Morris, Trammell left out of Hall again

The last time the BBWAA didn’t vote anyone into the Hall of Fame, the ballot included a half-dozen eventual inductees. We’ll see if that’s much consolation for Jack Morris, who is once again left on the outside looking in, this time in his next-to-last year on the ballot.

Morris fell 42 votes shy of the 427 needed for induction this year, garnering 67.7 percent. His 385 votes represented a bump of just three votes from last year. He was one of five players to be named on half the ballots submitted, joining Craig Biggio (68.2%), Jeff Bagwell (59.6%), Mike Piazza (57.8%) and Tim Raines (52.2%). Biggio and Piazza were on the ballot for the first time, Bagwell the third, Raines the sixth.

Morris, by contrast, has only one more chance to get to the magic number of 75 percent. He’s going to need a major jump to do it, like the one he got from 2011 to 2012. The last chance on the ballot would normally be a factor, but next year’s crowded ballot might counteract that. Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas and Mike Mussina all join the ballot, and voters have a limit of 10 players they can select on their ballot.

The hope for Alan Trammell, meanwhile, seems all but extinguished. After a 50 percent jump in votes last year, he was in position where another big jump would put him in the conversation. Instead, his vote percentage dropped, from 36.8 to 33.6. That’s 20 fewer votes. Four fewer total ballots were turned in this year than last.


Sigh, the Trammell news has me mad and sad – he deserves better

Very discouraging.

It would appear that the HOF voting has become as ridiculous as ASG voting. Sounds to me like they need a new selection system as it seems to fall to the veterans committee to clean it up and do the right thing.
There are several Hall-worthy candidates on the list.
It is nice to see that a rich brewery owning “colonel” is being inducted in July, while the guys who actually sweated it out on the field are left in the lurch.

Doing some quick calculations, some 569 writers made 3756 total votes averaging 5.5 votes, well under the limit of 10 votes per writer allowed.
37 on the list with 24 for the first time. 11 received no votes with a total of 16 getting less than 10 votes.
I hope the writers got some good statistical comparison data as it seems most didn’t bother casting anywhere near their full allocation of votes allowed.

Blame it on my holiday calculator with the average vote number being 6.6, not 5.5.

There were two blank ballots.

Trammell deserves to be in
The case for Morris is weak.
It is unfair to deny the honor based on suspicions when proved cheaters and low moral players are in

That’s interesting about the vote stats, Dave. It would also appear now that some of these guys need to have their voting privileges revoked. I wonder what percent of the voters even saw Trammell play?
I pretty much agree with you, El Tigre. Morris is borderline, but Trammell should have been a shoo-in based on longevity, performance, and personal integrity.
I have a poster from the mid-90s that groups Tram, Barry Sanders, Joe Dumars, and Steve Yzerman.

what a terrific group of stand out guys!

Trammel was a Hall-of Fame shortstop. No doubt about that.
Speaking of shortstops, DD needs to investigate the qualities of Aledmas Diaz.

Tigers have been scouting Diaz and Dariel Alvarez, the other Cuban defector. But from what I’ve been told, they’re not deeply involved, and it’s not nearly the interest they had for Cespedes last offseason.

Morris deserves the HOF. He was a 5-time AS as well as a 7-time CYA and 5-time MVP candidate. Those accomplishments speak to his dominance for over a decade in MLB. Besides Morris’s accumulation of 254 career wins, he was a fantastic big game performer.

When I say dominance, I refer to the type of information provided in Bloom’s recent article about Morris. He noted therein that Morris was far and away the winningest pitcher in the AL in the 1980s. Morris won 162 games from 1980-1989. The runner-up was Blue Jays ace Stieb with 140.

I always enjoyed watching Morris. If I had to choose between Morris and Verlander it would be no contest–Morris. He had a good slider, challenged hitters and a great changeup in his…hmm…not forkball…all I recall is it fooled almost everybody. He always pitched with an attitude and with intention.

hey guys!! I’ve been at a weather/climate conference in Austin Texas …. but I just heard about this news of a tigers, Os and Cubs 3way trade …. anyone else heard about this? What would we do with Peralta then?

Welcome back. Check a couple of blogs back for comments from posters on this issue.

I would have liked to see both Tram and Morris make it in, but the HOF is what it is. I really don’t see much changing soon on the elections process. As I’ve stated before, this shouldn’t stop the Tigers from honoring these guys themselves. No reason Tram and Lou shouldn’t have their number retired and a statue of them in Comerica getting ‘two for the price of one’.

Very disappointing!

Let’s watch this guy. Sounds like if he beefs up a bit we could have something:

He is from the city were my wife was born. The main sport there is soccer not baseball ( Johan Santana is from the same region, different state).
He is not playing in Venezuela but he is listed in the roster of Leones del Caracas. Last year he went to the Arizona Fall League.
He is said to be better than Eugenio Suarez, the Golden Glove winner in 2012 ,in the minors.

Morris should be in, without question. I am convinced it is his relationship with the writers which is the problem. MOrris won the most games of any pitcher in the 1980s, 2 WS championships and pitched a clinching 10 inning victory in the Twins World series clincher.
Trammell would be in if he won the 87 MVP. Which was a complete sham.
As for Bonds and Clemens, both should be in. I know they are/were dopers, I lived in Pgh when Bonds was there, and he personally was unlikeable. But to watch that guy play baseball, how could he not be in the HoF as a player?

Agreed. Morris should be in. He actually won 4 WS, not 2. People forget he won 2 WS with the Jays in 92 and 93. He won 21 games for the Jays in 92, but was less of a factor in 93. How many players can say they won the World Series in 3 straight seasons (91,92,93)?
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Good point, Bob. For awhile there, every WS ended with Jack Morris running out onto the field, once in his socks, as I recall.
I wonder how many of the writers that dealt with Morris back in the day are voting members?

It seems as though there were a lot of votes taken away by PED users which could have been used to elect at least two to three inductees this year. There must be some guidelines for inductees to be even nominated….PED users should not have even been on the ballot in my opinion. That or bring back Pete Rose on the ballot.

I agree about the guidelines. Either Clemens, Bonds, Rose, et al qualify or they don’t. Unfortunately, that would require Mr. Selig taking a stand. Don’t see that happening.

i think the change to using cell phones to call the bullpen is a bad one. what the heck were they thinking?

Evan – I have wondered the same about Peralta, other than they deal him away. Funny how right after the season ended it was “peralta is our short stop” but now the rumor mill has you thinking otherwise. After signing Fielder I know never to take what I hear at 100% from the organization. Of course they can’t divulge the behind closed doors discussions. Interesting talk though of that trade.

agreed agreed. I would hope they would get a couple AAA starting pitchers who can make a few big show spot starts. Because if Ricky leaves, were hurtin for spot starters.

Here you can follow Ramon Santiago. The game is in the second inning:

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