Porcello trade? Maybe, but not for Hardy

Tired of the Hall of Fame debate already? How about another round of Rick Porcello and Tigers shortstop rumors?

OK, maybe not.

I have no doubt the Tigers and Cubs discussed a deal for Porcello. The fit for Porcello in Chicago is too good not to — a National League team with an outstanding infield defense and a rebuilding plan looking at a pitcher with a good track record and lots more room for development at the age of 24. As Tigers-Cubs trade rumors go, and we’ve heard some shaky ones over the last couple years, this one actually made some sense, though the fit reportedly doesn’t work from the Tigers’ standpoint.

A three-team deal for J.J. Hardy, though? Not happening.

Roch Kubatko of MASN pretty well said as much when he floated the rumor last week, noting the O’s would have to be overwhelmed to give up Hardy even with Manny Machado as their shortstop in waiting. Other indications suggest the same. If the idea got floated, it didn’t get far. Nor does a Porcello-Hardy swap with the O’s, either straight up or in a package, appear doable.

That leaves the Tigers in the same spot where they were three weeks ago, when Dave Dombrowski got slightly more definitive statement about their position than he had been at the winter meetings.

“Peralta is our shortstop,” Dombrowski said at the time.

That remains the stance, and the Tigers are now ready to head into the season with Peralta at short. They’ve tracked Cuban defector Aledmys Diaz in the past, and one would expect they’ll watch his workout for clubs whenever it happens, but any interest is nowhere near the level of interest they demonstrated in Yoenis Cespedes last offseason, and not near the interest other clubs (10, according to MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez) have shown in Diaz so far. They could still end up getting a shortstop in a trade package for Porcello, but probably not one who’s ready for the big leagues.

FOXSports.com’s Jon Morosi reported late last night that the Mariners and Diamondbacks have had contact with the Tigers on Porcello. Seattle is a team that could make sense. Unlike some other teams, the M’s have a middle infield prospect worth watching in former first-round pick Nick Franklin, a switch-hitter who made it to Triple-A last year at age 21. Whether he’s a fit at SS (he split last season between SS and 2B) is a good question, but he’s intriguing at either spot.


It may be time to look ahead to the shortstop market for next winter. Re Peralta and taking his history into account, I look for a bounce back year in 2013. I get as frustrated as anyone else with our infield defense, but having Jhonny back is not the worst thing that can happen. I place more importance on keeping Porcello unless some amazing deal comes along.
In general, I think the next move is to sign a short term closer.

I don’t think it’ll happen, but just for fun:
Trade Boesch to Seattle, they give someone equal to Arizona. We give Arizona Porcello and a draft pick, and they give us J.Upton.
In fact I believe you should keep Porcello and Boesch. Maybe FA sign a high-upside backend bullpen guy (cough cough WILSON cough cough).

or maybe you give Peralta, Porcello and a lowdraft pick to arizona, and boesch to the Mariners; Arizona gives us Upton and a high draft pick to the Mariners; and the Mariners give us Nick Franklin.
If franklin didn’t pan out – we’d be kinda fuxt but whatever….maybe santiago and worth can hold the fort down until the trade deadline. Sure would have a OF with jackson, hunter, upton, dirks, berry, garcia

Okay homey, I’ll play along. If there’s any one clubhouse that could help Upton thrive and mature, it would be Detroit’s. And for trading partners, we do tend to look to Arizona, Seattle, and Miami.
But he ain’t comin’ here.

Morosi: The Tigers likely would ask for a shortstop, late-inning reliever or right-handed-hitting outfielder in return.

yea i know. i was just bored this morning.

The fact they are still talking about shortstops is encouraging. I think you are right on about Porcello benefiting from that infield.
Mariners would be very reluctant to break up their infield tandem of Ryan/Ackley. Ditto the Cubs with Castro/Barney. The Mariners might have a guy that could work for us: Carlos Triunfel-but he is probably not ready for prime time. I like Ryan. And I think the guy can better than he did last year.
As to the Cubs? Well any conversation with them would have to include Javier Baez.

Sorry……. meant to say that I thought Ryan could probably HIT better than he did last year.

Thank goodness….giving up Porcello and just getting Hardy would be a horrible deal…but just about every fan knew that already.

Some folks feel we need another RHB outfielder. I actually question that as we have Jackson and Hunter playing full time and Castellanos and Garcia in the wings.
Dirks will see a lot of RHP, obviously, but he hangs in there very tough against southpaws. If he plays up to his capabilities he can be a full-time leftfielder. All you need is a role playing RHB to fill in the cracks when needed. Hairston, Ruggiano, Reed Johnson, Bourjos etc. Some of these type of guys are willing to be role players. N.B. I did not mention Jeff Baker

I agree about Dirks. The Tigers seem to have made it clear that the RH outfield acquisition won’t be very exciting.
Speaking of Boesch (we were?), if he’s still around come spring training, DON’T put him in the BP group with Cabrera and Fielder, whatever you do.

Good to see DD is not falling for any sucker deals and know he is dealing from strength whenever you have a starter. I personally would only deal Rick for a closer and two farm starters already showing considerable promise at either AAA or AA.
Good memory Rich. I remember the comments. I know we tend to be negative (realistic) but we saw Boesch’s season coming from spring training.

amen get him outta that group

I remember thinking what a stupid piece of reporting that was in ST when they went all off about who was hitting the ball farther. Knew Boesch opened Pandora’s Box then and there.
Now, Boesch has worn out his good will with a lot of fans and I would presume JL will find him a difficult entity to deal with on his active roster. In other wors, he has torched his bridges. He Goan!
We can hope that Ian Kinsler stands his ground and refuses to move to the outfield. That means Elvis or Profar present a problem for Rangers management. Is Ian the keystone for a shortstop going to Detroit?

If so I think Kinsler is the one gone. I doubt they would reward him for the tantrum

I agree with that. The Rangers will try and move Kinsler instead. It just shows you how special Cabby is … as a teammate and as a person … when he agreed to move back to 3rd last year. A true pleasure.
Commenting above on Dirks. I totally agree and suggested last off season he was ready for a more prominent role. He battles, does not throw away at bats. Sure, at times he might get over matched but you can tell he learns from it. His slide is still one of my most favourites plays of the year.
— Bob

As to Porcello—no hurry at all. Totally agree but still dialed in to MLBTR.com!

all these rumors about Porcello understandable, but the team has little starter depth at AAA to cover injuries (which are almost inevitable) in the top 5. seems prudent to make sure all are coming out of spring training healthy. doubt Porcello’s trade value is hurt by waiting, unless he’s the one that gets injured.

dirks is a helluva baseball player. rare breed. a real dirt ball.

My gosh, look at all the players who are eligible for arbitration and so far we haven’t heard a word about their contracts: Scherzer, Porcello, Coke, Fister, Avila, A-Jax, Al-Al, Boesch & Worth. Someone might have to go.

I think Andy is also in that group.

Not for Andy yet. He doesnt have 3 years of ML experience. I didnt think Al-Al or Worth were on that list yet, but I could be wrong. But the other 7 are going to all get nice pay raises.
It is worth noting that if BB had been sent back to Toledo in the 2nd half of 2010 when he was slumpng badly, he may not have been eligible for arbitration until next year. That would have made him much cheaper this year and possibly more tradeable.
— Bob

Passan wrote an article for Yahoo! Sports concerning MLB salaries. The 2013 Tigers team salary is the sixth highest at an estimated $150M, which includes arbitration projections from MLBTR. The median team salary is about $100M . The Dodgers and Yankees are in the payroll stratosphere.

According to the AP, the Arbitration Eligible List for the Tigers includes the following 7 players: Avila, Boesch, Coke, Fister, Jackson, Porcello and Scherzer.

I’ve already written about the arbitration-eligible Tigers twice this offseason. I’ll write about them again later this week when arbitration figures are exchanged.

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