Verlander to golf in Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Justin Verlander spent last offseason learning how to balance the benefits of his newfound fame with the demanding offseason regimen that helped get him that. Most of that had to do with commercial and television opportunities. He’ll close out his offseason with a whole new opportunity, hitting the links with PGA Tour greats for the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

The event takes place over the weekend of Feb. 10, just before pitchers and catchers officially report to camp for Spring Training (first workout is Feb. 12). Knowing Verlander, he’ll be well into his throwing program by then, so he’ll either have to maintaining his throwing schedule between rounds or take a break for a few days.

Verlander wasn’t listed on the event web site as of Thursday night, but Verlander was announced as a participant on the event’s twitter account. Verlander acknowledged it, saying he can’t wait.

Verlander is a notoriously competitive golfer, in more ways than one. He’s generally acknowledged as the best golfer on the team, but he also badly wants to win whenever he plays. Teammates brag every spring training whenever they have a chance to beat him, knowing it gets to him. Rick Porcello is among those to pull it off. With that in mind, don’t expect many kicks and giggles from Verlander. He’s going to try to beat some people, mainly celebrities. No word on which pro he’ll be paired with.

Other celebrities scheduled to take part include actors Josh Duhamel, Andy Garcia, Chris O’Donnell and regular participant Bill Murray. Tony Romo is a regular participant. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is also scheduled to take part.

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am hasn’t had many active players take part in recent years. Verlander is the second baseball player to commit this year, joined by San Francisco’s Matt Cain, who also took part in the 2011 Pro-Am.

Cain will make a short trip from Pebble Beach to Arizona for camp once the event is over. Verlander will fly cross-country to Florida afterwards, preferably with some hardware.


Cool for him – gives me more of an incentive to watch, I enjoy watching the non pro’s on that as it is, now I can root for him, I just hope he can contain his zest to beat others a bit, the viewers like to see the non-pros enjoy themselves out there.

Pebble Beach is Tiger´s field so another roar will be hear

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