory like any other free agent player.”

All along, it was apparent that agent Scott Boras’ best chance at drawing the Tigers into the bidding was to bypass Dombrowski and engage owner Mike Ilitch, the same play he ran to get the Tigers in on Johnny Damon three years ago. Boras also went back to the playbook to try to engage the Tigers in public, strongly hinting that the Tigers shouldn’t trust their ninth-inning leads to a rookie closer.

The exchange through the media, both Boras’ address to reporters and Dombrowski’s response to reporters the next day became one of the better shows of last month’s baseball winter meetings in Nashville.

“It’s a philosophical cliff in baseball that you can bring Minor League talent to the big leagues and know what you’ve got,” Boras said at the time. “The evidence says that there are many young players in our game that are 20, 21 that can hit 30 home runs and drive in 100 runs and they’re extraordinary talents. Or win 15 games. But there’s never been closers that can come in and get 30 saves. I think you count on one hand the number of closers under the age of 23 that have ever gone to the big leagues and at a young age put together 30 saves, let alone pitch in the postseason and be effective.”

When asked about the remarks a day later, Dombrowski said, “He’s entitled to his opinion, as everybody else is, but it’s one of those things where we like our situation.”

None of that completely extinguished the speculation that the Tigers would eventually get involved. As recently as this morning, Richard Justice suggested on MLB Network that industry people expected the Tigers to eventually express interest. Maybe, maybe, they eventually would have on a short-term deal, but they weren’t going to make a multi-year offer.

Even that, however, was far from secure, because signing Soriano would’ve required the Tigers to give up their first-round pick. They’ve gone without one for the last three drafts, but with the new draft rules and salary pool implications, they didn’t want to do it now.

Soriano’s deal with Washington pretty much guarantees the Tigers will keep the pick, currently scheduled as the 21st overall selection. Though speedy outfielder Michael Bourn and right-handed starter Kyle Lohse are still free agents requiring draft compensation, the Tigers are not believed to be involved on either one. They have six starting pitchers as it is.

All offseason, Dombrowski has stuck to the same plan. Bruce Rondon and his 102 mph fastball projects as the closer of the very near future, and the Tigers weren’t going to commit long-term to a free agent that blocked his path. Between Rondon, who turned 22 years old last month, and veteran setup man Joaquin Benoit, Phil Coke and Octavio Dotel, the Tigers believe they’re covered in the ninth inning. If the bullpen struggles early, they could try to swing a deal at the deadline, much as they did with their rotation the last couple years.


Jim Johnson for Ricky P? I don’t see either team wanting to make that trade. The O’s have to be tickled pink with him and we really don’t have the infield to effectively support a ground ball closer.

I don’t see the Tigers trading Porcello straight up for a closer. I think they’d look for more, especially on the prospect side.

This is what I was hoping to hear. I really don’t like the idea of trading Porcello straight up for a closer.

Amen… Porcello seems undervalued by fans of the Tigers when possible trades are discussed.

Well relying on Rondone is scary to me…but to pay and give up what you had to to get someone like Soriono was it worth it.

@Buster_ESPN “During the winter, Tigers weren’t interested in Chris Perez; they were interested in Vinnie Pestano”

UGH – sidearm, no thanks.

@jonmorosi:”At last check, Justin Verlander was leaning toward not pitching in WBC. But no final decision yet. Stay tuned.”

Curious and confused… Coke is regularly listed as the closer on the website for the depth chart for the Tigers. Rondon is listed as part of the pen. Yet, blog dialogue speaks to Rondon as the closer.Clarification needed.

what I’d really like to hear from an experienced scout is how Rondon compares at this stage of his development with former Tiger young guns Zumaya and Matt Anderson.

Coke was the closer after Valverde´s fall.
Bruce Rondon is only projected as so by DD. He still have to earn it.
It does not answer the question but BYB says:

not sure how reliable that report is, but the author on 20-80 scale gives Rondon:
Fastball 80, Slider 45 (below avg), Change 50 (avg), Control 30, Command 20 (lowest grade).
so interpreting those numbers, he’s got one great pitch, one league avg pitch, can’t throw strikes and can’t hit his target. obviously, Dombrowski sees him differently.

Teams still looking for late-inning relievers include: #Rays, #Tigers, #BlueJays, #Mariners, #Marlins, #Mets.
Matt Capp? Brandon Lyon? is Bobby Seay available?

Below? Not in the mix or did I miss something?

Roster mix, not as a closer.

He struggled badly in AAA. No chance to make it.

duane won’t make it? damn maybe we NEED porcello more than I thought

Last year he was never considered for spot starts. And after he was send down he struggled badly. He was not called up in september. Im his fan but the Tigers dont like him.

Yeah, but Below had only 4 games in MiLB transitioning into starter status. More importantly, he appeared in 27 games with the Varsity and pitched to a 3.88 ERA, primarily as a releiver.

We will have 15 to 18 pitchers vying for seven spots in the bullpen this spring training. Let’s get everyone ready for the opener. What’s wrong with having a dual closer set up?? IMO Rondon will need a month to six weeks in Toledo. We know that the seven who go North will be broken up before the first of May anyway. Last year Marte was injured before he made it to Detroit for the opener. We will need at least 10 to 12 people to step up in bullpen roles before the season is over.

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