Tigers sign Brayan Pena to be backup catcher (updated)

You had a feeling the Tigers were going to try a veteran backup catcher capable of catching a fair number of games and holding his own, offensively and defensively. Detroit has found its guy, agreeing to terms with switch-hitter Brayan Pena on a one-year Major League contract.

UPDATE: Pena will make $875,000, the same salary he made with the Royals this past season.

Like Dane Sardinha years ago, Pena was once a catching prospect, having come up through the Braves system with a decent bat but little pop. He didn’t find a home in the big leagues until he landed in Kansas City, where he spent four years alternating between a platoon catcher and a backup. He batted .251 over 757 at-bats in his Royals tenure, hitting 12 home runs with 86 RBIs.

Team president/GM Dave Dombrowski’s comments in the press release announcing the deal strongly indicate the backup job is his.

“We are pleased to add an experienced catcher like Brayan Pena to our club,” Dombrowski said in the statement. “As a switch-hitter, he will serve as a solid complement to Alex Avila as our back-up catcher for the 2013 season.”

That would put Bryan Holaday back at Triple-A Toledo for another year of seasoning, making him the insurance option in case Avila or Pena get hurt.

The Tigers had a bind in finding a backup catcher. They weren’t going to come close to matching the two-year deal Gerald Laird received from the Braves, and they knew it far enough out that they said they probably wouldn’t be able to re-sign him. On a team with big time spending at so many other positions, backup catcher is one spot where they try to make up for it.

At the same time, the Tigers have to watch the wear and tear on starting catcher Alex Avila. He was pretty much an everyday catcher for the first half of the season before patellar tendintis forced the Tigers to temper his playing time. By the stretch run, Avila and Laird were just shy of a platoon situation, with Laird garnering most starts against left-handed pitchers.

Pena’s career numbers are a bit stronger against right-handers, but he can hold his own for average against lefties. One AL scout said Monday night to throw out this year’s numbers from Pena due to overuse after injuries put the Royals in a catching bind. In a perfect world, the scout said, Pena is a two-day-a-week catcher.

To make room for Pena on the 40-man roster, the Tigers designated Matt Hoffman’s contract for assignment on Monday, less than a year after Hoffman went to Spring Training with some promise as a lefty reliever in the making. He went 1-2 with a 3.69 ERA at Triple-A Toledo this season, allowing 55 hits over 46 1/3 innings with 16 walks and 32 strikeouts, then pitched in 13 games in the Arizona Fall League with mixed results. There was some buzz over the weekend that the Tigers were trying to trade Hoffman to open a roster spot.


another brayan? cool – especially since we needed a backup catcher.

if alex’s track record was more sound then i’d be excited to try Holady but holy moly alex is rarely not playing injured, or not hitting because of an injury. I wonder if he is faster than Alex? probably he’s listed at 5′ 9″ 230lbs (i.e smaller than prince)

Brayan Pena can flat out hit with a career .300 average in the minors. Also as a switchhitter and someone who has DH’d over 20 times in his MLB career, he will help us in a few ways off the bench. One year for the Braves he played in fourteen games and had fourteen ABs. Does that sound like a PH specialist?? First he needs to backup Alex for 30+ games and perhaps V-Mart for ten or fifteen games. Pinchhitting and those day to day injuries will net him some more ABs. On defense, the other team tends to run when he catches. Battle them Brayan!!! We don’t want Alex or Victor on the DL. But we know it has happened in the past. Brayan will give us protection.

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Out of curiosity, who should we thank for the Pingbacks?

Vs LHP:265/.278/.368/.645
Vs LH starter:210/242/.306/.549
Brayan is the alliteration in spanish of Brian. Something common in Latin America.

Another pingback for you! Meet the man who is the newest Tiger:

Well, thanx for all the info. Interesting.

Wow! What an interesting guy and life. I loved reading his story and he’s so appreciative. He took quite a risk and I’m glad it worked out for him. Still, I would have been scared to death.

That story needs to get out there. Maybe Jason can do a piece. I wasn’t aware of any of his history, but I remember I liked watching him play when we’d go up against KC. He always seemed to enjoy the game a lot.

“And he said we might end up doing that because of the things going on with Geno and him really wanting to get off the field a little bit because of his movement and he has an eye problem.”

like he needs glasses?

anyone know why Hoffman was released instead of someone else? I mean, wasn’t he just the #11 highest rated prospect by somebody….lefty reliever….hasn’t exactly bombed….

Yeah, Mayo of MLB.com

At least I think he might. He’s the guy who keeps tabs on the prospects and lists them for MLB.com.

He is the one who had Hoffman at #11.

Baseball America top 10 Tiger prospects:
1. Nick Castellanos, 3b/of
2. Avisail Garcia, of
3. Bruce Rondon, rhp
4. Jake Thompson, rhp
5. Austin Schotts, of
6. Danry Vasquez, of
7. Tyler Collins, of
8. Casey Crosby, lhp
9. Eugenio Suarez, ss/2b
10. Adam Wilk, lhp

Hoffman was rated #16 prospect by BA at end of 2010 and 2011.

VERY interesting page there – thanks for sharing the link. So what I am hearing is Hoffman was a mid-teens level prospect a year or two ago. I guess it’s go big or go home for prospects.

The Dodgers look to put Capuano and Harang into play, but not immediately given physical questions about Billingsley and Lilly. I don’t see where either guy would be a backup option in case the Tigers can’t secure Sanchez.

This info was posted today on Hot Stove for MLB.

So Lamont was coaching 3rdbase with severely limited on field mobility and an eye problem? Yikes.

We tried to tell ’em.

i’m just picturing GL standing behind 3rd with dark round glasses and a white cane – waving a detroit player into going home.

The Tigers reportedly made a run at Shields with a package including A. Garcia. I wonder if Brantly would have sweetened the pot enough?

lots of talk about NL teams asking about porcello it’s been said (mlbtraderumors). They say the tigers won’t part with him because of sanchez wanting too much money- but if you look at the free agent list, there are plenty of people looking for a spot in a rotation.

I read a couple of recent articles, one business-related, in which the Dodgers were noted to be using payroll for stars post a lucrative TV deal, just as the Tigers did a few years back.The LA deal is worth about $240M/yr, which leaves them very comfortable on the salary end and quite profitable, given their 3M= attendance,concessions, advertising, parking and other associated revenue sources.

It was further noted the Tigers are coming up for another TV deal, which looms particularly large because the Red Wings would likely be part of the transaction. Bottom line…Mr I is no business fool and can well afford whatever he wants to spend. This guy has it figured out and wants to win now.

They’re a few years into a pact with FSD that won’t expire until “the early 2020s,” according to a front-office executive who would just as soon stay out of the discussion.

It’s just as important to know that contract is non-negotiable ahead of its expiration.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121130/OPINION03/211300347#ixzz2EmZ8AWvy

According to SI the Tigers are losing money.
If they keep spending Mets, Texas and Dodgers are the mirror to look themselves

Living in Michigan, we all know what that particular article is about: speculation. Nothing more. The Tigers are very happy with their FSD deal.

I’ll recheck those articles, but I think the sports-related one was by Silvas(?). Cannot recall the business author.

Ozanias at Forbes

Henning ,the TV deal

Got a similar report from Hammond, writer and producer for ESPN of Atlantic City, who pretty much also felt the TV deals by the Tigers, Dodgers, Angels and Rangers were driving salary. Got a little different info from Wikipedia on contract length. Looks to me like the TV deal is good until at least 2018. I am not sure what to believe, but find it hard to understand how teams like the Tigers could be losing money. Heck, Cot’s noted Mr. I bought the team for $82M in 1992 and Forbes valued it at $478M in 2012. .

Oh, and my understanding is the TV deal was done in 2008.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems foolhardy to get locked into TV deals more than a decade long. Technology undergoes such dramatic change in even a five year period. What will it be like ten years from now? Will we even watch TV as we know it?
A small example is that ridiculous Saturday blackout window that Fox has lorded over for how many years now. I’m sure they lost viewership on those Saturdays, rather than gain it.

Morosi:The Tigers could seek left-handed relief pitching in return for Boesch, and the Mariners are positioned to have three lefties in their bullpen: Oliver Perez, Lucas Luetge and former Tiger Charlie Furbush.

Furbush had an outstanding year for the Mariners. He was 5-2 with a 2.72 ERA and 53 K in 46.1 innings. Furbush’s WHIP was 0.950.

Great seasonal numbers for Charlie. Did you see his monthly splits??. He was a “hot hand” in June with 12 app 17 inngs 25 K 4 BB 0.00!!!!!!!!! Oh and 250 pitches in June. The next three months which included 30 days on the DL he threw almost 12 innings TOTAL. Is he healthy??

Iassume so. He is not reported as injured and appeared regularly in September.

Hope you are right!!!

Probably not a bad pick-up for the Tigers, especially money wise. Makes the deal trading away Rob Brantly look less appealling all the time, though. Sure would like to have him and Turner back.

Bruce Rondon reached his seventh save last night. 1 BB 15K/6 BB so far, 14.2 Inn. 4-1 /7 saves

Nightengale and Ortiz of USA Today posted on 12/12 that the Tigers are interested in Jackson, along with Sanchez and Soriano.

Hamilton to the Angels on a 5 year deal.

and, Shane Vicctorino to the Sox. Every time I hear his name I think, “Shane, Shane” . Anybody else remember that movie.

If you mean the movie “Shane” yes. If not, then no.
Sounds like the Hamilton camp rubbed Jon Daniels’ nose in it by not providing the opportunity for Texas to match the offer.

Yes, Rich. The movie with Alan Ladd and the little boy who is constantly calling “Shane, Shane.”

Rich, haven’t seen your unusual stat postings in a while. Found them interesting and entertaining.

Rangers and Hamilton are definitely having “breakup issues.”

Knobler: “Who is winning the Battle for Los Angeles?”

Sorry. The source was Eye on Baseball posted on CBS Sports.

Chicago Cubs has possibly agreed to a 5-yr deal with Anibal Sanchez (mlbtraderumors)


That was my guess for him 75/5

this was premature^

josh hamilton’s 2011/2012 combined offensive numbers: 1174PA, 222RBI, .291BA/.908OPS, 255K/99BB

pretty good numbers but 25 a year for 5 years….i don’t think that is such a great idea- especially since his personal problems and lack of leadership

Probably not, but it’s half the deal Pujols got.

As of 12 minutes ago, Heyman posted the Cubs denied the deal with Sanchez is done.

Nightengale of USA Today just posted the Sanchez-Cubs deal is done.

If the rumors are accurate, the diffence in the Cubs and Tigers offers are the one extra year. Salary per annum the same. At any rate, it would appear that Sanchez doesn’t care where he plays as long as he gets what he wants. That’s a rather undesirable position to take, IMO.

Richard, I guess you were referring to my occasional interesting stat of the day. I don’t have one for baseball but how’s this: what are the odds that the three bands that spearheaded the British invasion would all play on the same stage on the same night nearly 50 years later? Talking the Stones, the Who, and McCartney. That’s really quite remarkable.

Amen. Thanx for the tidbit.

Supposedly, Sanchez gave the Tigers the chance to match the offer

Here’s the latest we know on Anibal Sanchez. As of now, seems like reasonable chance he stays with Tigers.

I’d be more impressed if he was more interested in actually winning.
Not saying I would do this (maybe I am?), anyway, how would you folks react to a Max Scherzer for Mark Trumbo deal?
Realistically we can’t afford to give Max up

Beck mentioned that they could sell him high. He is a Boras´ client and as someone said at Blessyouboys : “one bad pitch away from surgery”

As much as I admire Max I think that assessment may be accurate.

absolutely – you trade max or ricky. max is a great guy and has lights out stuff but he will at some point break down more than he does right now (1 or 2 times a season). Trade him for a nice bullpen piece + a spot starter, or Mark Trumbo would be amazing too (albeit it would be a defensive hit).

If no sanchez, what about a 1 year offer to Michael Bourn?

Nightengale now (7:52 EST) says he will give the Tigers a chance, pursuant to the team’s request, to make an offer.

Re: Sanchez.

7:14 PM: Nightengale reports that the Tigers have bumped their offer to Sanchez. The specifics of the new offer aren’t yet clear, but it’s beginning to look like the Cubs got used for leverage here. This baseball is a tough business.

Evan, saw the Hardball article you are probably referencing. Nightengale got hit for his report that the Cubs had earlier signed him. In his defense, this is not usual.

yea i saw that. i’m just waiting for the news at this point. Not sure if I have strong feelings either way tho.

Well, things have become very much more intriguing on the Sanchez front. If his re-signing fails and a breakup move is necessitated, I wish to “reconsider” my earlier position on Harang in order to retain rotation depth and strength. Although nearly 35, Harang has been decent the last 2 seasons. He finished 10-10 with a 3.61 with the Dodgers in 2012, which followed a 14-7 and 3.64 ERA year with the Padres. Not so bad. I would nonetheless still prefer Jackson, unless DD can work his magic in some as yet unidentified way and produce a more sound result.

These games that the agents and GM’s play…I’m sure Sanchez would rather be in Detroit, but holding out to get what he wants. Pretty pathetic, but it’s business for these guys. No love or loyalty.

this might sound weird, but it doesn’t take a math wiz to know if you being ripped off. Sanchez could just go to some websites and hear what the “experts” are saying he could fetch. These agents have no benefit to the game – none.

I’m waiting for the hard news re Sanchez, but it seems to me that if Detroit was willing to sign him for four years, they may as well do the five years he wants (sigh). The only hangup there is making it work without losing any of our current people we want to keep. But yeah, I agree with those that are less than thrilled with this business. Sanchez this winter is akin to that British singing group The Direction (from the Drew Brees commercials), who have been called “this year’s Beatles.”

Some kind of 5th year option might be palatable to both sides.

I’d let Sanchez go rather than give him even 4 years. DD is going to have a monster of a contract to deal with to extend JV but prefacing that with a ludicrous contract to Sanchez will just invite economic chaos in the organization.

He’s a great pitcher. I hope we get him.

and if we don’t get him it’s because he doesn’t want to be a Tiger.

80 million!

Grossly overpaid for what can arguably be termed our 4th starter, but at least the July trade for him now makes some sense.

DD recognized a signing of this type and magnitude needed to be done. Otherwise, it would never have happened. The rotation looks deep and solid, again. A little tweaking with the relievers still remains, either via trade or internally.

Note of interest from MLBTR: The Sanchez deal fits right between the contracts of Wilson and those of Lackey and Burnett.

The insanity of this game(business) continues. If this guy gets 5/80, it will take 7/200 to get Verlander. I hope all of us Tiger fans love pizza.

I like pizza, but love watching the Tigers on TV. That’s the money that’s driving salaries.

does it make sense to keep all 6 starting pitchers? Extra seasoning for Drew + no dropoff when a player needs a spot starter from AAA.

Agree with you Evan. Let’s see last year Fister went down after three innings in April. Scherzer’s bad month of the season was April. Porcello was inconsistent in April. Verlander 2-1 and Smyly 1-0 were our solid pitchers in April. Do we have any fragile arms from two straight years going deep in the playoffs?? We better hold on to all of them.


Porcello more likely to be traded now. Bundle him up with Boesch or maybe even Dirks or Peralta..

why not trade max instead? his value is higher! and if you are going to sent peralta packing i hope you have a SS coming back. Santiago and Worth won’t cut it.

wow for all the tigers excitement – not much action in here today. Anyhow what do people think about OFs from the LAA (e.g. bourjos, Trumbo)? Both are RHB….

Maybe the Connecticut school shooting is more important. That trajedy certainly has captured my attention.

sure sure but how much can you read into that – i mean the details are very forthcoming

It’s heartbreaking…maddening and really damn scary! Any crazy nut job can get a gun!

I like him being back, but not those years or that kind of money! Lots of loot flying around this free agency…it troubles me!

Justin got 80M for his first contract and that didn’t seem to cause such duress. Anibal will be 34 when contract ends. Plus, he pitched best when it most counted.

Bowden and Knobler have posted about trading Porcello. The Rangers were mentioned as a possible partner, along with multiple NL teams including the Pirates and Padres.

Personally, I like Porcello’s upside. It would take a very nice piece for me to be okay with his departure.

And I think DOK’s earlier post about quality rotation depth is solid, given the possible repeat of the various problems he noted.

Sanchez is brutally expensive for a fourth man in the rotation, but that’s what win now mode drives teams too. All we can do is hope he stays healthy and keeps pitching well in the playoffs.

Maybe a fourth man on the Tigers, but not on most other teams where he would figure to be a top of the rotation starter. MLB teams do not have bidding wars of this magnitude for 4th or 5th guys.

I don’t mean to imply Sanchez is an ace, but he is a solid #2 or #3. And on the Cubs and some other teams, maybe a #1.

As expected around CJ Wilson `s contract. Not expensive compared with the money others are getting
Last year, Scherzer, Fister and Smyly were injured. Porcello to the bullpen and Smyly as the fifth starter. There is never too much pitching

The Tigers supposedly targeted Bourjos. last off season He is the OF version of Everett. . He is a CF but LF at CoPa is huge. Im in
Troumbo? another DH ,a younger Delmon Young

Trumbo is younger than DY, but only by 4 months.

My mistake, I did not check first. Still, my point was he is an average defender .DH according to Cameron.No more DH types

but is there any way he is slower? I know his 2011/2012 stats suggest he hits into 17 GIDPs per season and compare that to DY at 23.

trumbo is 6’4″ 225lbs and delmon 6’3″ 240lbs. BTW

agreed eltigre, but golly that should would be a nice bat to have after martinez

.788 OPS the past two years for trumbo vs .702 for delmon

Heck, we are way past DY. As I have often posted, I just do not want him to haunt the Tigers.

I remember him as the # 1 choice in the nation. He was a monster.

that’s a good point Richard – I thought it was fairly hasty too. So Jim Bowden today said the Pirates and Padres were both interested in Porcello. Does anyone know much about the 33yo RHBing Chris Denorfia (the starting RF, but played all 3 OF positions) in san diego? I see his OBP against LHP is phenomenal, he is an above average corner defender (below average CF tho) and his splits are .281/.343/.415/.758 over 7 seasons. He’s only scheduled to make 2M in 2013 and 2.25 in 2014 – so that’d be salary relief as well. Heck maybe throw in there a bullpen piece or a AAA SP and i’ll take it.

Hudson Street?

isn’t that the guy Maggs hit the ALCS 2006 walkoff on?

or another good option from the pirates would be Hanrahan + Tabata. back of the bullpen guy and a RHB with a team-friendly contract.

*but from the pirates…

There has definitely been talk about Hanrahan and the Tigers.

and if you don’t like Tabata maybe Garrett Jones instead?

The season needs to start soon for you.

you’re telling me – i’ve been re-listening to the 2012 season with my mlbaudio subscription.

Rondon is being pulled out after his second blown save. Allowed 4 hits and two runs with the game 3-1.He left two runners on. One K .
The first one pulled a fast ball in a 3-2 count. The second batter hit the ball by the middle after being 1-2. Luis Jimenez an impatient power hitter SO 0-3 with a bad pitch ( good choice). Celestino Lopez hit the first pitch , a fastball low and inside. The next hitter after swinging at the third ball hit to shallow center to tie the game.
There is no speed gun but it looked fast.
His breaking ball did not work.
The next reliever ended the threat . He wont lose the game
He looked, as always since it is the same winning or losing, angry and impatient .He likes to win

looks like we need a closer. i know we can get one for porcello, but having him on the team would be great too.

He has been almost perfect in 11 innings out of 14

fair enough

I’d just as soon keep Porcello unless there’s an extremely good return. I agree that we’ll probably end up needing him in 2013 and beyond.
I turned in my M-16 in 1971 and swore to never touch a gun again. I wish more people would join me.

I read an interesting article by Calcaterra and TV driven salaries. He estimated TV money from ESPN will be about $23M/yr per team beginning in 2014 and figured that national broadcast money should net a total minimum of $40M/yr per team.That is money over and above local TV contracts, such as the one the Tigers have with Fox. The bucks are there, folks.

Factor in 3 million fans @ $31 per non-premium ticket and you have $93M more, minimum. Now add in luxury seat tickets, concessions, advertising, parking, memorabilia, and other revenue sources. The bottom line is the Tigers take in an enormous amount of money.

On top of all that, figure in equity growth for a Tiger franchise that was purchased by Mr.I for $82M in 1992 and was valued at $478M in 2012.

Did the same a year before Rich. Not sure if you have seen this labour of love:
Don’t mean to be so off topic or political but I know some of us here might find this site important.

Yep, I know that site, and the special names (to me). If you haven’t, visit the real one in DC if you ever get out this way. Look me up, in fact.
Okay, back on topic.

One can make a case that the next most important matter to address is Verlander’s contract. Seems it would be good to know how that will run before more transactions.

My hopes for rounding out the roster still has replacing Jhonny Peralta at the top of the list. In my opinion the team owes that much to the rotation to provide them with defensive excellence. With VMart and Hunter now in the lineup I think they could actually afford to play a guy like Brendan Ryan. I’d trade JP even up for Ryan and even though he hit under 2 bucks last year, his career BA is higher than JP hit last year. He is likely not going to hit as poorly as he did two years in a row. The guy is absolutely the best shortstop in the game.
I’d rather have a Tulo, Reyes, Escobar, Castro but to have a guy out there like Ryan behind our pitching staff would be a real treat.
As to Porcello being traded. Well that might indeed happen but it would be a shame to lose his youth (and ironically his experience) and his potential. There are no guarantees that Smyly will be better as as good than last year. If Smyly were to beat Rick out, then great, but not simply because he throws left-handed.
Closer? We need one and I don’t think Rondon is ready. Even those times he has been good this winter I don’t see him walking off the mound with back to back Ks very often. For a guy who is overpowering, batters do seem to be able to get their bat on the ball. I have heard he is a good ground ball pitcher though.
I would not be surprised to see the Tigers take a flyer on a guy like Brian Wilson to smooth possible bumps with Rondon. Sound like they are looking for a lefty closer though. Not a lot of really good ones around. Since Chapman is unavailable how about Glenn Perkins? He sure slams the door on us.
I see a platoon RHB in LF as being the lowest priority of needs. I think Dirks will handle the job well. He is a good player, not a star, but he battles and never looks foolish out there.

I like the Sanchez signing. Shows me he wants to play with the Tigers and if Mr. I wants to spend his money…….. Yes, the money is crazy but ( i thought this line would be outdated by now) it is what it is. I go to a few games each year and watch the rest on TV. With Victor coming back and Torii on the team, a slick fielding shortstop would be great. I really like Jhonny but we need some more speed. I would not trade Max or Rick. You can never have enough pitching.

Amen; amen; amen……amen, amen.
Not so sure about the extra 3 mil on top of what the Cubs offered AS means he wants to play with Detroit any more than the Cubs. Now if he had taken less, I’d buy that theory.

What about if he had taken the Josh Hanilton route?

pitching does win championships. Which brings me to a fun fact: Brayan V. this season had the 6th lowest WHIP on the team through 54 innings this season (16innings of 1.94 WHIP). And he’s hard on lefties and righties.
and don’t forget the guy with the lowest WHIP(1.05) was AL ALBQ (wink) – and we only got 13 innings out of him. It’d be great to get 55 out of him this season. he’s hard on lefties too.

the 16 innings of 1.94WHIP was last year’s MLB experience for Brayan. Trying to show he’s improved a lot.

Incidentally, Coke is listed as the Closer on the depth chart for the Tigers.

OH REALLY. well i guess he can either lose his job to AL ALQ and BV’s ability to get out lefties —– or he can become some kind of situational closer-like pitcher who only goes (read: runs) out there when poops hitting the fan.

I like BV and ALBQ for the reasons you noted . I posted last year they could cover the LHP reliever spots and leave Coke to a situational role against LHB, the only place he is consistently effective.

Evan, by the way…BV had a 1.21 WHIP in 54.2 innings. He allowed only 38 hits and K’d 66.

Thank God for baseball. I had to turn the station to MLB network and they are showing baseball’s biggest blunders. Hysterical. Knobler is reporting the Angels have interest in RP. It’s on MLB TR.

The Tigers are lucky to have Rick Porcello. Even if they decide to trade him he has immense value. He is a solid rotation starter and an excellent one on a good defensive team. He is young and he has untapped potential.
He is both experienced and simultaneously, still a prospect.
I hope we keep him but if we don’t we damn well better get full value.

I think not tinkering with the 2013 Tigers team much more this winter is a great idea we need to promote. While changing out JP like a jigsaw puzzle piece might sound interesting to some, we have options in house that work just fine. Worth and Santiago are great defensive replacements and are relatively cheap in comparison to any other move that could be made.
We have several young guys coming up that need to have room and prove themselves on the big stage while our very experienced team teaches them how to play the game (a la Sparky.)
The piching staff is solid except in one area that I can see. I say this in spite of no defined closer because going with a closer by committee doesn’t bother me much. There are many options available on our staff and it would be an interesting change to put the responsibility not on one person only. It’s a lot of pressure and a very long season.
The one area I don’t see our Tigers directly addressing is attitude. I like the fact that they can stay loose and have fun. It’s really the only good way to play the game. However, I want Verlander and Cabrera to talk about the team more and how they are focused on the other team in the moment and doing everything they can to win it all for Mr. I and the fans. Personal stats can find the trash can in 2013 as far as I’m concerned. Any contract issues can go there as well. For me personally it’s the whole enchilada or I will probably even turn the radio off.
Getting swept on the biggest stage, struck out with a fastball down the middle to Cabrera and Verlander with no W’s in 2 trips to the World Series is telling. They are taking it for granted, just like the skipper does.

Tom, your last sentence says it all.

“The Rangers didn’t woo Hamilton hard enough, according to his wife Katie, tweets Jeff Wilson of the Star-Telegram. The slugger agreed and said that he would be lying if he said the perceived slight didn’t bother him.” http://www.mlbtraderumors.com
One could say the same thing about Sanchez and the Tigers/fans, but the roles are reversed.

Sanchez was in the driver’s seat during the bidding wars. Unlike Hamilton, he gave the Tigers the chance to counter offer because he wants to play for the Tigers.

I will agree that he wanted to play for the Tigers over the Cubs.

play for the tigers….errr……contend for a world series! It was going to be a rough couple of years over in chicago for mr. sanchez if he wanted to go there. Two words: run support. We got a helluva lineup! The cubs don’t, and plus they got him being pitched to upwards of 3,4 times a game (injury risk you need to consider when signing a 5 year deal).

There has been a lot of apparent angst with the fan base of the Tigers over player salaries. I would rather the players get rich than have some already rich owner get richer to the tune of millions of dollars for doing nothing more than business as usual. Much of that kind of money benefits only owners who have no need for it, and even less desire to re-invest in their team (see McCourt and the Dodgers).

Fortunately, Mr. I is evidently both a fan and a businessman who is willing to spend to promote his Tigers product in a highly competitive manner. In the end, we all win.

I don’t see how we can quantify “a lot of apparent angst” with the Tigers’ fan base. I do think people are suprised at the money amounts, but that’s throughout baseball itself, not only the fans. Myself, I think the players should get their fair share of the booty. Salaries in any method of employment are comparative. Whatever our own compensation is, we want it to be comparable to our peers, be it in the millions or minimum wage. It ain’t about the money.


I am not sure if you have defined a position, but how is it not about the money in any way or form?

“Keeping up with the Joneses” for the peer to peer comparations

Nozick’s Wilt Chamberlain argument explain why people is wrong about salaries

My own argument, there are 800 MLB players . There are thousands of any other profession. (And many have their salaries increased by regulation closing their jobs from competition) Great players are scarce while there are lawyers a dime
The average career of a player last 4 years, they must make money for a lifetime .
For each player making 214 MM there are 10 kids in Dominican republic that after spending their bonus are on the street with nothing since they were hired when they were 16 yo and they did not finish education( not that it would make a real difference in Latin-America) (The documentary Pelotero by Bobby Valentine shows the harsh reality). That money cover the risk of leaving school to have a cup of coffee

We pay those salaries buying merchandise( that is my contribution), clicking in these pages, buying the good advertised here and buying tickets, pizzas.

Among players is about pride and status.ARod wanted to be the best paid player in MLB

wait, “The average career of a player last 4 years, they must make money for a lifetime” – i don’t agree with that for 1 second.

“In a perfectly fair lottery, those who draw the prizes ought to gain all that is lost by those who draw the blanks. In a profession where twenty fail for one that succeeds, that one ought to gain all that should have been gained by the unsuccessful twenty.”

Not here, but in other blogs there have being a lot of bad blood vs Sanchez. If the Tigers are unable to keep his core wont be because of Sanchez ´s contract but Fielder´s. His contract is the rock around the neck of the Tigers. It will be the second worst albatross behind ARod ´s contract.

So, it is about the money?

If were about the money why reactions were worse vs Sanchez than versus Fielder?

Like everyone else , I worried about the Tigers going the Marlins, Dodgers( the former version), Mets route and ending like the 1994-2003 version.
I have no problem with the players making big money

Huh? It’s all about the money in MLB unless you have ownership willing to invest like the Tigers and the Dodgers. They see the big picture.

What I am trying to say is the money is huge and everyone can win. There is a lot to go around, unless greediness prevails.

Perhaps if I had said it’s not about the amount of money? The players are in salary competition with each other, not us. I am in salary competition with my peers, as are all of you.
I was saying I have no problem with the money players make, while questioning whether there was “a lot of apparent angst” from Tiger fans. Did someone take a poll?

A poll? C’mon, it’s an observation not a national election.

The correct figure for the MLB career. 5.6 years:

well i believe that mlb careers are short – but that they have to make all their money for a lifetime during that span? Aw shucks gimme a break

Wel, they have to make the most of it.

If you believe in a free market economy, none of these contracts should bother you. I am a free marketeer, but I am still stupid enough to throw in the loyalty and pride thing. Had the Tigers offered Sanchez 5/75, and the Cubs countered with 5/80. is there any doubt that Sanchez would be pitching in 2013 in Chicago. The Tigers would have the far better chance of a WS ring, and championship, WS money and more prestige for Sanchez. Yes there is a five million dollar gap between 75 and 80 million, but both salaries would essentially buy the same thing. Mr. Sanchez only wants to play in Comerica because of the extra five M. That’s not loyalty or pride.

Loyalty? Ithink Sanchez showed about as much loyalty as you can expect in the business of baseball.He gave the Tigers a chance to make a counter offer, unlike Hamilton. There’s little company loyalty and there’s not much fan loyalty either. If a player produces, fans tend to cheer for him. If the player fails enough, he will get booed out of town by many of those same fans (see Raburn). And the company? It’s always on the hunt for a better answer, which leads to trades,releases and/or assignments (see Granderson, Inge, Kelly, Ordonez, Schlereth , Furbush et al)regardless of how well any particular player produced over his career.

Points noted Richard, but all of this is making the Tigers, “Yankees Light”. I’ve never been a big fan of that kind of baseball, even back in the 50’s and 60’s when KC used to provide the Yanks the missing piece for a particular year. We now have two field starters out of eight developed in the system. I know I stand alone in this loyalty thing, but it’s just the way I feel. That’s not to say you never trade a player, or sign a free agent, but look at the Yankees today. They are an aging bunch of guys who bring fear to no one, and could care less that they wear the pinstripes. It’s all just kind of sad, in my opinion.

The game has changed, and a lot. Greed is the norm. The salaries are immoral. Doctors make $150k a year. University professors half that. Teachers raise their families on $60k a year.
It’s not the player’s fault. It is the entire system that has meandered out of control.
It is indeed about the money and it is the fans who pay. The fans and their love of the game is what keeps the national pastime linked to the essence of what is baseball.

Well, when greediness prevails, whether by owners or players, there can be strikes, and/or lockouts and/or failed franchises (see McCourt and the Dodgers). That’s when everyone loses, including the fans. By the way, how is the hockey season going?

Per Beck on Twitter for those concerned about the “loyalty” of Sanchez. His agent, Gene Mato, said he “left money on the table” from a club other than the Cubs.

Sanchez is not Josh Hamilton.

The only person who compared Sanchez to Hamilton is you. I was comparing Texas management and Tiger fans. Just consider my post deleted, since I wasn’t clear.
Anibal’s agent is doing his job in the face of some obviously negative reaction. It’s over. Let’s move on.

There is no comparison. That was my point. Sanchez wanted to be a Tiger.

And Rich, check your post. You did juxtapose Hamilton’s and Sanchez’ positions.

And you were only one among several posters to question Sanchez. My initial comment to this exchange was not directed to you. It was just an overview. Sorry if you are offended. As I have often said, I like your stuff.

Nah, I don’t offend easily. I was addressing Sanchez taking his time re-upping, that’s true. The word juxtapose sounds like the name of a dance, doesn’t it? 🙂

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