Morris on Hall: “It’s the nature of the beast”

Got in touch with Jack Morris yesterday about the Hall of Fame results. The story went up on the site last night, but here’s a roundup of quotes, some of which made the story and some of which didn’t:

  • On initial reaction to vote: “I wasn’t shocked. I actually predicted this. It’s just the nature of the beast. … It’s just a whole bunch of guys [on the ballot].”
  • Disappointed? “I think I have a right to be disappointed. Disappointment’s fine, as long as you don’t dwell on it. … I’ve got so many people pulling for me, it’s hard to get in a whiny mode.”
  • On going into the final year of eligibility: “I have some [arguments], and if I want to expose that, I can. But my whole outlook is, it’s a tough argument for the writers.”
  • “I can argue my case to those who want to listen. I wish I could grab the ball and show the non-believers what I can do, but I can’t. That time is gone. All I can do is show gratitude [for being on the ballot].”
  • On the impact of the steroid era candidates: “It took the wind out of our sails.”
  • On the candidates coming onto the ballot next year: “I think there are Hall of Fame worthy guys, quite a few in my opinion. The question is whether they’re first-ballot guys.”
  • On the ’84 world champions being left out of the Hall: “I think it’ll be a case where they overlooked it. I know what Gibby did. I know what Tram did. I know what Lou and Larry Herndon and Darrell Evans did. …  We were a phenomenal team in an era where everybody had good teams. This wasn’t watered-down baseball. We were good.”
  • On pressure of final year: “All I can say is I have a year left, but I am very much at peace with where I stand in my mind.”


Kinsler does not want to move to OF. So a former SS could be available.

One of my favorites Tigers of 2006, Marcus Thames:

My mistake , the former SS is Young

Young is on the Phillies, slated to play 3B.

I know. I had Young in my mind when I read about Kinsler not wanting to move since Young did not like to be moved to make space for Andrus. Now, they have the same problem again with Kinsler/Profar

Has everyone voted for Miguel to be on the cover of that MLB13 game. It’s a big deal. I hope he wins.

being on the cover of things just sounds like a distraction —- and possibly a curse?

Miggy deserved it, but one of my favorite players did win: Andrew McCutchen.

Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi
Update on Victor Martinez from his agent, Jose Mijares: “He will be 100% for spring training. That is really good news.” @MLBONFOX

Bless You Boys columnist Bill Parker figures JJ Hardy is enough to trade for. I disagree. I do agree he will provide more comprehensive defense than Peralta but the club needs more from their shortstop. They need a guy to leadoof, they need a guy to steal, they need a guy to terrorize the base paths. If we had a guy like that it would translate to at least 7 or 8 additional wins this year.
BTW, Hardy hit into at least as many DPs as Peralta did this year.

For Hardy to end up last season with a lower OPS than Peralta despite 22 home runs is astounding, and slightly scary. He also hit into one more DP (21, Peralta had 20). Also, Hardy is just three months younger than Peralta, so it’s not like a long-term answer.

All we need is 4 more wins. Not 8 not 10 just 4. We went all the way to the ws with the team we have. Won the pennant and ended up just 4 wins shy of being the world champs. Thats it just 4 wins more when they really count.

Yes, but when you get there you have to have some juice to take it all the way.
Another topic—LF…………… and again I feel our need is primarily and most importantly at shortstop, what is wrong with Alfonso Soriano sharing that job with Dirks? Especially with the Cubs willing to absorb most of his salary?

platoon soriano? sounds like clubhouse cancer.


“#Mariners and #DBacks have had talks with the #Tigers about acquiring Rick Porcello, sources say.”
Ryan? Furbush?

upton. straight up.

ok so you throw Garcia in there too

Trade Porcello given the inevitability of rotation injuries and the lack of organizational pitching depth?

Upton? He has had 2 years out of the last 3 like DY had in 2012. Plus, Upton has issues of some type as indicated by his failed relationship with Arizona. No thanks.

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