Sanchez left money on table, and other tidbits

I took a break from my holiday break and made my way to Comerica Park to cover the Anibal Sanchez press conference, the story for which should be up on the site shortly. Agent Gene Mato confirmed it was down to the Tigers and Cubs with dueling offers last Thursday. In the end, Sanchez decided to remain with the Tigers.

“In the end, we were negotiating with both teams,” Mato said. “Fortunately he had a night to sleep on it and he told me he’d make a decision in the morning where he wanted to play. He didn’t want to make a decision based on money. He wanted to make a decision based on where he was going to feel comfortable.”

Here’s an interesting twist, though: When asked if Sanchez left money on the table by accepting the Tigers’ offer, Mato said he did, but not from the Cubs.

“I can say he left money on the table at the Winter Meetings,” Mato said.

That offer came before Zack Greinke signed, a move that supposedly set the market for him. It was from a team other than the Tigers and Cubs, but it was a team where Sanchez didn’t want to play.

“He wasn’t comfortable with that team,” Mato said, “and it wasn’t the Cubs.”

There have been a few major pitching moves to fill starting spots since the Winter Meetings. The Royals traded for James Shields just over a week ago. The Nationals signed Dan Haren before that. The Dodgers, of course, signed Greinke. And now the Blue Jays have traded for R.A. Dickey. The Rangers haven’t done anything on the starting front yet.

For what it’s worth, Mato said the market stayed pretty consistent on Sanchez from the start of the offseason to last week. There wasn’t a whole lot of carryover from the Greinke market.

Other tidbits …

  • Here’s how Dave Dombrowski described the decision the Tigers have to make on their starting rotation, now with six starters for five spots: “We’ll just see what happens here over the next time period. We’re not going to do anything to just do something, but if we can rectify that situation in a good fashion, then that’s something we would contemplate.”
  • Asked how many inquiries they’ve gotten on their pitchers recently, Dombrowski said: “Numerous.”
  • Sanchez’s contract is not backloaded, according to Mato.
  • Dombrowski tried to put to bed the Stephen Drew speculation now that Drew has signed with the Red Sox. Dombrowski said Drew’s name came up in conversation with his agent, Scott Boras, over other players Boras represents. “We never pursued trying to sign Stephen Drew,” Dombrowski said.
  • Dombrowski was about as definitive as he has been about their shortstop situation, interrupting the follow-up question about Peralta about midway through. “Peralta is our shortstop,” Dombrowski said. That’s a slight shift from the Winter Meetings, when Dombrowski said repeatedly, “We’re happy with Peralta.”
  • Asked what’s left to do this offseason, Dombrowski mentioned the right-handed hitting outfield bat, but downplayed anything big coming. “I don’t think we’re going to do anything of major consequence from a dollar perspective,” he said.
  • Dombrowski declined to say whether long-term contracts for Justin Verlander and/or Max Scherzer would be the next priorities to address.
  • Dombrowski said of his bullpen, “We’re content. We like our bullpen where it sits.”


glad jason’s back

Great post Jason. Could either the Royals or Red Sox offered 6yr@14 mil???

Value of dickey deal is $30M over 3 years, as @Ken_Rosenthal said. (that counts a $1M buyout on 2016 club option for $12M)
Retweeted by DKnobler
He is 38 YO

most teams have some injury issues in their starting rotation over the course of a season. wouldn’t hurt to hold Smyly as that 6th man in reserve. next in line is Wilk or Crosby which doesn’t seem like such a good option at this point in the course of their development.

i heard the tigers were taking calls on ole Drew!

Agree. Take the 2012 Tigers for an obvious example.

DD and Mr.I and the Tigers and the MLB done good. Much better than the Red Wings and the NHL.

See ya

Smyly ( Porcello 2012) Era 3.99 ( 4.55)Era plus 106 ( 92) Whip: 1.268 ( 1.531) 8.4(11.5) H/9 1.1 (0.8)HR/9 3.0(2.2) BB /9 8.5 (5.5)SO/9 2.85(2.43)SO/BB

This is my favorite: “Rays manager Joe Maddon typically employs a more caring approach to his rendezvous with umpires. After Maddon disputed a call in 2007, Barrett told him that one more word would trigger his ejection, so the skipper simply replied, “I love you.” Sticking to his guns, Barrett tossed him.”
Maddon is a piece of work.

Yes, I saw Jason’s tweets earlier and saw he got dragged away from his vacation for the presentation of our new pitcher. Wonder what will happen next?

Rondon just saved his 8 . K with a slider.. “Hit” , a line drive misfielded by Elvis Andrus, 98,99,87 ( a change up or a slider), slider, another K. Flyball to deep center. 3 outs.
Hitters were waiting the fastball, he fooled them with the slider

16 innings. He will pitch 4 more. 4-1 8 saves 7 BB 18 K WHIP:1.44 ERA:4.50. All the damage in two bad outings of 16

The first night he was hammered was that a save situation?? Has he pitched two nights in a row?? If so what happened the second night??

Yes ,it was save situation. His team entered the 9th down 12-8. They scored 8 and then he allowed 5.He pitched with 3 days of rest
The other game was also a save situation.He allowed 2 runs but only made one out.He left two on base and the next reliever ended the threat.He pitched that game two days after a save
No, he has not pitched in consecutive games.. The Tigers set a 20 innings limit for him. So , his team use him only when really needed and they must keep fresh their other closers.

Great to hear he has not pitched back to back games. What was the start date of the league in the V?? Do they finish up this month??

The season began in October 11 th. The regular season( 64 games) ends in december the 30th. 5 of the 8 teams will begin the Round Robin in January (16 games) . Two teams will play the Final . The winner will play the Caribbean Series.
The postseason schedule is yet to be published. Every year it is different. Sometimes they end to early and reach the Caribbean Series rusted or end too late and reach the host country just before the first game. So every year they try to find the formula.
After each round there is a draft to replace the players ending their contracts, released or abandoning the team( something common around Xmas)
This year most of the players of team Venezuela will be drafted to build the team for the WBC

My guess is they keep both Porcello and Peralta unless that always unexpected trade happens suddenly.

I hope your guess is right, Rich. Porcello’s upside is high; I’m not sure if he’s ever missed a scheduled start in 4 seasons; he turns 24 next week, and has 45 wins behind him. If you move him, please get maximum value in return. Sanchez’s career high is 13 wins, 48 overall. Though he has a lower ERA than Rick,it’s an all NL ERA.

Rick actually has 48 wins in four seasons. What could the next four seasons bring?? Sixty wins?? Possibly. More likely it will be in the 30 to 50 range and will depend on health.

There are 41 players in the roster

sanchez and scherzer are kinda injury prone – so it makes a ton of sense to hold onto both smyly and porcello.
with that said, this teams problems last year was not from the pitching standpoint but rather the hitting. Not hitting mediocre starting pitchers. Hopefully VM and TH, with a full season of OI will fix that.

There have been some good moves but it is very disappointing to see DD resort to Hope & Dream with JP.
This is a very critical position. This is the top area of concern to me. I figure JP will get to less balls than last year and I am also starting to worry about his arm, both in terms of strength and in getting his throws off quickly enough. I think post season is jeopardized without an upgrade at short.

LOL Dan, always something to complain about isn’t there?

It’s a legitimate concern. If we get the 2012 Peralta again, that’s a problem. This is an extremely important position, and he needs more urgency on his doubleplays.
I’ve been seeing the Bartman videos a lot, and if the Cubs SS turns the DP on the next hitter, we never even hear of a Steve Bartman.

It’s no laughing matter. This is far more of an observation than a complaint. Anyone who thinks you can win without primary infield defense is foolish. JP is not offense his range with a 100RBIs and hitting .320.
I like Peralta but the writing is on the wall. We have excellent starting pitching that can awesome given premier middle infield support.

Last year SF won it all and all five of their starters threw over 3000 pitches and at least 180 innings during the regular season. That’s a very rare feat. Only 55 pitchers managed 3000 pitches last season in MLB. Now this allowed their manager to reduce the workload on his bullpen. Mind you this bullpen was missing Brian Wilson who threw two innings all season. Bochy had only two relievers throw 1000 pitches last season and that’s almost a perfect workload for a refief pitcher. Did Romo look fresh in the World Series?? He had only thrown 800 pitches during the regular season.

The Tiger’s signing of Anibal Sanchez gives us a chance to have four starters capable of throwing 3000 pitches next season. Verlander, Scherzer, and Sanchez have done it each season for the past three years. Doug Fister did it in 2011 and Rick Porcello has been close to 2800 for the past three seasons. So we need good health and good luck!!!

Peralta 3.95 RF/Game in 2012 vs 4.40 for the league average during that time
(career 4.54 RF/Game vs 4.41 for the league average during that time)
Worth in his 2 seasons: 3.93 RF/Game vs 4.36 for the league average during that time
Santiago in his 11 seasons: 3.82 RF/Game vs 4.41 for the league average during that time
And of course Peralta has above average Fielding % for a SS whereas Santiago does not – at least at SS in 2012.

I think we all would love to see some magic D from the infield when it has been in such short supply for so many years. Trouble is the infield market and SS particularly is less than ML average if that makes any sense.
Sure would be nice to keep Rick given few available options on the farm.
Not sure which LA team will win the 2013 Marlin’s award in honor of the 2012 payroll bust.
Hope that doesn’t come back and bite me as the pressure on the Tigs has somehow been ratcheted even tighter for the coming season.

Jhonny Peralta is a quality two way player. He generally gives us a competitive edge at the critical defensive position-shortstop. Defensively, the last two seasons he made a total of 14 errors. Great hands. Accurate arm. And very durable, too. He has played over 140 games in each of the past eight seasons. He has four seasons with over 20 homers and a career total of 145 dingers. So where does he rank among shortstops with that total?? Well, since 1900 close to 1100 shortstops have played enough in MLB to get on the All-Time totals list and NINETEEN of them have hit more than Jhonny Peralta. Was there a bigger homer last year than Jhonny’s walkoff against the White Sox in May?? In 2013, Jhonny is at the crossroads of his career. He is playing for a new contract. Let’s see how he does.

I feel like i remember people pining for JPeralta to hit behind prince about half of the way through the season

So last season’s problem of not hitting on the road – we fixed that, this offseason, right? Because if we’re in the business of correcting issues in the offseason…..

Torii, V-Mart, Omar.

MLBTRADERUMORS: released left-hander Adam Wilk, Matt Hoffman has been outrighted to AAA

something smells weird with this move by the tigers.

New player on the horizon???

Anibel Shanchez is the “new” player, we are back to 40 man roster

No.5 on the Tig prospects list hasn’t had a good run with Oliver and now Wilk gone the past month.

“The Tigers on Wednesday announced they have sold the contract of left-hander Adam Wilk to a team in the Korean Baseball League,..”

“The #Dbacks coaching staff have appeared in 20 All-Star games in their careers, with 12 Silver Sluggers, 8 Gold Gloves and two MVP winners”

I just got done listening to audio of the 4 game homestand that was the last homestand of the year (sept. 24, 25, 26, 27). Obviously Fister just tied the AL record (1 shy of Seaver who had 10 in a row 42yrs ago) in consecutive strikeouts (by striking out Billy Butler), Don Kelly came home on a fielder’s choice to end the game, etc. Awww man what a great series that was – JV started it out with like 9 innings and annibal had that amazing complete game.
What an amazing season that just was – we’re spoiled!

Rumors were Pirates being interested in Porcello for Hanrahan. Tigers said not enough.
Well, how about Porcello and Berry or Boesch for Hanrahan and Starling Marte?
Could be Marte is too highly regarded though. Certainly would cause problems with the grooming of NC and AG as he would not be a 1 year platoon player. Jose Tabata might be that though.

Speaking of Avisail, he is not doing a whole lot in Venezuela this winter so far. I have always been a big fan of his but am starting to wonder.

I’m sure Sanchez wasn’t concerned with money at all…ok… I agree about Peralta, it’s hard not to like the guy, but with Miggy at third (who’s didn’t play bad), you still need that solid SS to stabablize the infield.

HoF, who deserve to be inducted:
Bonds. I always thought what Henning does , he was in the HoF by the time he allegedly began using PED.He is the best player I have ever watching play.( Parker could have been better but wasted his talent).
Clemens. HGH is not a PED. Only effect on an adult body; it cuts fat and makes skin look healthier
Trammell.He has better D than Larkin and same offensive numbers
McGwire ( PED were not illegal then).
Biggio.3000 hit , you are in
Piazza. Never tested positive
Morris? Vida Blue and Lolich were better than him. None is in.

i heave ever watched playing. He was here in 1986

HGH not a PED? I’d personally love to have some of it. No more aches and pains, look and feel lots younger, everything heals faster and it’s called the “fountain of youth.”

The IOC punish the use as moral doping. They know it is not a PED.
The only benefit according to a 1993 study , never replicated, is a reduction in the time of healing of injuries. As Passan said, that would justify adding it to the substances used for player´s treatment.It would be safer than cortisone , legally used today.
In an adult the only benefit are those, cut fat and refresh skin.
Among the supposed user was Clemens ´ wife. She allegedly used it before the photo session for the swimsuit SI edition
HGH is sold under prescription, to prevent parents from giving it to their offspring to create giants, while steroids are a controlled substance

I have heard Latin American journalist saying that the non guilty verdict for Clemens open the doors for for him.
Of course, nobody remember that the Black Sox were cleared by a judge but Landis kept them out. And Shoeless Jackson performance during the WS has been shown as over his career number and he is still out.
There is a high chance of Clemens in and Bond out.It would show bias . The press loved the former and hated the latter( and his father)

Joe Jackson hit .375 in the 1919 WS. This is not an opinion one way or the other, but an observation. A player can hit up a storm and play error-free ball but still cost his team losses, as we saw with our 2012 Tigers. 😉

I see DD was voted 6th most “sexiest general manager”. Quite an accomplishment.
Apparently some baseball media people have a lot of time on their hands.
Wonder where our guys placed in most sexy:
Assistant GM?
Base coaches?
Travelling Press Secretary?
Peanut Vendor?
Inquiring minds are never satisfied!

Dave came in behind Cashman?

Bonderman signed a Minor League deal with the Mariners. Close to home for him.

Mr Dave D., I feel that the detroit tigers should kept Rick Porcello .I look at his 4 years with the Tigers and compare his stats with two other hall of famer eary years Koufax and Nolan Ryan all came up at age 19-20, and after the first full 4 years of pitching, their stats was as following, Porcello 48-42, Koufax was 20-21 and Ryan was 29-37 record.Procell could be on his was of winn ing 200-250 games for the tigers before his career come to an end. John Smotz and Jamie Moyer both was with the tigers farm team, traded or cut, and together won closed to 450 games or more going elsewhere and are both future hall of Famer.Adam Wilks was just cut or traded to korea, His era last year led the mud hens starter at 2.77, the other three starters Oliver, weber and crosby was all over era of 4.00 and Wilks is a lefthander.

wilk had a 6.66 MLB career ERA

Trammell should be in the Hall Of Fame. To be honest with you. No question about it. First day of winter and the snow missed GR and it is not the end of the world. Patiently waiting for Spring. Go Tigers, 2013!

SB-I wish Bondo the best. Even if he pitches well, probably no room in the Tigers organization for him, anyway.
JS-I wouldn’t have minded Detroit saving the Sanchez money and giving Ricky another chance. It can always be that they see something wrong with him that we don’t, though, so we’ll see how his career pans out. Wilks going to Korea isn’t a bad thing for him or the Tigers. He’ll be a top guy there, and pitch a lot of innings and gain valuable experience. He can come back to the Tigers in a coulpe of seasons better off.
DB-Yes, Tram and Sweet Lou should be in the Hall. No doubt…

P.S. I llke your blog. Am hoping to get to a Whitecaps game this summer with my new, let me rephrase that, newer car.

Thanks, Kathy! ‘Caps games are a lot of fun, and the best value in sports in my opinion. Hope to see you there this summer sometime, but we only make a handful of game ourselves.

Hardy rumors: Porcello AND Peralta for Hardy? No way. Hardy is a better defender than JP in that he gets to more grounders but he strikes out as much and hits into as many rally killing DPs as we suffered with JP last year. He adds little in terms of team speed or base running skills. Won’t hit nearly as many HRs at Comerica.
Would be al Lateral move and totally irresponsible use of the value that Ricky P should be bringing to the table.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I become that the Tigers should keep Porcello. I’d say the odds are very high that management would regret not having him before 2013 is over. The only way I’d move him is if I was blown away by an offer, and such an offer may only come in a complicated, multi-team deal.
Re Peralta, unless they come up with a true defensive wizard at short, keep him too. He’s probably due to have his alternate good season this year.
Porcello AND Peralta for JJ Hardy alone is laughable.
Caution is advised when picking apart a team that has been in the posteason two years in a row.

JJ Hardy is a defensive wizard. Not much offense, though.

The return for a Porcello trade would have to be substantive. Again, only 6 pitchers in MLB history won 10 or more their first four seasons. He just turned 24. Many pitchers find their way at 26, 27, 28. Again, I bleed the loyalty thing all over the floor.
Merry Christmas to all.

How’s the health thing, Greg. Everything OK?

Last year we could hope and dream about the starting prospects knocking on the door from Toledo.
This year it isn’t even dreaming with no one left having pitched well at AAA in 2012. The Tigs have their own cliff if they don’t keep the six guys.

yea the farm looks deserted

No way I trade Porcello. As everyone has said, he is 24 and has his best years ahead of him.

Thanks Kathy for asking. Everything continues to go well. I volunteer at the local Cancer Center on Monday. I am truly blessed. Bring on 2013’s version of our beloved Tigers.

The definition of insane:
Signing 32 year old declining Nick Swisher to a 4 year 56 million dollar contract with a vesting option at 14 mil.

He was looking for Werth kind of money.
And is always good when your rival goes insane

adios draft pick too

“Indians will lose 2nd-round pick for signing Swisher; they have top 10 choice, which is protected. #Yankees gain pick at end of 1st round.”

pssshhhaa that stinks. Well Nick had pretty nice numbers in that NYY lineup. I wonder if he’ll be able to do it again? His OPS was under 800 when he played for the HAWKSOX just prior to being a yankee……

Ugueth Urbina was released after serving 8 of the 14 years of his sentence

i kinda thought he got a bum deal there….those guys kidnapped his mother, correct? Regardless, is he interested in competing for the closer position this spring? jk.

His mother was kidnapped one year earlier.
The burn people were working for him

I recall hearing machetes were involved, also.

Yes, he used a machete against and then put fire to 5 workers in his ranch. One day before , a gun disappeared and he blamed them. He was sentenced to 14 years and 6 months for what is called frustrated murder, his action were directed to kill but for reason outside of his control he failed to kill. Supposedly, he was released for good behavior .It is common here,for Xmas many prisoners are released

so you are saying he turned on 5 workers on his ranch – not the people who kidnapped his mother? And furthermore, I thought his victims were set on fire and burnt while he watched – is that not true (you said they lived)?

the tigers getting polanco for him – after I thought he got into a fight on the team plane coming home from a west coast game – was ALMOST as epic as Guillen for Santiago (and Santiago being cut and returning)

Yes they lived

He took part personally with his workers :
In spanish, the proceedings of the pretrial :

Andrew Miller could be available

Hey, have you heard anything about Avisail? He doesn’t seem to playing any more. I think he had a rough go of it in winter ball. I know I expected much more from him.

No, he has not played in the last week. He is still in the active roster( 34 players, changes every week)
His numbers are:196/.281/.516 14 SO/5 BB 2 2b 6 runs 1 SB 1 RBI in 14 games.
I read in an american blog that he left the last game with a sore hand
His team in near to clinch a spot in the round robin( first phase of postseason)
I watched a couple of games of his team, he was batting like with The Tigers. trying to make contact


De nada.
Ramón Santiago did well in the regular round of the Dominican League:
20 games 80 AB 19 runs 26 hits 5 2B 1 HR 9RBI 10 BB 11 SO 5 SB .325 avg .400 OBP
His team clinched a spot in the round robin

To all who comment or read our comments here, a Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Season’s Greetings.

Merry Christmas and my best wishes to all .

yea def. hope everyone around these parts had a good holiday.

Sure would love to be at Tigerfest this Saturday. Sad to say, our long fall has finally turned to winter. Go ahead, start shaving those ice sculptures!

Geesh, it’s a good thing I finally figured out what month it is. And, no, I wasn’t drinking when I typed that.

obviously, I can’t wait for baseball season to start.

Voluntary Spring Training report date for pitchers, catchers and injured players
Voluntary date on which all non-World Baseball Classic position players may be invited to Spring Training
Mandatory date by which all non-World Baseball Classic players must report

MARCH 7-10, 2013
World Baseball Classic, First Round
Pool C – San Juan, Puerto Rico (Hiram Bithorn Stadium): Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Spain
MARCH 7-10, 2013
World Baseball Classic, First Round
Pool D – Phoenix, Ariz. (Chase Field & Salt River Fields at Talking Stick): United States, Mexico, Italy, Canada

“The Tigers’ Quintin Berry wouldn’t be the first rookie in history whose first career hit was a double. But I bet he’s the first whose first career hit was a bunt double. Clunked it over the head of onrushing first baseman Casey Kotchman and into right field. Strangest But Truest Double of the Year.”

“Justin Verlander didn’t allow a home run to a cleanup hitter all year. Derek Holland allowed 10 of them”.

Quintin Berry’s bunt double, in .GIF form

The nice thing about that bunt double was Berry’s heads up aggressiveness in going for second. The 2ndbaseman (was that Kipnis?) didn’t seem to realize Q had gone until he brushed him on the way by. The RFer never had a chance. That’s good baseball.

Bruce Rondon reached 17 inning , 3 short of the 20 limit set by the Tigers. He pitched 1 inning with 2 SO in a non save opportunity in an already lost game . Gregorio Petit failed with FB to RF and then he SO Franklin Gutierrez and Asdrubal Cabrera .
He was used because it was the last game until last night for Magallanes. They qualified for postseason and currently are in first place

Magglio´s team managed by Alfredo Pedrique ( Tigers 1989) qualified last night. Avisail did not play.He is in the roster. There are only three OF in the roster but still he did not play.He took only 20 days of rest after finishing his season with the Tigers before joining the team here so it could be a good thing he is not playing

Omar Infante will play for Magglio´s team as DH in the round robin.

Villareal cant throw until January 2. He had elbow pain. So he wont play here .

elbow pain huh? great!

These youngsters, snapping off those wicked sliders…………

whipper snappers

Thanks for the tip on Villarreal. I double-checked with the Tigers on it today, and I was told he’ll just focus on being ready for spring training, Supposedly Villarreal was examined and there was nothing serious. Still, that’s two elbow flare-ups in less than six months by my count, right?

Your welcome.
His secondary pitch is the slider. Could be that the cause?.
He was supposed to be be cleared for begin throwing practice today according to the newspaper I quoted.

Thanks for that report–that’s great to be able to hear how some of our guys are doing.


Sounds like Omar will be ready to go, as expected.

Just thinkin’…As smart as DD is why did we have guys that were considered by the team to be of star status but no one else wanted them?
I refer (and respectfully so) of Maggs and Carlos and more recently Delmon Young and Valverde.
In context, Maggs and Carlos were wonderful ball players with advanced skill sets but they were often used by management (as of even 2011) in a name game where they were given far more importance by DD than they were able to give.
In a sense they sang the praises of Delmon. Valverde and Inge when it was clear they were not the same players they had once been.
I’m not so worried about this too much this year, other than Peralta. IMO this is the key change for the Tigers this year. Don’t extrapolate a solid defensive year in 2012 and a solid offensive year in 2011 into a Hope & Dream for 2013.
Swing a deal with the Dodgers for Dee Gordon and Jansen. It will cost us at least two players from a combination of Peralta/Porcello/Bosesch and likely a draft choice.
I tend to think one year at a time but Austin Jackson is not a good leadoff man. This should be the last year you can plant an expectation of that magnitude on him. He will be a much better middle of the lineup hitter. Gordon gives you youth, speed, defense and a leadoff hitter.

Gordon is fast but has no pop and is a horrible fielder (.949 fielding % over 2 MLB seasons). There has been speculation about Young going to the Tribe, Mets and Dodgers. He is still recovering from surgery (and his bigotry) and likely will not be signed until he can pass a physical. Valverde has had virtually no interest from MLB clubs. Not surprising given his poor finish of last seaon and his price tag.

I noticed the poor fielding % as well but thought I had once read a report on him that said he was very good. You are right though, if he can’t field we don’t want him.
I’m not saying we can afford an Oyler/Brinkman/Everett type that can’t hit .250 but we need someone to anchor that infield.

I hope the Tigers pay some attention to 22 year old

Happy New Year to all my Tiger buds here – I have taken some time away from the blog and the computer lately when not doing actual work and it has been nice. Now that 2013 is here I can start thinking about the new season. I hope 2013 treats all of you well!

…but wished he…

TH already getting off to a rocky start with the Tigers. After signing with the Tigers, he was complaining about the $$$ with his former team and now these comments about his misunderstood comments re players in his locker room. I took him off my twitter account.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year

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