No ESPN for Tigers opener this year

Not sure if this is really news, but after back-to-back Opening Day appearances on the ESPN family of networks, it’s worth mentioning: This year’s Tigers season-opening tilt at Minnesota will not be on ESPN. The network released its Opening Day schedule of four broadcasts, as well as its Sunday night opener with the Rangers at the Astros for Houston’s American League debut.

Part of the reason the Tigers had been a national draw the past two Opening Days was their opponents. They began their 2011 campaign at Yankee Stadium, then hosted the Red Sox last year to start off. This year, the Yankees and Red Sox are facing each other in a 1pm tilt. That will be on ESPN.

The Tigers and Twins are scheduled for a 4:10pm ET start on Monday, April 1 at Target Field. ESPN has a Dodgers-Giants matchup scheduled in that slot.

With ESPN out of the picture, one would assume the primary broadcast will be on Fox Sports Detroit, with Mario Impemba and Rod Allen on the call.

The Tigers home opener is Friday, April 5, against the Yankees in an ALCS matchup. No word yet on whether that could end up being a national broadcast somewhere.


No biggy, ESPN sucks anyway. I can’t remember the last time I wasted a minute watching sports center. Rather watch FSD.

sucks yes – miss sportscenter, not happening. they just recap too much.
with that said, their baseball game broadcasts are nauseating and I nearly refuse to listen to them. Rather Jim and Dan anyhow.

Let’s hope for some warm air currents by April 1.

I have read several articles of late about the Tigers moving Porcello or Smyly and acquiring Lohse. The most recent one was by Joe White in this morning’s edition of Yardbarker. That would be a rather large salary bump for the Tigers.

“Jim Leyland told us that Andy Dirks is the every day left fielder as of now and Rick Porcello & Drew Smyly will compete for 5th starter #SXM”

good move! a ~.350OBP guy who plays the game the right way – easy decision. Speaking of The King Andy, is he playing Carribean ball again this winter?

Links posted on MLBTR on 12-30-12 essentially the same information as White. He noted the Tigers are a possibility for Lohse as they “listen on offers” for Porcello. Besides a salary bump, the Tigers would have to surrender a top draft pick. I have a problem envisioning that scenario, but DD has pulled lots of surprises in his time.

LOTS of odd information out there regarding the Tigers and Scott Boras clients this winter (Stephen Drew, Rafael Soriano come to mind). But no way the Tigers give up their top pick to add another starting pitcher.

Boesch is quite likely to go. Not sure that the Mariners would want him but a change of scenery to the West Coast would be beneficial for him anyway. There seems to be some disconnect with JL and the staff. Trade him even up for Carlos Triunfel. That kid has an arm (and hands) like you would not believe.

boesch for wells- i still want it.

I don’t see Porcello being traded at all unless it’s in some blockbuster mega-deal possibly including multiple teams. Getting late in the offseason for that unless there’s been one in the works for the past month or so. This is obviously pure speculation on my part. I think we’d do fine keeping Rick and Smyly. Those things work themselves out.
Re Dirks, even in a strict platoon he’s still the starter most days. I do expect the RH hitter acquisition,but it won’t knock your hat in the creek.
Key phrase in Leyland’s quote is “as of now.”

I read Passan’s post this morning. He seems to think a simple way of getting around the compensation pick is a sign-and-trade deal, which in a situation like Lohse’s might require multiple teams to get him to the Tigers after re-signing with the Cardinals. Alternatively, Lohse could go to a team that has already sacrificed its bonus pool-say Cleveland, LA or Atlanta, and possibly then even be traded straight up.

I guess the Tigers could trade straight up with the Cardinals as well, but I don’t recall them being seriously interested in any of our Tigers.

Olney mentioned it a couple of week ago. A team with a protected pick ( last 10 in the standing) signs the FA and then flip it to another team in exchange for something better than a second or third round pick. They need the agreement of the FA since signed FA cant be trade until june without their consent,
Cleveland first pick is protected, they lost the second round pick signing Swisher.

I don’t see Lohse being any more valuable than Ricky P.

good lord the waiting this offseason seems especially bad. Make Ricky your long man and package Duane Below, Boesch, Santiago for an OF who can hit lefties and some pitching prospects.

Heck, personally I am okay with Smyly and Porcello. I’m just passing along the scuttlebutt. This is as good as it gets during the off-season. I enjoy this banter much more than reading about Upton and JV’s New Year’ Eve activities.


I scheduled a movie to record on the DVR, and then noticed it had Verlander’s GF in it. Should I provide a review after I watch it? 🙂

Sure, if your still breathing! :}

VMart for Andrus! Peralta can DH and spell Cabby who can spell Fielder and get him off his feet. They’d want Boesch and a prospect too.
I know—it’s ridiculous.

From Bless You “Brennan Boesch was arguably the worst outfielder in the American League in 2012, yet he stands to get a $ 2 million salary in 2013. How does this work?”
Where does this statement come from? Brennan was bad but nowhere near THAT bad. Salaries make no sense to me but saying he is the worst is absurd. We had a guy far worse than that on our own roster!

yea i thought that was a ridiculous statement myself. Boesch had lots of bad times (June, Sept) – but he had good times too (July he had a .868OPS).
Brennan career platoon splits: .767 vs LHP (1026abs), .717 vs RHP (336abs)
Dirks career platoon splits: .787 vs LHP (104abs), .795 vs RHP (429abs)
So maybe we should just go with a Boesch/Dirks platoon – unless we can work out a sensible deal for a RHB. If that doesn’t work out? Garcia(ideally he starts season in AAA)/Dirks platoon by mid June. If that doesn’t work out? Trade deadline deal.

Cubs Sign Dontrelle Willis

OK Media. Enough is enough. Is it fair to (for lack of a better word) crucify a guy like Torii Hunter in this fabricated sensationalistic non-issue?

For what I have been reading lately, this could be Trammell´s year.There is a consensus about him deserving to be in the HoF. Those that have disclosed their ballot have him in

I read a post on Big League Stew by David Brown concerning A-Rod’s pending surgery and the expected power shortage for the Yanks. An interesting comment was attributed to Earl Weaver with an attached video link. I’m not sure how legit Weaver’s interview on “Manager’s Corner” was, but it was pretty raw. It certainly is not material for sensitive ears, for those of you who might be interested.

I’m going to make one comment on Torii Hunter. Over the years, Torii has been my second favorite non-Tiger big leaguer, right behind Victor Martinez. It’s almost a miracle that both of these guys have ended up on my team. Since I’ve followed Hunter’s career, I can assure everyone that this is a good man. If we all accept him as he is, you’ll find him a joy to have around.

Once the MLB Network debuted, I pretty much stopped watching ESPN for my baseball fix. They’re promising a renewed commitment under their new contract with MLB, but that remains to be seen.

Cecil Fielder and Casey Crosby for Tulowitzki (now you can move Jhonny to 3rd and Miggy improves 1B defense).
(Ok—just a little fun once in a while doesn’t hurt!)

DY has not generated a “healthy market” as of yet. According to Sherman of the Post, the Yanks have “no interest” in him despite needing a right-handed hitter with some pop. The Mariners have reportedly eyed him, but DY does not want to shop offers until he is fully recovered -or close to it- from ankle surgery.

Cannot find much on Valverde’s quest for employment. Saw earlier that he felt 2012 might be his last year in MLB.

Regarding Lohse, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Mariners and the Dodgers (again) are interested in him. No word about the Tigers. How many starters do the Dodgers need? Are they stockpiling pitchers due to injuries and/or as trade bait?

Anybody have thoughts on the Lance Berkman signing by Texas?

Expensive, but probably a necessary risk given the number of run-producing departures.

MLBTR – DY “would look good” with the Tribe per Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But probably won’t happen because of price and “character issues.”

Those last two words don’t bode well for Delmon. I have no idea what kind of person he really is, but the perception may count more when trying to get signed.

With the new system of compensation for free agents, is it now the time for the Tigers to extend contracts for MATURE players like Verlander and Miggy? Or is it wiser to hold pat for a couple of years and eventually extend a qualifying offer to receive top pick/bonus compensation if a deal cannot be finalized? Lots of money and risk are at issue.

Omar Infante is taking BP as part of his recovery process but wont play in Venezuela.
Bruce Rondon was not in the roster last week. And it seems he wont pitch more here.He was scheduled to pitch 20 innings and reached 18 in the regular round
Avisail Garcia was out of the roster last week.

Michael Morse: Only 2 errors as in outfielder over 250 games or so.
Is he a slug? I know he can be a slugger. Willing to platoon? Not a fit? my guess is no.

The Beast is one of those guys who looks like he only hits homers but actually is a very good all around hitter, sort of like Prince. I don’t see Morse platooning anywhere as the majority of his ABs and excellent numbers have come against RH pitchers. He should be expensive in a deal and rightfully so. If he’s not in Washington I’d love to see him in Detroit but that’s just not happening. Actually, I think the Nats should keep him.

The headline of the MLB TR sounds like it is in the past, saying they “discussed” it. The article says they are “discussing” it. I wonder which one it is

Porcello for Hardy doesn’t make sense, so there needs to be more. Hardy has been around for years and he’s no more valuable now than he’s ever been. This may be the multi-team deal I envisioned, however.
I’d rather keep Porcello and obtain a good field no hit shortstop, rather than trade him for Hardy who will go about .230 with 15 homers in Detroit.

Spot on Rich. Better off with a Brendan Ryan who will absolutely win games with his skills and increase confidence level of the pitching staff to throw more pitches they feel are not polished quite enough but need to use.
Not that I think DD should settle for a Brendan Ryan. We still need a leadoff and and base stealing threat.
Losing Porcello is not a great idea though his value, at this time, is more in his trade value than actual performance value.

I’d trade Porcello, Peralta and Boesch for Starlin Castro.

The more I think about it, the more I think it’s just a bad idea to trade Porcello. I don’t see them getting equal value in a deal. Improve that infield and Rick can be a guy with legitimate sink who can come in and get a doubleplay, as Leyland always talks about. Plus there’s bound to be injuries in the rotation. Things work themselves out.

Porcello is an unpolished gem—to be sure. BUT–I would make the above trade in a heartbeat.

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